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Bloody Halls Part 3 Chapt. 2Category: Horror Story
Saturday, 6 January 2007
05:18:10 PM (GMT)
Lola and Rayne slowly got up. Lola went infront. She looked throught the peeping
hole. "Omigod , it's her!" said Lola "We can't let her in!" said Rayne 

THUMP THUMP THUMP! Miss Lamona knocked harder this time , "I KNOW YOU ARE IN THERE
NOW LET ME IN!" she shrieked.

Rayne and Lola ran to the house phone and started to dial 911 , But as soon as they
dialed 91-- the phone died "911... 911!!!!" Rayne yelled "Omigod it isn't working the
flipping phone is dead... DID YOU PAY THE PHONE BILL!?" said Lola fusterated
"Errmmmm..." said Rayne
"OMIGOD WERE GONNA DIE!" Lola shouted "We have to hide right now before she breaks
the door down!" she said. Rayne and Lola ran up the stairs and went into their room ,
they locked the door , closed the curtains and hid in the closet. "Oh no , there's no
room for me to come in!" said Lola "Hide under the bed , the bed sheets are long!"
said Rayne "She'll look under the bed first!" said Lola "DO IT NOW! And take this
gun! I got a knife!" said Rayne , Lola took the gun and hid under the bed.



"OPEN THE DAMN DOOR NOW! BEFORE I CHAINSAW IT DOWN!" yelled Miss Lamona , there was
no answer "Oh wanna play that way now!" said Lola in a raspy evil voice. She turned
on the engine and started to chainsaw it down. After a couple of minutes she was
done. She walked in looking around "Where are you? Come out , come out where ever you
are... IF YOU DON'T I'LL KILL YOU SLOWLY!"  Miss Lamona said , Miss Lamona looked up
the stairs "Heh heh heh!" she laughed. She slowly walked up "I know your in here!"
she pushed open the bathroom door... nothing , she went up to the room , she pushed
the door... it didn't bugg "Oh your in here then!" she said , she got a key from
under the carpet and opened the door. "Omigod she had the key!" Rayne thought , Miss
Lamona looked around , she looked at the closet. Miss Lamona creeped up to the closet
and opened the door "Flip! I forgot to lock it!" thought Rayne , Miss Lamona looked
around. "Hmmm..." she closed the closet door , Rayne sighed in relief , unfortunatly
, Miss Lamona heard , she turned around and turned on the engine "Omigod , Rayne is
in trouble!" thought Lola , Lola got out of under the bed and aimed the gun to Miss
Lamona's head "Hannah , put down the chainsaw... NOW!" she yelled. Miss Lamona turned
around , she chuckled , "And what are you gonna do about it!?" she asked "Oh you
wouldn't wanna know!" said Lola , Miss Lamona turned on the engine and slashed the
closet multiple times , when she was done blood was on the chainsaw. Slowly Rayne
fell out bleeding to death , Rayne fell to floor. Miss Lamona laughed and turned to
Lola "Rayne is dead , what are you gonna do about that?" she said , Lola cried "I'm
gonna shoot your flipping brains out freak!" said Lola , she aimed the gun at Miss
Lamona's head and cocked the gun "Prepare to die B****!" she shouted , she fired the


The gun had no bullets left. Miss Lamona laughed evily. "You idiot , this used to be
in this house , I killed people and you think that I would leave bullets in that
gun!" she said. Lola was terrified now! She made a run for the door , Miss Lamona
slashed her finger off (Luckily only that) , even though Lola was in pain , she kept
on running , leaving bloody drops at every step she went. Miss Lamona ran after her.
Lola ran into the living room. Miss Lamona ran in. She looked around , there was no
one. "Where are you...?" she said , Lola grabbed the chainsaw and threw it to the
ground , it broke (The chainsaw was old , it was used by Miss Lamona for a long time)
, Lola grabbed Miss Lamona's hair an started to pull. A hand full of hair ripped out
of her hair. "UGH!" Miss Lamona said , she started to strangle Lola , Lola started to
strangle Miss Lamona , but she was too late. Lola got out of breath and fell to the
floor... dead.

Miss Lamona laughed maniacly.


Miss Lamona fell to the floor. And there stood Rayne with a knife in her hand , still
alive. Rayne stumbled and fell to the ground and died.

The End...

Ice4theSoul says:   6 January 2007   644627  
oh my gawd. You shouldntve ended it like that. Sorry, but the story
is just not that scary anymore.
kokokat2324 says:   6 January 2007   567818  
ice4thesoul it may not have been scary 2 u but it was REALLY scary 2
me!!!! my heart was thumpin really loudly!!!!! this story is flippin
scary! write MORE!!!!!!!! this story is awsome!!!!!!!!
Evanescence says:   6 January 2007   518735  
Im sorry. I didnt mean it that way! It just made it more SAD than
scary. I didnt say that is wasnt scary, just that it wasnt AS scary.
YOu really have some talent. Your a good writer.
 Im Ice4theSOul and please forgive me. Keep writing because that was a
good story. You could become an author with your talent someday.
Iesha210 says:   6 January 2007   678746  
I dunno...
lamb_rissa says:   6 January 2007   866361  
wow, iesha, youve done it again... YOU WROTE A ROCKIN HOT WICKED
mizzAzn says:   7 January 2007   539711  
your making me cry! Thats sooooo sad! More nightmares...Im gonna pee
my pants. To much info. LOL!!!
mizzAzn says:   7 January 2007   128468  
Nice story!
SuperSparkle says:   16 January 2007   398263  
thats almost scary!
SuperSparkle says:   16 January 2007   795679  
u r very talented
MelMyaMelody says:   20 January 2007   658511  
lilcoco says:   14 March 2007   489217  
thats going to give me nightmares now.
miley123123 says :   10 June 2007   747663  
i beg you!!! PLEASE write more stories!!!!!!!!send them to me on
kupika on a letterPLEASE!!!


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