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Friday, 4 April 2014
02:43:23 PM (GMT)
She was talking to herself. Again. For the doctor had been silent the entire time. He's learned to confidently ignore the wretched tongue speak of a whore such as this very easily. In fact, his mind wandered from subject to subject- When shall the procedure be? 'As soon as humanly possible.' Thought the doctor. Whom shall preform it? 'Anyone with a hand and brain is aptly qualified.' There weren't many surgeons at this facility. In fact, there were none. And It's not like Elliot knew the right procedures to remove a fetus. The gentlemen shrugged. He'll just have to convince one of his lesser faculty members to preform it. Whether Rachelle lived or died as a result of their clumsy hands was a risk, the Head Doctor was willing to take. What shall happen if Rachelle died? I'll find myself a lot less likely drink. What shall happen if the Whore lived? I'll find myself a lot more likely to drink. Although Elliot was barely minding the girl's selfish lulls, he did peer once or twice at her, finding her look- her suffering- amusing. He wished things had been different. He wished that his dealings with the girl was sweeter, and fond. Not grimy, and shameful. The child she was carrying was most likely his own. But it was most likely the child would be so horribly corrupted that it would never live a healthy life. So it was no longer a child to Elliot. Just a spawn of something greatly regretted. "I'm overjoyed that you still haven't changed since our last occasion together." The doctor said, dully. But his eyes were curious. He was once very... interested in the female. Elliot couldn't help but dream that whatever charms she had was still there. "But listen to me, my dear, since I am- such a kind ruler. I find myself wanting to grant you some decree of mercy." "After all, what we had was- charming in it's most basic form." "I shall strike you a deal." The head doctor smiled koily. "Give you another chance... For this small window of time, I want you to prove to me, that you are fit for a child." "Fit to be a mother." "Fit for society." "Anything less and I shall toss you away with the bones in my closet, and leave you to rot." For he has wasted quite enough time on her. He was ready to let her die a whore, and alone. The doctor had to many other responsibilities, to let this one foul plight ruin him. Elliot took the ring of keys from his pocket, and unlocked Rachelle's cage. "Leave at your peril, Ms. Asmosia. For I am done protecting you." Done protecting us. The doctor pulled the cage doors aside, and stepped out. He beckoned for a brute, and one came steadily towards him. "Take Ms. Asmosia back to her room please." Elliot pressed the keys back into his pocket, and waited silently, as the large ox-like man, threw his arms to Rachelle, and then tossed her over his shoulders.

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