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Pool Party Threesome for DMackCategory: Sex,sex,sex
Tuesday, 21 August 2012
11:39:33 PM (GMT)
This was an interesting story to write, I'm trying to figure out a new writing style
so bear with me and let me know if you guys like it or not! 
Comments are from the Gods, and I would enjoy a visit from them. Enjoy. <3

Lee smilied as he saw the two girls clad in skimpy bikinis in the pool. He had
invited the two over, they happened to be his next door neighbors and he had noticed
them looking longingly into his pool for the past few hot days. He had been more then
willing to allow them into his pool, but it was mostly because they turned him on.
Ashley and Kate were two of the hottest girls in the neighborhood, and they both had
something that turned him on. Kate had bigger breasts while Ashley had a bigger ass
which he liked, and it was his deepest desires to them both into his bedroom. 
Lee walked out and looked at the two girls who had now moved to lounge beside the
pool in a few of the chairs that were laid out beside the pool. "Hello ladies. Done
with the pool already?" He asked curiously as he walked over and stood in front of
the two.
"Well actually we thought that we should repay you for letting us use your pool, I
mean it's only fair." Ashley said as she smilied happily at him.
"What why are you going to repay me?" Lee asked, he had an idea but not in his
wildest dreams did he actually think his fantasy would play out in front of him. 
"Well." Kate began, standing up, "I believe you already know the answer to that one."
She said as she walked over to him and pressed her body against his naked upper half.
"We thought that maybe we could have sex with you, if you don't mind."Kate said
before she pressed her lips against Lee's, her body-which was still wet from the
pool-pressed against his own, rubbing her breasts against him. Her glorius breasts
that he had wanted to feel for the longest time. 
"Well then lets take this inside." Lee said, breaking away from Kate, and grabbing
the two girls hands and walking towards the house,a smirk on his face. 
He led them towards his bedroom, he had a rather large bed, and a hefty supply of all
things sexual. The three stood in front of the bed, Kate and Ashley standing on
either side of him. Kate was kissing him while Ashley started to get on her knees and
started pulling down his swim trunks. 
Kate was moving her tounge inside of his mouth, and Lee's was inside of Kate's,
exploring eachother while his hands went to her boobs, rubbing them through the
barley there thin fabric of her bikini top. Ashley succeded in pulling down his
trunks and started to play with his semi hard cock. It was rather large, and he had
never gotten any complaints. He moaned softly against Kates lips as he felt Ashley
tenitivly touch his cock with her tounge. She licked over the head, before starting
to bob her head back and forth on his cock. 
Kate was too busy to try and kiss Lee back as Lee was moving his thumbs over her
nipples. His lips went to her neck, sucking and kissing is as he played with her
nipples, making them hard and rubbing the sensitive skin around her nipples. The
girls were moaning softly against him as they felt this, Kate against his hair as he
moved his fingers against her nipples and his head on her neck, and Ashely as she
felt his cock moving in and out of her mouth, starting to touch the back of her
throat as it started to grow in her mouth. 
"Oh girls.. I need to fuck one of you." Lee said as he broke himself apart from Kate
and pulled his cock out of Ashleys mouth. He smilied at the two and helped Ashley out
before laying Kate down on the bed, and Ashley down beside her. 
"Before you do, you need to get us in the mood." Kate said as she winked at him and
the two pulled off the bottom of their bikinis. Lee smilied and pulled out a few
toys, he had some vibrators and a few normal dildos, that he only used for his female
company of course. He smilied as he walked back over to the two, he positned himself
inbetween Kates legs, his hand going to Ashleys pink pussy, and starting a vibrator
on her clit, while his tounge danced around on Kates clit. The two girls moans soon
filled the room as he moved from clit to clit, either with a vibrator or his tounge,
and the girls were kissing each other, their tounges moving around each others mouths
while their breasts were moving against each others. 
He broke his mouth away from Ashleys pussy and removed the vibrator from Kates.
"Ready?" He asked as he smilied at the two girls, who nodded eagrly. Lee smilied and
moved Ashley into a doggy style position, while Kate laid in front of her, pussy
aimed at her mouth. As Lee moved himself, starting to tease her, moving the tip of
his cock against her pussy. He rubbed up against her clit and then down to her
enterance, and moved back again. Kate smilied and pushed her pussy into Ashleys face,
which Ashely started to suck and kiss obendiently. 
Eventually, after much teasing, Lee pushed the head of his cock into Ashleys tight,
pink pussy. He let out a moan of delight as he felt his whole length push into her
pussy. He grabbed onto her ass, smacking it every know and then as his other hand
grabbed roughly onto her side. Ashley made small noises inbetween licking on Kates
pussy, making small circles on her clit while Kate moved her fingers on her own
nipples. Lee moved his cock in and out of Ashleys pussy, having a hard time fitting
the whole thing into her rather tight pussy. 
The girls moans and Lee's groans filled the passion heated room as they all moved
together in a rythem that could not be described as anything but sexy. He soon
switched and had Kate on top of him, while Ashley was sitting on his face. He moved
up and down with Kate boucning on his very hard cock and licking small circles on
Ashleys clit, grabbing onto her large,round ass. he stuck his tounge into her pussy,
moving it in and out of her pussy and hearing her moans. 
Soon the two girls had enough and wanted him to cum all over them. So they were on
their knees beside the bed, sucking and licking at his cock, as he held there heads,
grinning. Sooner rather then later he made a mess on them, in their mouths over their
faces and in their hair. The girls giggled and licked the cum off of each others
"Oh now it's your turn girls, get back in the bed." Lee said as he winked at the two,
smiling brightly.

I'm sorry for any typos, as well I was writing most of this I was slightly drunk.. ok
on my way to getting drunk. I was really tipsy. Strawberry daquris and water helped
fuel this story.
I hope you all enjoyed, comment please. c; 
xoxo Aubree
Last edited: 24 August 2012

RogerTheAlien whispers:   10 November 2012   836634  
Sounds like something I'd do to Steve and Jeff....
Phantom says:   13 June 2014   941600  
i enjoyed it. i appreciate and find interesting a woman's perspective
on these things. this is the first of your stories that ive read as
ive only just discovered u on here.

i think the story could use a little more dialogue and also a little
more description and perhaps vocalizations of the partners's feelings
and emotions. maybe in third person u could describe how he was
feeling or thinking while the two girls were giving him head or how it
felt to him or to her for that matter when he slid his cock into
ashley's tight pink pussy for the first time...how good it felt, how
hot and wet she was and how his slippery hard dick filled her with
wanting him deeper inside of her....etc. u get the point..i think some
coloring and details could take this story to the next level
‹AubreeRose› says:   13 June 2014   620863  
All of this writing was form a long while ago! My skills have gotten
better now, or at least I'd like to think that they have haha.

Thank you for the input though, I'll think about it. (; 
Though I don't know how some of the guys feelings are, I mean I don't
know what it's like to get my dick sucked, I don't know the sensations
that guys have when a girl is sucking their dick. I can only guess
Either way, thank you! 
dragonwarrior92 says :   24 August 2014   146863  
Wow your amazing at this

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