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Sleeping With The Devil Chapter 5Category: Stories
Saturday, 19 April 2014
08:42:45 AM (GMT)
When I walked in Sophia's apartment, I was surprised to see it was so... normal. It
was nice but normal. It was exactly what I needed.

She lit a cigarette and I smiled. "Can I have a drag?"

She handed me the cigarette and I took a hit. I coughed a little but I had no more


"You and your boyfriend broke up?"

I gasped and waved my hands in front of my face. "No. Its nothng like that. Well he's
not my boyfriend. He has a wife."

At that, I explained my situation to her. She smiled, nodded, and sipped her tea. 

"My mom was a prostitute but also addicted to gambling so she spent the money she
earned on the corner gambling. It got so bad that when I was thirteen, she sold me to
boss. He taught me how to dance and how to please a man," she explained to me.

"That's terrible!"

"Not really. I was free from my mom. Being a stripper isn't that bad. It's looked
down upon but its like anything else. Its a job."

I looked at her. She was so strong. I smiled and asked "where will I be sleeping?"

"My room. I'll sleep on the couch."

I blushed and quickly said "no its fine. I'll sleep on the couch. This is your place
after all. I don't want to be a burden."

Sophia laughed and replied "you wouldn't be a burden. What's mine is yours as long
were roomies." I smiled a little.

I told her "we'll sleep in the same room then!"

We smiled together and I brought my stuff into her room where we unpacked together.
I'd probably have to pack my things soon anyways but I mine as well make myself at


That night, we slept in the same bed. It was as if we were truly sisters now. I loved
her more than anything ever. Over the following weeks, I managed to split work and
school. I went to school in the morning through the afternoon and worked from evening
to morning. 

Everyone wondered how I had time to sleep but that was the thing. I was just barely
able to get in a couple of hours of sleep after school before I had to get ready for
work. No one at school knew about my situation over the past few weeks.

It was strange. I hadn't spoken to Erik since we had fought and I hadn't seen Adrian
around at all. It was as if both men in my life had disappeared off the face of the
earth. It was a strange feeling.

Every day from school, Sophia would pick me up. I hadn't really spoken with Andrea at
all. When she tried to speak with me, I would push her away. Maybe this was for the
best. If I pushed them away, they couldn't come hurt me anymore. I didn't have to be
afraid. I could finally live a normal life.

"I can't wait to leave this Hell hole."

"Your telling me..."

I spun around to see Erik standing there in his perfect stature. "Damn. Sexy as

"What?" He raised an eyebrow but I covered my mouth, yelping. 

"I totally didn't mean to say that out loud. Oh God. This is the worst."

He started to laugh and said "your cute as always." He patted my head. "Where have
you been? It's almost like you disappeared off the face of the earth. Obviously you
didn't since your standing in front of me looking beautiful as always."

I playfully punched his arm. "Your such a flirt."

"You know you love it though." Sophia pulled up in front of the both of us. 

"My ride is here. I have to go. Text me later?"

He nodded but gave Sophia a suspicious glance. He watched me get into the car and
Sophia drive off.


It's been three months since I left home. I don't know what to expect my life to be.
I never applied to college but what's the point? I'm just barely passing all my
classes. No college would even want me after seeing my grades.

I was happy, stripping for skeazy men possibly cheating on their wives. I've never
been happier. This was my family now and they promised to protect me no matter what.
They were my true family. I could never part from them.

One day, while I was coming out of the strip club with my 'sisters', I saw my mom.
"Hold on. I'll be right back."

They looked at my mom and asked "you know that druggie?"

I looked back at them and narrowed my eyes. "Yeah? She's my mom. Why?"

The girs started to laugh. Sophia explained "she used to buy drugs from boss until
she couldn't afford it. She gave him her body to pay for the drugs but the
relationship turned abusive and when she tried to leave, he wouldn't let her leave.
She was one of us for like a week but she couldn't pole dance and she wasn't
attractive enough. Boss likes young women. Like you. Like me. Now she's slowly paying
off her debt so she can finally get free of him. She comes here weekly. I'm surprised
you haven't seen her lingering around. You've been here for three months after all."

I nod and storm over to my mother. "What the fuck are you doing here mom? You didn't
just come here to pay off your debt, did you?"

My mom scowled and said "Rick said that you started to working for him. How many blow
jobs did you have to do to get that job, you little whore?"

I laugh in disbelief. "None for your information. I'm not the one fucking a man for

My girls come up from behind me and ask "do you need us to get rid of her, Alice?"

I put my hand up to stop them from tearing my mom to pieces. "It's not worth it.
Leave trash to where it's suppose to be." I walked off with the girls.

In my head, I was screaming. I kept my body quite composed, however. They were all
cheering me on but in reality, I couldn't believe I told my mom off like that. What
was happening to me? I loved my mom. I wanted to save her but after that, I probably
made things worst.

I didn't want to run but I didn't want to fight either. Fighting sucked. I wanted to
be free as much as I wanted to continue hiding and keeping a low profile.

As we were walking back to the car, a cop car pulled up to us. Sophia asked "can I
help you officer?"

The policeman scanned the group of us and asked "which one of you is Alice North?"

"I'm Alice North!" Shouted Sophia.

"No I am!" Shouted Nora.

The rest of them did the same and he scanned them once again. "Who's in the car?"

Nora said "oh Alice N- No- Nohogony."

The cop rolled his eyes, tired of this crap. He forced me out of the car and when he
saw my face, he smirked. "Found you." I struggled against his grip and the girls
fight against the cop but are kept away by the other cop.

They were shouting "you asshole" and "fuck you!" at the cops but they didn't care.

I was handcuffed and thrown in the cop car. He looked at me and told me "you have two
options. You either go back home with your mom or you go into a foster home. Being
with your mom can't be too bad. Plus I hear your almost eighteen so you will only
have to deal with this for a couple of more months. It can't be that bad."

He didn't understand. I couldn't speak of what she's put me through despite how much
I wanted to. He would never understand the suffering. He was patronizing. I hated

I let him drive me home but I didn't speak nor look at him.

Once I was home, I fell onto my bed. I let my tears fall. I was back where I started.
I hadn't cried in three months and was actually having fun yet my mom just had to
call the cops on me.

I had close friends who actually cared about me and my mom just had to take it all
away from me. I couldn't be here anymore. I got up but before I could go yell at my

"I think we need to talk," she said in that fake parenting tone.

I laugh coldly and said "you think?"

She looked down and looked back up. She said "I made an appointment with Dr. Wong." I
raised my eyebrow. I wasn't sure if that name was supposed to mean something to me
but it definitely did not mean a thing.

She cleared her throat and said "he works at Riverwood Asylum. I'm sorry but I have
evidence that your crazy. I'm scared of you. I'm scared that you will kill me."

I looked at her, shocked. I couldn't believe this bitch. I couldn't believe she was
looking at me with that innocent look. I hated her. I hated her. I hated her. 

I striked my mom, angrily. I got on top of her and started beating her. Normally, I
would have known immediately that something was up when she didn't fight back but I
was so blinded by rage that I didn't care.

Someone grabbed me, pulling me off of her but I continued to fight against him. When
I calmed down, I fell to my knees panting. The police officer stood there. He
handcuffed me once again.

My mom wiped the blood from her lip and said "bring her to mr. Wong immediately."

He dragged me off and I was constantly screaming swears at my mom. When we got
outside, I saw a familiar car pull up and Adrian walk out. "What the hell is going

I smirked at himand said "I tried to kill my mom and now there taking me away." I
started to laugh, acting crazy. I was thrown in the cop car.

I sat there. I looked out the window to see Adrian watching me. I smiled a little. He
must think shit of me now. I wasn't like this. Why was I acting like this? This
wasn't me. It was her fault. Not mine. I wasn't crazy. She was. Why wouldn't they
listen to me?

As soon as I saw Adrian turn his back to me, I knew it was over. A tear slipped down
my cheek as I screamed "Adrian! No! Please! Listen to me!" He got in his car and
drove away.

Soon after, the officer got into his car and drove off.

I sat there. My time was ticking away. They would kill me. I know they would. I did
hit my mom after all. That was enough information they needed to deem me crazy.

Time. Tick tock. Tick tock.

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