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My friend seduced me...Category: Sexual
Thursday, 20 February 2014
02:22:47 PM (GMT)
Me and my friend Alex were at mine studying for our exams, we decided to have a
break, so we turned on the tv. She had the controller and turned on playboy
channel... It was a Porn film. When I asked her to turn it over, she said no and sat
After some time,  I glanced back and saw she was masturbating. Then she turned the tv
off, and suggested we play would you rather.

We started off with things like, would you rather sit in a bath of baked beans for a
year, or eat Brussels for the rest of your life. Then I asked her...
"Would you rather fuck a women or a man?" , she answered a woman, this shocked me as
she had a boyfriend. Then she asked me
"Would you rather suck on my tits or my pussy?" unsure I answered tits.
"Go on then!" She said, and she took off her shirt and bra.
"I'm not sure! " I said
"Okay then, I'll do you first."

She came over to me and stripped my top half and lay me down. She rubbed on my
nipples until they became erect. Then she placed her cold lips on my left nipple, and
started to suck. She bit on my skin, making me groan, it was the best feeling ever.
She caressed my other boob, and pinched my nipple with her nails. Then she lay back,
expecting me to do the same. I lent forward and pressed hard on her tits, she was
already groaning, at this point I felt my panties had become wet.

I slowly licked her right nipple and nibbled on it ever so slightly. Then I grabbed
her other boob and squeezed it hard. When I stopped, she sat up and touched my
drenched panties. I knew she was trying to seduce me, and weirdly, it had worked. She
took off my skirt and stared at my blue panties... She then touched them and I felt a
rush run through my body, she then took them off. 

She placed one finger into my wet pussy and moved it around, then she put in two
more. This felt amazing and I nearly screamed... She moved them up and down, quicker
then slower. It made my pussy feel on fire. It was so amazing, that I felt myself
having an orgasm , I screamed and shouted. It felt so great. I cummed all over her
face, she licked it all up, my cum had gone everywhere.

After this, I stripped her and sucked hard on her sweet pussy. She was so juicy. She
kept squirting into my mouth, and I sucked it all up. I then went to my drawer and
took out my vibrator, I switched it on low, a small humming sound filled the room. I
pushed it into her vagina and moved it round violently, then I turned it up to high
and she screamed with pleasure.

When it was my turn I lay down on my bed, and Alex came over and made me lick her
pussy juice off the vibrator. Then she put it straight onto high and shoved it in my
clit. The sensation was amazing, she shoved it hard against the walls of my pussy,
making me cum again. It was so hard not to let it out, so I just kept squirting...
The pain inside my clit was insane, yet it was so brilliant. I kept shouting and
moaning as she pushed the vibrator (that was at least 8") right up my hole. She
pulled it out, and I licked all my cum off her face. She then licked my tits again as
I shoved three fingers up her pussy.

hatemetoday says :   20 February 2014   442484  
Wow holy sheet that was hot

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