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Joking about world problems #1: The HolocaustCategory: (general)
Thursday, 4 October 2012
11:36:10 PM (GMT)
honestly i do not see what the big deal with the holocaust is. people hve totally
blown it out of proportions. all it as was a german guy having all his jewish friends
over for a FREE summer camp. he gave them protection on thw ride their in the form of
solfiers. when they got to the camp they were given cabins with ALL their friends.
hitler made cool camp flags, fed thw campers, gave them showers, gave them moral
builfing activities, nd helped them lose weight. i mean COME ON!!!!! they even had
freaking bomfires for crying out loud!!! people today have read way too much into his
simple method of being nice to the people he likes. its prob vuz the people today
never got to to to camp for free. ok. bye for now

TheSexGoddess says:   5 October 2012   159884  
You don't fucking joke about this, you abominable cunt. I dont know
who you fucking think you are, but you're worthless to society. I hope
you burn in hell. You deserve nothing, and respect from no one. Get
over yourself.
‹✄--Fucктнααωoяℓ∂---› says:   5 October 2012   184978  
I would gladly do to you what the Nazis did to the people at those
camps. Then we can joke about it then huh? You can get the fuck out
now. I sincerely hope someone backs over you with a car. Twice.
‹↑Oh•Touch•My•Tralalala↓› says:   5 October 2012   182174  
I'm Jewish and my biggest problem is that you have no grammatical
‹The_Orange_Child› says:   6 October 2012   897957  
The issue with joking about this sort of thing is that people aren't
ready to do it yet. To get past and move on from these issues and
horrible histories, we need to be able to think of them in a different
light, one other than "this mega-awful thing that occurred and is
never to be spoken of without wearing a mourning dress". We don't
necessarily need to joke about people being killed over narcissism and
a God-complex, but we at least need to be able to step away from
booing and screaming over someone mentioning them without crying a
river. Trying to make jokes is indeed a step in the right direction.

However, if we are going to make jokes, they should at least be good
ones. Otherwise leave the comedy to the comedians.
‹↑Oh•Touch•My•Tralalala↓› says:   6 October 2012   970713  
I agree BUT it would seem you just don't know how bad it was. If some
people get over it, great. If others don't, understandable. 
The holocaust wasn't funny and never will be.
This guys jokes are just lame and poorly executed, plus I think he
stole it from someone else. I heard it before. And good Janet Reno.
His grammar is atrocious. 
‹The_Orange_Child› says:   6 October 2012   734152  
I know how bad it was, but that doesn't mean we can't get past it in
terms of not blowing up on somebody if they have atrocious grammar and
try to make a joke about it. I'm not trying to say there's humor to be
found in the holocaust, but that we can't have all these raging,
explosive feelings about it-- the same way we can't hold grudges about
stuff that's happened in our personal lives. And this is coming from
me-- someone that's purposefully held grudges since toddler days.
And agreed, his jokes are awful, only made worse by his grammar. My
point still stands. 
‹↑Oh•Touch•My•Tralalala↓› says:   6 October 2012   283945  
True, I was raped as a child but I find most rape jokes hilarious.
However, I don't make rape jokes around rape victims. If a person
thinks the subject is too sensitive then let them think so. 
‹The_Orange_Child› says :   6 October 2012   191695  
I hate to say that I'm trying to change people's feelings and
opinions, but I think it's necessary. But perhaps what I actually mean
is something similar to what you just said: if people think something,
let them think it.
If people want to dwell on it, let them do so.
If people want to make an effort to get past it-- albeit an unfunny
and grammatically terrible one-- let them do that too, don't blow up
in their face. Don't like something-- walk away from it and don't let
it get you so pissed off.
I think that'd be a better thing than what I was originally trying to


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