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Wednesday, 17 August 2016
10:35:16 PM (GMT)
For some reason he just seem to try to be nice to Tina.  Sam always tried to find
the best in people but sometimes, people are who they are. You can't change them, and
most try to avoid them. Sam just felt that even though what he hears about Tina that
there must be some good in her. But he soon found out that she was a bitch. They were
paired up at school to be a video assignment. She seems to be uninterested about it
until the teacher said it would be 2/3 of their grade and she wanted to pass this
class and not to take it again another year. "What you want to do a video of?" Sam
asked her. Tina just looked at him and her eyes kind of squinted, "I don't care. But
you better make it a passing grade for us. Or I'll make your life a living hell." Sam
eyes open widely and shook his head. 
A few days passed and Sam came up with the ideal of impromptu to news reel. He saw
Tina with one of her friends and came up to her. "I have an ideal about a video." He
said to her as he went on to explain, Tina looked at him with an annoyed look on her
face. "Whatever Just tell me when you want to shoot this thing."  Sam looked at her,
"well we can try to do it this Saturday." Megan lean over to Tina and whisper
something into her ear, and Tina laughed. "Ok this Saturday, my place." Sam didn't
care for Megan all that much. They knew each other when they were growing up in the
neighborhood. Megan once pulled his short down in the middle of gym in 5th grade. 

That Saturday came around and Sam headed over to Tina's house. He knocked on the door
and Tina answered it, "Oh, hey come in." She said as she let him into the house. Sam
looked around and asked, "where's your parents?" She closed the door, "My mom is out
working right now." As Sam place the camera on the living room table, Megan came out
of the kitchen. His eyes glance at her keeping her in sight. "What is she doing
here?" Tina looked at Sam, "do I ask you who you have over at your house? Beside you
need someone to hold the camera." She said with a snippy voice. Taking a deep breath
Sam started to go over the scenes with Tina, and see seem to be uninterested. "That
is what we be doing, kind of a like a CSI thing." Tina just smile slightly, "Ok,
fine. Do you want a drink? You sound kind of dry and I don't want someone all dry
trying to do this video thing and screw it up." Sam looked at her and he was kind of
dry in the voice, "If you have coke or Dr. Pepper." Tina walked into the kitchen and
a few minute later came back with a drink for Sam. He took a few qlups of the drink
and placed it on the table. "Where should we set up at?" He asked Tina. "We can start
here and then go from there," she told him. As Sam was setting up the camera and
trying to get the props out. Sam felt dizzy and light headed, "I...I...don't know
what’s wrong...." he said as he stumbled and landed on the couch. “Now the real
fun begins, “Tina said as Sam heard her as he blur out. 

Waking up he was groggy and didn't know where he was at. "Now you don't want to say
your name, unless you want everyone to know now." A figure stood in front of him with
a light brightly shining from behind her. "What??" He said as he tries to see who it
was. "Fresh meat for today episode," the voice said. As Sam fully awaken he realized
that he was naked, his hands over his head tied to a beam. He struggle to get free,
"what the hell is this?" The figure got closer to him; Sam could see a masked face of
girl. "Let me go you bitch," He yelled at Tina. “Oh this one is a feisty one
girls,” Tina said to the camera. Sam struggle to get myself free, “Let me go
now!” He demanded. Tina walked up along side Sam and reach down gripping his balls
in her hand. Sam gasp slightly as Tina squeezed gently, “behave and you might just
enjoy yourself.” Tina said to him as she started caressing his balls. The sensation
of her hands ran through Sam’s body. “See girls this is how you do it.” She
said toward the camera. Sam groan slightly as Tina’s hand began stroking his cock.
“Mmm, wow  I didn’t know you can get this big,” Tina said as her eyes focused
on Sam’s dick. Sam closed his eyes enjoying each stroke from Tina’s hand. Tina
reach around and tug at Sam’s butt cheek. Sam’s body twitch slightly as she did
it over and over again. The camera fouced on Sam’s face in pleasure with Tina.
Suddenly Sam felt a wet smooth hard thing, enter into his ass. “Wh…” Before he
could finished Megan push her wet black strap on cock into Sam ass. Sam screamed out
as the rubber head push into his tight ass, “Ahhhhhh!!!!” He bite his lips hard
as he felt it moving deeper into him. Sam tried to move away but couldn't, Tina
stroke his dick faster and as Megan push in more. The sensation of Tina's hand was
making Sam dick hot and hard but at the same time Megan black rub strap on was
penetrating his ass. "You know you like it, Megan whisper in Sam's ear. He thrashed
around trying to shake off Megan, but it only made it worst as she grip his hips and
started pumping his ass. Sam gasp with each thrust and groan with pleasure as Tina
stroke his dick faster. "Oh ladies he will cum much faster this way," Tina said as
she moved down and lick the heck of Sam's dick. The shear pleasure of her tongue
touched the head of his dick, it twitched wildly. "See ladies its all about what you
can do to him. Now just enjoy," She said to Sam as her mouth moved over the head of
his dick. Sam's body suddenly betrayed him as he soon move to the rtyem of Megan
thrust and Tina's mouth. "I want to you say that you like black cock," Megan said to
Sam as she played it up to the camera. "N...No!" Sam said as he grasp. Tina looked up
at Sam and bite down on his dick. Sam yelled out, "Just say you like black cock and
she will stop biting." Megan said to him. Sam shook his head in defiance. 

Tina reach up and pull his balls as she bite harder. "OH GOD!!!!" Sam yelled out as
he could feel her teeth biting into his flesh.  Megan push the strap on deep into
Sam's ass not letting him any room to move any where. "I LIKE BLACK COCK!" Sam yelled
out as the pain was too much. Megan pulled out slightly giving Sam some breathing
room as Tina remove her mouth. "See that wasn't so hard," She said to him. Tina
smiled at Megan, "for that little jester we will reward you." Tina place her mouth
around Sam's dick again but this time her head moved faster. The mingle of pain and
pleasure wash over Sam's body, he hated them for doing this and hated his body for
enjoying some of it. Megan soon push her strap on back into Sam, moving with the same
pace as Tina. Sam wiggled and shook as his ass soon found pleasure with Megan's strap
on. As both girls moves fast Sam groan and moan with pleasure, as his body soon was
about to explode. Tina move back from his cock as she feel it throb in her mouth.
"W....Why s..stop?" Sam asked her. Tina just smiled and moved behind Megan as she
reach up between both their legs Tina took hold of Sam's balls. Megan wildly thrust
her hips more, "watch out girls when he has a black dick in him it will cum twice as
far." Tina said as she squeeze Sam's balls. Megan pulled Sam's body toward her,
driving in her black strap on deep. Sam's dick twitch wildly as Tina pull down on his
balls and it exploded.  White hot sticky liquid shot out of the head of Sam's dick
across the room. And It seem to just keep shooting out. "OMG I bet it never cum so
much and shot so far, " Tina said as she watch the hot sticky mess. Sam's body
thrashed and cum over and over again. "We are going to make you famous," Megan said
as she pull her strap on from Sam's ass. Suddenly Sam's body reached as poop shoot
out of him. "SHIT! DAM IT MEGAN!" Tina yelled as she got covered in some of it. "What
I tell you! Wait until I get the hell out of the way." Tina said as she got out and
headed toward the bathroom. Megan laugh slightly, "wow we should call you poop boy."
She said as she walked off. Sam dangle there as he stared at the camera with a
hateful and murderous look in his eyes.     

Yeah I never finished it.. LOL... Oh well someone else can finished this one. twisted

‹The Grim Hamster Sleeper› says:   18 August 2016   323506  
Aww, a Me x Sam fanfic
‹Monkey boy› says :   18 August 2016   663718  
yeah have fun with it 

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