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Love Story (contineued)Category: Romance -stories
Saturday, 2 December 2006
06:50:11 AM (GMT)
I sat there infront of the television, bored out of my wits.
"Kirsten, sweetheart, i was hoping to come see you in the christmas concert?" my mum
asked, she grabbed my hand and rubbed it, i knew she was sorry for making me feel
odd, she's a real softy.
"Del, don't bother, she won't want you there like last time or the time before or
the-" My dad was interupted.
"Oh be quiet Alex!" my mum snapped, wow she has never spoken to him like that.
Riley was sitting on dad's lap eating her dinner, while he was eating his.
"Mum, i need help on question 6." my sister Brooke asked, she was 11, i was 14, Zeke
was 13.
"Okay, Brooke, come over here darling." my mum soothed. letting my hand go.
"Come on Arsenal!" Zeke and dad yelled at the same time! i laughed and finished my
CoolieCat; iya Joey.
Liverpudlian12; heya  Kirsten, wuu2?
CoolieCat; not much, u?
Liverpudlain12; watching Liverpool versus Arsenal.
(Joey, is my boyfriend who moved to Liverpool last month.)
CoolieCat; lol my dad and Zeke are watching that downstairs, brb.
Liverpudlian12; kk
i went and stared out of the window, the streets of London were very quiet, i went
and logged back on.
CoolieCat; back!
@bing@- MileyLuvingEiden has logged in.
MileyLuvingEiden; wots up Joey!
LiverPudlian12; i'm ok.
CoolieCat; me too!
MileyLuvingEiden; lol iya Kirst didn't see ya der!
CoolieCat; lol yh if u say so 
@bing@-MaxAmIlLiOn has logged in.
MaxAmIlLiOn; lol heya.
@bing@- BrookelinWaters has logged in.
BrookelinWaters; Kirsten mum wants ya.
CoolieCat; u came online just for that?
MaxAmIlLiOn; heya Brooke!
Liverpudlian12; Hi Brooke!
BrookelinWaters; yh mum said, theres no way to get threw to ya but this!
@bing@-Del4Alex has logged in.
Del4Alex; Kirsten, ave u dun ur homework?
CoolieCat; haven't got any! 
Del4Alex, okay bye sweetie.
@bing@-Del4Alex has logged out.
@bing@BrookelinWaters has logged out.
MileyluvingEiden; lol trouble!
MaxAmIlLiOn; lol in it.
Liverpudlian12; lol i can't believe ur mum came online just to ask u if u had dun ur
CoolieCat; she's sooo embarrasing, but i luv her!
MaxAmIlLiOn; so u shud!
@bing@-DaddysAngel(Riley) has logged in.
DaddysAngel(Riley); iya Kirsten!
CoolieCat; lol i'm gonna go bye guys!
MaxAmIlLiOn; buh bye!
MileyLuvingEiden; bye bbz.
Liverpudlian12; see ya Kirst babe.
  i switched off the computer and sat on the bed, i was still bored, i wanted to go
online, but if Riley was there, then there was no way i was goin on until tomorrow.
I punched Mileys number hesidently and pressed ring.
"Hello?" she answered.
"Iya Miley." i replied.
"Oh heya! You know Joey is still online! And he's gettign restless, oh wait hes gone
now." She dozed off.
"ok, is Riley still there?" i asked.
"No she went off when u did. Lol she sounded quiet upset."
"How'd you know?" i asked, qickly whizzing round to see if Miley was stalking our
house, no sign of her.
"She said and i quote "Aww man so she does hate me, see ya guys" un quote and then
put a sad face enxt to it and went offline." she said, she had a sort of a
you-should-be-resbonsible-and-never-let-your-siblings-down tone on her.
i felt guilty, so guilty i hung up on Miley.
i switched on the pc.
Liverpudlian12; nice to see ya agen.
Cooliecat; wait a mo.
i clicked 'send invite by phone.' i heard Rileys phone go off.
Liverpudlian12; lol u ok?
CoolieCat; yh just fine. 
i bit my lip.
@bing@-DaddysAngel(Riley) has logged in.
DaddysAngel(Riley); hiya Kirsten 
CoolieCat; iya sis, srry for dismissing you.
Liverpudlian12; awwww 
DaddysAngel(Riley); i forgive you Kirsten.
Liverpudlian12; g2g see ya.
@bing@-Liverpudlian12 has logged out.
@bing@-EidenLuvingMiley has logged in.
EidenluvingMiley; iya.
CoolieCat; i thort ur name was 'Hottie' why u changed it?
DaddysAngel(Riley); lol nice name, rofl!
@bing@-EidenLuvingMiley has logged out.
@bing@-Malesupersexi has logged in.
Malesupersexi; iya, it's me Eiden.
CoolieCat; lol really?
@bing@-DaddysAngel(Riley) has logged out.
@bing@-Liverpudlian12 has logged in.
Liverpudlian12; Kirsten, ur dumped.
CoolieCat; why!!!!?
Malesupersexi; ouch!
Liverpudlian12; ders this cute girl down my street who likes me and i like her,
Malesupersexi; double ouch!
@bing@-Liverpudlian12 has logged out.
CoolieCat; :'-(
@bing@-MaxAmIlLiOn has logged in.
MaxAmIlLiOn; wots up fellas?
CoolieCat; nuffin :'-(
Malesupersexi; lol Kirsten has just been dumped, u ok Kirsty?
MaxAmIlLiOn; really?
CoolieCat; yh!
MaxAmIlLiOn; oh well, he's the one who's missing out!
CoolieCat; Max u say all the right things.


PrettyGurl1800 says:   4 December 2006   594244  
cool dude love a good romance
prettyandpink123 says:   4 December 2006   649649  
very cool i love romances
Belsboys4eva56 says :   5 December 2006   683913  
ty gurls keep send comments in i love to read em


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