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Wednesday, 20 December 2006
12:23:31 PM (GMT)
about twenty minutes into the movie, i saw michelle get up and leave the theatre
with one of the kids. i knew i had to talk to her sooner or later, so it might as
well be sooner. i leaned over and told nathan i'd be right back. i followed michelle
to the bathroom. the little boy that was with her went in, and she stayed outside. i
walked up to her and stood next to her. for a minute, she just stood there, but
finally she turned towards me.
"how could you?"
"how could i what?"
"don't act stupid. how could you go out with a guy and not tell me?"
she seemed really hurt, and i could understand why, but i just didn't want her to
know yet.
"how long have you been going out?"
"um, two days."
"TWO DAYS. you have been going out with a guy for two days and you didn't tell me."
"i wasn't sure how you'd react when you saw who the guy was. i mean, last week you
said dating a freshman was weird."
"well, that's because it is."
just then, the little boy came out of the bathroom and michelle said "well i'm going
to go now."
i went to the restroom and then went back into the movie. when i sat down nathan
asked me if everything was okay.
"yeah, i guess so. let's get back to the movie."
he didn't want me to get upset so he just dropped the topic, which i was glad for. i
didn't really want to tell him that my best friend didn't like him.

**the next day at school**
when i walked into drill team that morning, i was greeted by cold stares from my
friends. michelle had obviously told them what happened. "hey guys."
"so, what's up?"
more awkward silence.
"guys, come on. i was going to tell you, it's just that-"
"it's just that what?" michelle asked. "you didn't want us to know. admit it."
"no really, i just wasn't sure how you would handle it. i mean, nathan's a freshman,
and you all said that was weird."
"well, you still should have told us."
"why? so you could get mad at me? apparently, you were going to get mad at me either
"look, we're sorry we got mad, but you really should have told us."
"i'm sorry too."
we had a group hug then, and i felt so much better.
"hey do you guys want to meet him? come to the cafeteria after school," i asked
"okay, sure."

**after school**
nathan and i stood in the cafeteria waiting for my friends to come. when they came, i
introduced them to nathan.
i guess they liked him. so i was glad.  [=
except michelle had a really weird look on her face when she first saw him. not sure
what that means, but i'll find out soon.
after they left, nathan and i went to sonic before going home. we each got a
cranberry slush, yum.  :]
as we sat in the car drinking our slushes, nathan turned to me and said, "will you go
to the winter dance with me on friday?"
i guess it was assumed that we were going together because we were going out and all,
but it was so cute that he asked.
"no." i answered.
i think he believed me at first, because he looked shocked, but then he started
"oh okay, i guess if you won't, i'll find someone else." he pointed to the waitress
on roller skates. "how about her?"
that's how our relationship was, we could joke around and have a lot of fun, but we
still had our bf/gf moments.
i was beginning to think that nathan was the perfect guy...    [:


[[sorry this chapter is so corny, i had writer's block about halfway through, lol.]]

STORYTIME says:   20 December 2006   516149  
aww...this is a cute series. is it a true story?
*smiley smiley*
supertori11 says:   20 December 2006   239661  
;] i hope so its cute!!
sez95 says:   20 December 2006   257266  
its so cute, plz write more!
theCATintheHAT says:   20 December 2006   789484  
um, it's kind of a true story. it's based on events that really
happened, just changed a little to make it more interesting.  =]
nathan really is my bf though.<3
Syndirela says:   22 December 2006   593698  
Awww. I have yet to meet my boyfriend, but I hope it's as sweet as
tandra88 says :   21 June 2007   285865  
looooooooooooooooooooooovve it


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