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Saturday, 30 January 2016
08:55:27 PM (GMT)
I'm a Cult Boyfriend Not a Mainstream Show I'm Lonely or I'm Worshipped by a Lady in the Know When you're a Cult Boyfriend Life's really intense They Love Me or They Hate Me No One's On the Fence
SO THIS IS MY PRESENT "PERSONAL AD" Phantom, 21 M United States of America (no I am not actually age 21 just like many other people on Kupika, who don't have their real age listed. 21 is just my fav number) Current affair This is the first time ever posting one of these things. I'm convinced that mostly these things are useless because the Kupi-population of active users is miniscule and most people already know who they want to communicate with and aren't too keen on meeting new friends. But I will give it a shot anyways. I seek Chocolate in its many forms, coffee which is my drug of choice, and sex. Not in that order. And actually the fun has to be mostly imaginary for reasons of practicality. I just like meeting new people and getting to know them. I am not part of the Kupi-In-Crowd here so if you aren't either, we might get along swell. I would prefer females but cool guys are welcome to approach me. I get along with all types, but prefer literate, intelligent, interesting people who know how to participate in a conversation. If you're someone that needs me to drive, I can make an exception depending on who you are. I seek friendly dialogue and interaction but I am open to romance-tinged or even erotically-laced communication and interaction now and then. It seems like Kupika's plague of "fakes" is mostly over but there are the occassional few around. Don't waste your time with me if you aren't real and willing to share a bit of what's real about you. Ironically, and somewhate unfairly, you should be prepared to learn a little about me at a time with more to be revealed about me as you earn my trust. I offer I offer too much to be described in a brief ad. Really whatever it is you are seeking or need I can probably provide for you. (Or know where to beg, borrow or steal it from.) Genuine Old-Fashioned Friendship can be obtained here. Hot-Sexy Sweetness can also be found. Education, Entertainment, Boredom Banishment are also present. A listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, some lips to occassionally can all be found here. ########### ADDENDUM to the Ad. Ok So, I've thought of some additional things which I am willing to offer or which may occur should you decide to befriend me on Kupika. Some of these are "promises" of a sort but perhaps not Iron-Clad ones. -I promise to comment your publications, photos, diaries, etc. Generally my comments will be favourable, occassionally witty, sometimes saucey and rarely randy. -I will give you a Thumbs Up, and a "official hug" on your profile, and the occassional Virtual Item. -I will Subscribe to you, (There may be a limited number of people I can subscribe to.) -For those that wish to exchange telephone numbers I may be willing to text with you. -Presently, I've no computer so Skype and all that is out for now, but will be a possibility in the future. Likewise, if you wish to email, or communicate on other websites, have me follow you on Twitter or your Tumblr or whatever, all of that can be discussed and If i can't do it right now, I will do so in the future when my computer issues are resolved. -Snail mail pen-palling is a possibility but probably a future one. If it does happen you might occassionally receive an actual gift in the mail. Said gift may or may not be a "sexy one" for your use in private! -Photo exchanges are negotiable and generally welcome. -I especially would like to exchange "Salute" photos. (Ask me if you don't know what that is.) -I will make a general effort to write to you regularly, to remember your birthday and other occassions of note, to be cheerful and mostly fun to talk with. -If you need advice, I am always good for that and usually good at it. -If you are horny, aroused, wet, turned-on, want to be turned-on, want to cyber, want to fantasize, want to role-play, etc. then we can talk about it. It's not something I am willing to do with everyone. -If you are lonely, sad, need suicide prevention, depressed, or want a recipe for an omellete, feel free to hit me up. I have a "superpower" which may be helpful in such situations and talking with me will likely help you. -If you just need a "hug" (virtually speaking) I am always, always, always! good for that! In fact, I prefer "snuggles" which are my version of a hug, with just a little bit more affection and lasting a few moments longer than the standard virtual hugs that other guys provide on here. ....i shall probably add more to this Addendum later as I think of things. ##### Do you like the above offers???? To become my Friend, just message me and tell me about yourself a bit and we will take it from there. I've a limited number of "Friends" spots left so get them while they are hot and before they are all gone.
Last edited: 24 February 2016

‹🍆› says:   24 November 2016   460868  
holy fuckin shit
vanillatea says:   5 December 2016   830308  
crazyhot says :   12 December 2016   416422  
i'm not insane enough to believe this

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