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ffion made me do thisCategory: (general)
Friday, 7 December 2018
02:00:56 PM (GMT)
i've risen from the grave to overshare again

1. what is your biggest turn off in a person?
a boring/generic personality
if i know your type before you even talk to me imma yeet the fuck outta there

2. what is your biggest turn on in a person?
idk i guess i have a thing for voices? like i wont turn someone away just because i
don't like their voice, that's mean. but sometimes someone's natural pitch or like
the way the say some things make my heart go doki doki

3. are you like your zodiac sign suggests that you should be?
for the most part i match pretty well, but there are some traits that are like the
complete opposite of me. i feel like most people are like that, tho

4. at what age did you realise santa was not real?
i think i kinda always knew? like of course when i was little i believed but like
late elementary school and onward i knew he wasn't but i still played along
low key still do lmao

5. at what age did you have your first sexual experience?
idk i'll let you know when it happens.

6. at what age did you have your first kiss?
see above

7. at what age did you have your first crush? who was it?
BITCH i was like six and it was DANNY PHANTOM

8. what is the best compliment you have ever received?
ahhhh i can never remember compliments, sadly lol
i love all compliments i get on my hair tho

9. what is the best sex you’ve ever had?
none HAh

10. what is the biggest lie you ever told?
uuhhhhhh idk i rarely lie bcos i'm awful at it
but one time in 4th grade i told this boy i liked him and then said april fools (cuz
it was indeed april 1st and i didn't like him), then years later i brought it up and
apparently he didn't know i was joking

11. do you hate anyone right now?
buddy, who don't i hate

12. do you have any hidden piercings? if yes, where?

13. do you have any tattoos? if yes what do they mean?
none YET

14. do you miss anyone right now?
ye, my grandmom

15. do you smoke?

16. to your knowledge, have you ever been cheated on?

17. have you ever been in a physical fight?

18. have you ever been in a relationship?
one, but i don't really count it because it lasted like... a month
it wasn't very serious

19. have you ever been in love?
probably? yes?

20. have you ever been loved by someone you didn’t love back?
i'm kinda in that situation now and tbh? sucks
but i love the attention lmao

21. have you ever loved someone that didn’t love you back?
hell yeah

22. have you ever been betrayed by someone you care about?
not really

23. have you ever catfished anyone?

24. have you ever cried over a lover?
not that i can recall?

25. have you ever danced without leaving room for jesus?
no, but i have danced with the devil in the pale moonlight

26. have you ever dated someone you met online?

27. have you ever given or received a hickey?
no and that's just TRAGIC

28. have you ever had a crush on a teacher?
hhhhhhfslskgd yes i certainly have

29. have you ever kissed a non-family member on the lips?

30. have you ever kissed for more than two hours consecutively?
no and that sounds ridiculous

31. Have you ever kissed or been kissed on the breast?

32. have you ever kissed someone below the belt?
also negative

33. have you ever lead a person on?
not that i know of??

34. have you ever lied to get out of trouble?

35. have you ever liked a person your friend was dating?

36. have you ever masturbated to a picture or video?
yeah probably

37. have you ever played a game involving stripping?

38. have you ever used somebody for your personal gain?

39. have your ever been heart-broken?
yeah it sucks balls obviously

40. how far have you gone to get something you desired?
in first grade i traded my favorite stuffed animal for this bitch's toy.... that

41. how many relationships have you had?

42. what do you weight?
babey i'm over 200 pounds of dumbass bitch

43. how tall are you?
5'7" i think

44. if applicable, when did you lose your virginity?
see question 5

45. if you could bring back a person from the dead who would you bring back?
i'd bring back my pet chicken Bab, she was too good for this world
i know the question says person but guess what? fuck you

46. if you could choose one Disney prince to marry who would you choose?
ahhh whatsisname from sleeping beauty? Prince Philip

47. if you could choose one disney princess to be your best friend who would you
i would MARRY Snow White or Aurora

48. if you could get married to any celebrity who would it be?
ehhh idk i'm not big on celebrities
Chris Hemsworth is a lesbian icon tho

49. if you could, what would you change about your first kiss?
i'd have one

50. if you had to live in the world of the last tv show you watched where would you
be living?
it'd be the world of Avatar: The Legend of Korra and it'd be fucking

51. when was the last time you insulted someone?
i called my cat a stupid buffoon
but i always do that

52. when was the last time you were insulted?

53. mention a movie that always makes you cry?
Coco is an emotional masterpiece

54. on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, how horny are you?
currently? like 0 m8

55. what is the scariest thing you have ever experienced?
one night i was home alone, chilling, about to go upstairs to my room, but as i walk
to the steps out the window i see some bright ass headlights, on the fucking lawn,
and someone is standing in front of them. i fucking bolt upstairs and out of sight,
call my dad, and by the time i have the courage to take a peek they're gone. weird
tho, the next morning there were no tire tracks or shit on the lawn.

56. what colour of underwear are you wearing right now?

57. what do you think about the most?
LMAO hot monsters that i can fuck

58. what do you think is your sexiest feature?
tits, babey

59. what is a disgusting habit you have?
i'm a scab picker but honestly who isn't

60. what is a relationship deal breaker for you?
they can't function on their own/depend on me too much

61. what is a weird thing you love?
i'm very passionate about birds, especially pigeons and corvids

62. what is the sexiest feature you love in the opposite gender?
???? a loving personality???

63. mention something that is currently bothering you?
i want to spend money but i don't have money

64. mention something that makes you happy?
chickens and ducks

65. mention something that makes you sad?
no chickens and no ducks 

66. mention something you do when no one is watching?
i dance horribly and hold full conversations with myself

67. what is something you like to do when you are sad?
nap, or brood

68. what is the best gift you ever received?
uhhuhuhhh my rammstein scarf i guess?

69. what is the best gift you have ever given?
i gave my dad a really good hat and he loved it so much he cried

70. what is the biggest fear you have overcome?
pfft, overcoming fears

71. what is the longest you have ever gone without a shower?
3 or 4 days

72. what is the major physical trait you look for in a partner?
hopefully they have a body

73. what is the worst gift you have ever given?
when my dad turned 45 i gave him 45 cents but i was little and an idiot and thought
the nickel was a quarter so it was just 25 cents

74. what is the worst gift you have ever received?
my aunt keeps buying me coloring/scrap book stuff even tho i'm literally gonna be 20

75. what is your biggest fear?
the dark

76. what is your favourite holiday destination?

77. what is your relationship with your parents like?
pretty good? very good with my mom
pretty out of whack with my dad but hopefully that will change

78. have you ever had a pregnancy scare?
god i hope not, i can't be the next virgin mary

79. what is your worst sexual experience?
not having any

80. what is your zodiac sign?

81. what was the last text you sent?

82. what was the last thing that made you cry?
my grandmom passed away

83. what was the last thing that made you laugh?
my dumb of ass cat

84. when is your birthday?

85. when was the last time you cried?

86. which celebrity would be your hall pass?
what? does this mean?

87. who is your celebrity crush?
nobody really

88. who is your favourite fictional couple?
Seras and Pip from Hellsing Ultimate

89. who was the first person you ever fell in love with?
i really liked this kid named Daniel in 6th
funny how his initials were DP, like Danny Phantom

90. who was the last person you texted?
my friend Emma

91. would you ever change anything about yourself and if so what would it be?
nothing really? except all my mental problems lmao

92. have you ever been caught masturbating?

93. have you ever sent a sexually explicit text?

94. have you ever sent or received sexually explicit photographs?
si senor

95. have you ever engaged in sexually explicit activity over video chat?

96. have you ever cheated on a significant other during a relationship?

97. have you ever been walked in on during sex?

98. have you ever used marijuana?
no but i'm gonna try edibles soon hahaaaaaaaaa

99. have you ever been arrested?

100. have you ever been convicted of a crime?
yeah i was found guilty of being too damn cute ;000000

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