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MindSoda I suppose?Category: (general)
Thursday, 11 July 2013
07:51:51 PM (GMT)
Ahaha, I worry for my sanity sometimes. Like really and honestly. Ive had some
thoughts on disappearing as well, I suppose. i do that often enough here, making
accounts and then that character disappearing for no reason. Eh, new mask. Its a
little fun though. You can be anyone or anything and still just return to your good
ol' self. It gets tricky at times, like when I forget something and suddenly I
remember something as a different character. I guess it'd be pretty interesting if I
did that when school rolls back around. Like, one day I could be an extreme yaoi
fangirl then the next Id try to be a hipster and once I even pretended to be a
dragon! I had a mask and everything!! Ah, that was a good time. Man I feel old just
typing that. Its weird to type in a journal. Youre supposed to write, not type
dammit. I guess itd be good to vent every now and then though, or else youd just
explode and act like... Something? I dunno. I just prefer writing over typing. Im
loosing my writing touch though, and that aint too good. But I can do things much
faster if I type. Gah. I dunno. Im one of those people who after a long day after
nothing just breaks down and starts sobbing and venting in a diary. And that calms me
down. And I dont really break down and sob, just sorta... go blank? Well, its a scary
feeling either way. I dont have any empty diaries now though, and that absolutely
sucks. Broke on cash as well. Haha, Im too stingy to myself at times. Like Scrooge.
Neerrrrrrr Im an old man being haunted by ghosts and shit, nerrrr. Yeah, I think Id
like being a hermit out in the woods :D Or in London. Can hermits go to London? Im
pretty sure they can. Thatd be really amazing, to go and meet a fellow like Sherlock
Holmes in London. Figured out that was the main reason I wanted to go to London the
other day when I was cleaning the dishes. So yeah :D Oh, and apparently theres going
to be a third season for the BBC of Sherlock Holmes. Not the movie, A Game Of
Shadows, but the TV series! They broadcast in England apparently, but thank goodness
for Netflix. I cried so hard at the last episode... Ive read the books on Holmes at
the oublic library, and so I actually recognized some puns and parodies in the
modern-day Sherlock xD "I'm lost without my dear blogger" instead of the oringinal
"I'm lost without my dear Boswell". Well, John blogs about Sherlock's cases instead
of being a biographer, so thats an interesting thing. I compared my knowledge to of
the Hounds Of Baskerville to their H.O.U.N.D thing, and it was quite amazing. Haha,
Sherlock's so witty. But whenever someone shouts out "Sherlock Holmes!" I mishear
them as "Shut up Holmes!" Ha, poor Mycroft. And I love Moriaty, absolutely brilliant
first impression on Holmes and Watson as a gay fellow hitting on Holmes xD Excellent
twist~~ Oh, to anyone having made it this far without leaving, I applaud you. You
must be terribly bored now, especially if you dont know what Im talking about. I also
purposely left this soda all clumpy and whatnot. Mustve been quite bored indeed.
Anyway, lets see how far this MindSoda thing has trailed...

From sanity-- to masks-- to journals/diaries-- to London-- to, of course, Holmes. So
yeah, not too big of a leap there! Holmes and insanity are quite related, in fact, as
a highly-functioning sociopath-- not a physcopath. 

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