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Thursday, 2 April 2015
02:51:29 PM (GMT)
First Name: Maria
Middle Name: O.
Last Name: K.
Age: 20.
Gender: Female.
Eye color: Blue/green mix.
Hair color: Brown.
Birthplace: Kiev, Ukraine.
Birth date: 11th Aug 1994.
Height: 6'1/185cm.
Shoe size: 7 1/2.
Right or left handed: Right.
Zodiac sign: Leo.
Single or taken: Taken. 

Name and age of father? Alex, 56.
Name and age of mother? Lena, 53.
Are your parents still together? Yes.
Do you get along with your parents? We have our ups and downs.
Which one is more strict? The same amount.
Names and ages of siblings? She was 24.
Do you get along with your siblings? We did.

What school do you go to? Graduated.
What grade are you in? N/A
Do you want to go to college? Already going.

Are you...
Good at reading people? Yes.
Too nice for your own good? I'm sometimes a pushover.
Stubborn? Yes.
Shallow? No.
A pansy? A bit.
Arrogant? No.
Short? No.
Freakishly tall? Just a bit.
An atheist? Yes.
Always mad? No.
Always happy? I try to be.
Lazy? Sometimes.
Friendly? Always.
Strong? Nope.
In love? Yes.
A health freak? Yes.
Loud? The opposite.
Quiet? Nailed it. 
Intelligent? Yes.
Talkative? No.
Outgoing? In the right settings.
Organized? Yes.
A vegetarian? No.
Forgetful? No.
A nerd? A bit.
Lactose intolerant? No.
Athletic? No.
A pain in the arse? No.
Ticklish? Very.

Color? Pink.
Movie? Memento.
TV show? The Walking Dead.
Animal? Bunnies. 
Food? Coconut.
Drink? Cloudy lemonade.
Day of the week? Friday.
Season? Summer.
Song? It changes.
Sport? Badminton.
Radio station? I don't listen.
Restaurant? I don't know.
Holiday? Halloween. 
Flower? Pink roses.
Number? 42.
Type of music: Electronic.
Candy? Lemon sherbets. 
Scent? Floral/fruity.
Letter? M.
Ice cream flavor? Vanilla.
Toothpaste? Whatever keeps my teeth clean.
Band? I'm liking 65daysofstatic at the moment.
Comic strip? Loading Artist.
Type of cheese? Cheddar.
Salad dressing? Olive oil and salt.
Cereal? I'm celiac, can't have.
Fruit? Apples.
Vegetable? All of them.
Berry? Strawberries.
Actor? Don't particularly care.
Actress? See above.
Month? August.
House color? Light yellow.
Boys name? Claude.
Girls name? Bella.
Board game? Monopoly for life.
Computer game? TF2.
Breakfast food? Orange juice with 2 runny boiled eggs.
Soda? Cloudy lemonade.
Subject in school? I liked art.
Kind of pet: Cat.
Vacation spot? Somewhere sunny.
Genre of movies? Horror or thriller.
Shape? Triangle.
Lunch meat? Chicken.
Fairy tale? Disney's Tangled.
Sports team? Don't follow.
Planet? Earth is pretty cool.
Tree? Baobab trees are cool.
Comedian? I don't know.
Soap opera? Don't watch.
Game show? Dunno.
Fast food restaurant? Wendy's was cool when it was still in the UK.
Juice? Orange.
Grade you were in? Year 4.
Book gone movie? Harry Potter.
Meal of the day? Dinner.
Card game? Go fish.
Musical instrument? Guitar.

Do you like...
Cooking? Yes.
School? I did not.
Doing chores? Sometimes it can be relaxing.
Your job? I hope I'll find something I like.
Children? Yes.
Animals? Yes.
Who you are? Yes.
Cheese? Yes.
Football? No.
Soda? Yes.
Coffee? Yes.
Loud music? Yes.
Baseball? No.
Bowling? No.
Croquet? Yes.

Do you have...
A DVD player? No.
MP3 player or iPod? No.
Cell phone? Yes.
Your own room? Yes.
Car? No.
AIM? No.
MSN? No.
YIM? No.
Asthma? No. 
Any kind of STD? No.
Any regrets? A few.

Have you ever...
Sat on your rooftop? No.
Kissed someone in the rain? Yes.
Danced in a public place? Yes.
Laughed so hard you cried? Yes.
Peed your pants after age 8? No.
Gone out of your way to befriend someone? Yes.
Made out in a movie theater? No.
Gone roller skating since 8th grade? No.
Been in love? Yes.
Drank alcohol? Yes.
Smoked? Yes.
Been to a concert? Yes.
Been out of the state? I live in Europe, so.
Been out of the country? Yes.
Skinny dipped? Yes.
Toilet papered someones house? No, that's mean.
Been tickled so bad that you cried? Yes.
Gone camping? Yes.
Had a crush on your brothers/sisters friend? No.
Had a crush on your friends brother/sister? No.
Danced in the rain? Yes.
Worn clothes your parents didnt approve of? Yes.
Been to a nude beach? Yes.
Wanted to be a model? Yes.
Wanted to be in the Olympics? No.
Cried during a movie? Yes.
Wanted something you couldnt have?  Yes.
Shoplifted? No.
Yelled at your pet? No.
Gotten seasick? No.
Been embarrassed by someone in your family? Yes.
Felt bad about eating meat? No.
Ate because you had nothing better to do? Yes.
Screamed in a library? No.
Wished a part of you was different? Yes.
Been sunburned so bad you blistered? Yes.
Thrown up in a public place? Hospital count as public? Lol.
Been on TV? No.
Went to school/work drunk? No.
Dieted? Yes.
Been on an airplane? Yes.
Been on a cruise? No.
Thrown your shoe at someone? I have not.
Sang in the shower? Yes.
Had detention? Yes.
Pretended you were scared so you could cuddle with someone? ...Yes.
Dyed your hair? Yes.
Tried to do the splits? Yes.
Done drugs? Yes.
Eaten sushi? Yes.
Been to Africa? Yes.
Been in a car accident? Yes.
Had a crush on any of your teachers? No.
Slapped someone? Yes.
Been suspended from school? No.
Been fired from a job? No.
Gotten a tattoo? No.
Dated someone younger than you? Yes.
Dated someone older than you? Yes.
Cried to get your way? No.
Had surgery? Yes.
Slept outdoors? Yes.
Gone one day without food? Yes.
Talked on the phone all night? Yes.
Slept all day? Yes.
Kissed someone of the same sex? Yes.
Had a dream that came true? Yes.
Broken the law? Yes.
Had a dream that kept coming back? Yes.
Licked a 9 volt battery? No.
Been in a beauty pageant? Yes.
Ordered from an infomercial? No.
Ran into a wall? No.
Been rejected by a crush? No.
Fallen asleep in a movie theater? Yes.
Climbed a tree? Yes.
Been to Disney World? No.
Spun around until you were immensely dizzy? Yes.
Seen a dead body? Yes.
Caught a fish? No.
Played truth or dare? Yes.
Seen the movie "Donnie Darko"? Yes.
Cried at a wedding? No.
Ridden in an ambulance? Yes.
Hitch-hiked? No.
Gone on a road trip with your friends? No.
Stayed online for more than 10 hours straight? Yes.
Been in a play? Yes.
Been attacked by seagulls? No.
Had a deer jump in front of your car? No.
Used the bathroom in front of a friend? No.
Played a kazoo? Yes.
Been attacked by ladybugs? No.
Smashed a guitar or any other type of instrument? No.
Scuba dived? No.
Eaten calamari? Yes.
Played lacrosse? No.
Dated two people at the same time? No.
Played a full game of Monopoly? Yes.
Been in a relationship that lasted more than a year? Yes.
Seen a shooting star? Yes.
Laughed and had some kind of beverage come out of your nose? Yes.
Bitten someone? Yes, playfully. Ahem.
Been in a taxi? Yes.
Fallen down a flight of stairs? Yes. 
Found money on the ground? Yes.
Had a crush on your boss? No.
Jumped into a pile of leaves ? Yes.
Made a snow angel? Yes.
Eaten anything gross for money? No.
Been on a game show? No.
Had strawberry applesauce? No.
Eaten something so gross it made you gag? Yes.
Ridden a camel? Yes.
Jumped on a trampoline? Yes.
Eaten cottage cheese? Yes.
Peed in a pool? When I was a kid.
Gone streaking? No.
Touched a tarantula? Yes.
Spent more than five hours trying to win on a video game? Yes. Try more than 8.
Eaten dog food? No.

Can you...
Write with both hands? Nope.
Whistle? Yes.
Cross your eyes? Yes.
Touch your tongue to your nose? Yes.
Dance well? No.
Stay up a whole night without sleep? Yes.
Make a card pyramid? Halfway.
Cook anything? Yes.
Unwrap a starburst with your tongue? No.
Open your eyes underwater? That stings, but yes.
Walk in high heels? No.
Multitask? Yes.
Taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke? No.
Sing well? No.
Play an instrument? No.
Walk with your toes curled? Yes.
Eat whatever you want and not have to worry about it? No.
Stick your fist in your mouth? No.
Roll your tongue? Yes.
Sing the alphabet backwards? No.
Moonwalk? No.
Ice skate? No.
Do thirty pull ups? Not with my hypermobility, no.
Sleep with the lights on? Yes.
Fall asleep in the car? Yes.
Type correctly? Yes.
Kiss your elbow? No.
Swim? Yes.
Eat a box of chocolates in an hour? Yes.
Milk a cow? No.
Name all of the former U.S. presidents? No.
Do a back flip? No.
Move your ears? No.
Raise one eyebrow? Yes.
Belch voluntarily? Yes.
Pat your head and rub your stomach in a circle at the same time? Yes.
Make a clover leaf with your tongue? Yes.

Last person...
To tell you they love you? My boyfriend.
To write you a note? No idea.
To call your cell phone? Friend.
To buy you something? I don't know.
To text message you? Boyfriend.
To IM you? Boyfriend.
To come to your house? Postman.
To help you fix something? Dad.

Movie you watched? The Martyrs. 
Song you sang? Fuckin' Problems.
Drink you had? Mango & papaya juice.
Number you dialed? Phone top up.
Book you read? Jack Reacher.
Food you ate? Soup.
Store you went to? Hobby craft.
Time you swam in a pool? A year.
CD you bought? It's 2015.
Movie you saw in theaters? No clue.
Time you showered? Today.
Concert you went to? Dunno.
Nightmare you had? Few days back.
Car ride? Last week.
Time you went to the grocery store? Last Friday.
Time you had a snow day? Years ago.
Vacation you went on? Last July.
Time you dressed up for Halloween? A while.

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