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Do I really love animals? D=Category: (general)
Monday, 17 June 2013
10:51:42 AM (GMT)
Well, since young I've been wanting to be a Vet.
I'm volunteering in this animal shelter during my weekends because I wanna spend more
time with animals.
Recently, the animal shelter have been giving training to their volunteers on how to
handle dogs the proper way.
Apparently, walking the dog and letting it pull you along is WRONG. 
That means you're not suppose to let the dogs walk ahead of you, because that will
mean they are walking you.
What you're suppose to do is to make sure the dog walks BESIDE you.
Not sure if you should follow that rule but I honestly think that's dumb. No offence
to those who thinks that that's the right way. =X
I've been quite pissed about this rule because whenever I bring a dog in the shelter
out for walks and the person in-charge catches me not doing that, I get scolded and
nagged at.
I've tried to keep the dog beside me but the poor dog is getting strangled by the
leash, trying to escape being beside me.

Another new stupid system the shelter put in place is treating the dogs.
Don't get me wrong, I love treating dogs but there is a limit.
We are told to treat dogs only if they are quiet when you approach them. Nothing
wrong with that.
But it's very wrong because they treat the dogs so much, they are spoilt.
So now, whenever I want to play with them, the dogs are constantly looking for
treats, ignoring my affection.
And they are so crazy for treats that when you treat them, most of them get sooo
excited that they'll just bite your hand altogether. 
Which was what happened to me. D=
My fingers bled. Yup.
Like any normal human being, I'm a bit afraid of treating the easily excited ones by
hand after that happened.
Oh and I forgot to mention that the shelter cut the treats up into tiny pieces, so
tiny that the dogs bite my hand altogether.
The person in-charge told me treats the size of a bottle cap is too big for the dog.
Seriously? Can't the dogs just munch it? And mind you, the dogs are big dogs, not chi
hua huas.
So whenever I treat those that I know will devour my hand, I throw the treats on the
Which again, I was scolded and nagged at by the person.

I was scolded and nagged at for many other things, like repeating my commands to the
dogs twice.
So if I say "sit" the first time and the dog doesn't listen, I shouldn't say it
again. =.=
The other day, I was trying to get the dog into the collar for a walk, the dog
obviously didn't want to. I told the person and she said "There's no such thing as a
dog who doesn't want a walk" and proceeded to scold and nag me once again.
There's a whole PROCEDURE to follow before going into the kennel =.=
Why can't we just go in and just be like "Hi doggy! Lets go for a walk!" and happily
walk it with without any stress or worries about doing it the right way?
I find nothing wrong with that, or is it just me who finds nothing wrong with that?

Now, I dislike and dread going to the shelter. 
Because when I go there, I get scolded and nagged at for reasons I find unacceptable.

Rena9000 says:   17 June 2013   545364  
What they are doing to those animals is wrong! They are
making the dogs un-adoptable because I sure as hell wouldn't want a
dog like that. Also, your supposed to NOT give them treats like crazy.
Also, your supposed to teach the dog not to pull as you walk it. It's
their instinct to want to protect someone they care about which is why
they walk in front of you. That way if they smell danger they can warn
you and stuff. If the dog is beside you, how is it going to protect
you? -___-"

Jeez, and chopping up the treats so much that they bite you is wrong
as well! The small treats could get stuck in their teeth for goodness

I gotta ask Pudding, do all shelters do this kind of stuff?
PuddingCakes says:   19 June 2013   831756  
Walking in front of you to protect you makes so much more sense!!
Ugh, why can't the people at the shelter understand that....

Not sure if the other shelters do that because I've only worked with
one shelter. Oh gosh, I just hope not all the shelters are doing the
same thing! Poor dogs... 
Rena9000 says:   19 June 2013   478286  
-nods head- I know that the shelters by me do things differently then
yours. Oh! How about you do a little independent research project
about how countries shelters take care of animals different and how
they turn out like? You could compare your countries shelters to
others and then present it to the shelter organizer. :D

That is, only if you'd want to do that.
PuddingCakes says:   20 June 2013   394028  
What do the shelters over at your country do?

Ooo that might be a good idea ! =D
I shall suggest that to the other volunteers too.
But I can imagine it would be kinda difficult considering how stubborn
and arrogant the shelter organizer is... =X 
Rena9000 says:   20 June 2013   674279  
Well, we don't give them treats for every little thing they do. xD
It's a treat. :P We also allow them to walk in front of us, but they
can't pull on the leash at all, otherwise we stop walking, have them
sit, and when they calm down then we walk again. Stuff like that.

Well, if enough people do something like that, then maybe the shelter
organizer will change her mind 
PuddingCakes says:   21 June 2013   624357  
Hahas, I hope so xD 
MoustachePineapple says :   24 July 2013   911750  
D= Oh gosh..
I don't really know much about dogs because it's against my religion
to pet and have a dog. But being a nice person i am, i kind of feed my
neighbour's dog.... EVERYDAY. They don't care about him anymore. Now
that dog is .. Pretty much living in front of my house. He needs love.
Seriously. He's a good dog.
I love animals c: Even though i can't touch dogs.


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