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Quiz Suicide (Good Lord this thing is long)Category: Quizzz
Saturday, 11 January 2014
06:39:18 PM (GMT)
God, this thing looks long... 1. When was the last time you swam in a pool? ~ Err... I don't even remember to be honest. Probably Early August. 2. Do you like to party? ~ Turn up! =D 3. If your ex suddenly kissed you right now, what would you do? ~ Slap 'em! 4. Are you a virgin? ~ Wouldn't you like to know? >=T 5. What are your parents views on sex? ~ Don't get pregnent. 6. If you ran into your current boyfriend/crush in 10 years would you marry them? ~ Ahh... depends on what went down during those 10 years lol 7. Is your best friend dating anyone? ~ Naw D: But she should be =) 8. Describe the shirt you’re wearing. ~ White; see through flower patterns... it's cute. 9. Do people who wear Hollister and Abrerbrombie every day bother you? ~ No :/ Who cares what other people wear? If I could afford that stuff I definetly would pfft =P 10. Could you go out in public without wearing make-up? ~ No... what have I become...? T.T 11. What is one feature that you don’t like? ~ My jaw shape 12. Would people describe you as happy? ~ I think so 13. Are you single? ~ .... It's complicated =T 14. Does it bother you that pretty much every survey you take asks if you’re single? ~ Not really. It's a pretty common question in general. 15. Do you have Tumblr? ~ Haha nope c: Ain't nobody got time for that. At least I dont... 16. What about Xanga? ~ ... What's that..? 17. Have you ever babysat before? ~ Plenty of times 18. Is there a teacher who you absolutely hate? ~ Not really. 19. Ever shopped at Sephora? ~ Never heard of it... 20. If your current boyfriend/crush suddenly moved away what would you do? ~ Die O_O 21. Do you have any university plans? ~ Yep. Not that I enjoy talking about them. 22. If your best friend revealed she was a homosexual, what would you do? ~ Wonder where all the cute guys went up North... 23. What are your views on sex? ~ What are YOUR views on sex? 24. Do sexual questions bother you? ~ Perhaps a little. 25. Would you rather have sex with your boyfriend or break up? ~ *Cough* sexthankyouplease *cough* 26. Have you ever dreamed about your wedding? ~ Nope. It'd be kind of awkward if I did... 27. Does it bother you when people TYpe 1yk dis’? Nd stuff? ~ Uh, yeah. 28. Do you delete pictures of you and your exes off of Facebook? ~ Not really... I'd feel kind of bad if I did. 29. Would you ever date a friends Ex? ~ Uh.. *cough* actually.... it's a long story o_o 30. What’s the last book you read? ~ This little Mythology book. Yes, I'm kind of a nerd. 31. Ready for 10 simple questions? ~ I guess... 32. What is your last name? ~ Collette 33. What grade are you in? ~ 12th 34. What school do you go to? ~ I thought these were simple... I can't answer this O.o 35. Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring? ~ Spring <3 36. Favorite Color? ~ Blue 37. Are your parents together? ~ Yes 38. Any siblings? ~ Two brothers 39. Favorite subject? ~ Choir 40. Least favorite subject? ~ Math or Government :/ 41. Favorite song? ~ "Fix you", by Colplay 42. Okay. Simple questions are over. Happy? ~ Simple enough. I'm alright... kind pissed at the moment though 43. How many friends do you have on Facebook? ~ 500 something 44. Ever been requested by some old guy from another country? ~ Yeaah... 45. Have you ever googled yourself? ~ Yes lol xD There's a picture of me pretty early on too O_O 46. Have a Formspring? ~ What's that supposed to be? 47. You’re offered free tickets to a Justin Bieber concert. What do you do? ~ Give them to Mark who thinks JB is sexy. Yes.... I know =_= 48. Would you rather spend the day at an amusement park or a water park? ~ An amusement park. 49. Been to Disney world? ~ Yea c: 50. If someone posts their status “9 Inches” do you know what they mean? ~ No >=T 51. Ever had a boyfriend? ~ Yeah... kind of. Hopefully I'll have another one pretty soon =D 52. Ever had a huge crush on someone who still doesn’t know? ~ No... I don't think so O_O Hmm... 53. Have you done something in the last week that you regret? ~ Nope! I don't think so 54. Ever drank alcohol? ~ Er... yes xD Plenty of times 55. Know anyone who’s currently doing drugs? ~ Yeah =T Not that I approve. 56. Ever watched The Hills? ~ No o.o I've never heard of it 57. What about Jersey Shore? ~ Uhm no. >_< I never cared to watch it. 58. Ever called someone a slut? ~ No. I don't think so... if I did then I must have been pretty pissed. 59. What do you think of short shorts? ~ I don't look forward to wearing them in the summer... but it feels weird to wear longer shorts now lol 60. Does it bother you if people swear around you? ~ Not unless it's really bad or there's kids around 61. Have you ever gotten an A in a subject? ~ Yes 62. What about a B? ~ Yep 63. And a C? ~ Mhmm 64. How about a D? ~ Err..... yeah... 65. Ever plagiarised? ~ Nope :D 66. Would you consider yourself popular and outcast or somewhere in the middle? ~ Probably somewhere inbetween the middle and popular. Not that I really pay attention that much. The older you get the less you really care about stuff like that =T 67. Are most of your friends older or younger than you? ~ Older 68. Ever been stabbed In the back by a close friend? ~ Not really. 69. Do you think it’s immature when people laugh at the number 69? ~ Well I'd be a hypocrite if I did xD 70. Ever watched Porn? ~ Well I've watched the first 3 episodes of Girls Bravo... does that count? 71. How many laws do you think you’ve broken in the past month? ~ Hmm... actually none this month! =D 72. Do you wake up with an alarm clock? ~ Yep. Better safe then sorry 73. Do you prefer Wednesdays or Thursdays? ~ Thursdays of course. The next day's Friday! 74. If your school had a Glee Club would you join? ~ Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellyes! 75. Ever performed in a talent show? ~ Yes, twice. In the fifth grade, and as a sophmore. 76. Have you ever cried in public? ~ Yeah =/ I'm not proud of it... 77. Do you have a favorite between your Mom and your Dad? ~ God no! O_O 78. Would you audition for a reality talent competition? ~ Not now... I hate those ##$&*^%@^#&$##.... 79. How many celebrity crushes have you had? ~ Probably 1 or 2. 80. How many non-celebrity crushes have you had? ~ Who can ever count those?!! 81. Name 5 male celebrities who you think are attractive. ~ Cris and Liam Hemsworth (Oh gawwwd! *drool*), Orlando Bloom, Adam Levine, Hugh Jackman (He had the cutest face when he was younger!! <3) 82. Name 5 female celebrities who you think are attractive. ~ It took me like 2 hours to come up with 5 men. NOPE. 83. Ever been compared to a celebrity? ~ Yeah. I don't wanna look up their names though. 84. Have any embarrassing pictures on Facebook? ~ YES. Being in musicals... it should be a crime to photo someone in the middle of singing... 85. Do you think spending 20$ on Lip Gloss is a waste of money? ~ YES. Unless it's really good lip plumper... 86. Ever used Opinionated? ~ What> 87. Do you have a favorite store? ~ Rue 21 88. Would you ever wear Flare Jeans? ~ Ewwwwww O_O 89. Do you own jeans that aren’t skinny? ~ Yep. Don't really wear them though xP 90. Have you ever worn the same outfit twice in one week? ~ Yes... I wear stuff I really like A LOT. 91. What’s the longest period of time you’ve been away from school? ~ Probably... Summer Break every year. I've never been really sick before so... 92. Do you google abbreviations you don’t understand? ~ Yup. 93. Does it bother you when people have cats as their profile picture? ~ Not if they're cute! 94. Own a pair of converse? ~ I wish O.o Those things are expensive! 95. Is there a teacher at your school who has obvious favorites? ~ Ummmm YES. 96. If yes, are you one of them? ~ Not really =_= 97. Do you text in class? ~ Yep. 98. What brand of jeans do you wear the most? ~ Brand? Who cares about the brand =_= 99. At what point do you think sizes are “Plus Sized?” Most magazines say 10. Do you agree? ~I dunno... 100. Do you want to lose weight? ~Noooo. I just wanna tone my legs. 101. Ever seen a therapist? ~ Yeah, in middle school. 102. Ever watched porn? ~ Wasn't this already asked..? 103. Ever purposely ignored a text? ~ Yeah.... 104. A facebook message? ~Yep. 105. A poke? ~ No. 106. A friend request? ~ YES. 107. Would you say you read into things too much? ~ Yes lol waaay too much. 108. Is your best friend more likely to be the one suggesting something stupid or refusing to do something stupid? ~ Refusing xD 109. Do you have a “fun friend?” (A friend who you have tons of fun with but you never really have deep conversations?) ~ Yep. My... uh... "eventual boyfriend?" is his best friend. 110. Ever been called a bully? ~ No. I'd be very dissapointed in myself. 111. Ever purposely hurt yourself? ~ Yeah... never seriously though. 112. Ever gone to church? ~ Yep. When I was younger 113. Would you call either of your parents screw ups? ~ Nooooooo. 114. If you turned out exactly like your Dad would you be pleased? ~ GOD, NO. I mean I love him but... 115. What about your Mom? ~ Meeeeh..... 116. Let me guess… You have brown hair? ~ Yeah =D How'd you know? 117. Already know what you’re being for Halloween? ~ Pfffft.... no :c 118. Do you still go Trick or Treating? ~ Nah :/ 119. Ever liked someone WAY older than you? ~ Not really... unless 4 years counts... 120. Does it bother you when people have really loud conversations on the bus? ~ YES. YES. YES. YES. 121. When you have sunglasses on, do you stare at people? ~ Not really... I always feel like they can see me anyway... 122. Ever had a credit card denied? ~ Well I have a debit card but no, it's never been denied. 123. What’s the last movie you watched? ~ Forest Gump 124. Last TV Show? ~ The Dead Files 125. You see your Ex making out with one of your friends. What do you do? ~ Go throw up 126. Ever been called a whore? ~ I'm sure someone has U_U 127. Ever sang the national anthem? ~ Yep. Quite a few times. 128. Ever made yourself throw up? ~ Nooooo I'd never throw up if I didn't have to 129. Have you ever kissed someone who wasn’t your boyfriend? ~ Yeaaaaaaaaaah 130. Are you Cute or Gross? ~ Uhm... cute? I would hope that I wasn't gross... 131. Does it bother you when people say “LOOK HOW MUCH YOU’VE GROWN!” ~ Not really. I'd like to be taller. 132. Can you say intelligent things around the guy you like? ~ Nohohohoho >__< 133. Ever had the lead in a play? ~ Yep! 134. What about a solo in a concert? ~ Yus! 135. What kind of a student are you? ~A lazy one. 136. Worst grade you’ve ever gotten with a Letter? ~ F.... 137. Worst grade you’ve ever gotten with a number? ~ I dunno... a 6? 138. Ever had a crush on a teacher? ~ No... 139. Would it bother you if you found out that your mother was pregnant? ~ YES. Considering she got surgery to avoid that possibility again. 140. How late do you sleep in? ~ The latest... 5... PM. 141. Do you edit your profile pictures before posting them? ~ Not really. 142. Be 100% honest. Do you have any friends who are uglier than you? ~ O_O ..... I'm gonna be a puss and skip this question. 143. Do you believe in all that inner beauty crap? ~ Uhm, yeah, because it's true? 144. Would you consider yourself a good student? ~ No.... 145. Does it bother you when Surveys ask “Did you like this survey?” ~Yes. 146. Salty, Sweet, Sour or Spicy? ~ Salty >=D 147. Are you going into High School this year? ~ Uhm into college actually. 148. What about Junior High? ~ GOD NO! I'd die before I relived that shit! 149. What is one thing someone could say to you right now that would make you cry? ~"Kristian just asked this amazingly beautiful girl out, and wanted me to let you know that he doesn't really like you, he just wen't along with everything because he didn't want to hurt your feelings." I'm such a girl... and a very anxious one at that. 150. Last question. How many unread messages are in your phone? ~ None c: Sadly... Kristian hasn't texted me back yet </3 .... this quiz gave me a headache =_=
Last edited: 11 January 2014

crazyhot says:   13 January 2014   161816  
55 and 54 make you hypocritical
‹Ⓐnn4☯L0vΣ☣› says:   15 January 2014   442589  
Lol.. I agree with @crazyhot Though.. I don't know if I want
to read the entire thing to find anything else... Lol.. This thing is
freaking long.. 
‹Ⓐnn4☯L0vΣ☣› says:   15 January 2014   487962  
Okay.. I just wasted ten minutes reading all 150 questions. Lmao!
Funny actually!
‹<♬>Minnie♥Melody<♬>› sings :   18 January 2014   869849  

Noooo I wasted so much time on this thing xD I was just bored though.

I guess I kind of worded it in a hypocritical way. I don't approve of
my friends doing hard drugs. I mean I can't do anything about it, it's
their choice, but I worry for some of them. I don't consider alcohol a
drug that would be dangerous unless it involves driving. 

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