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I'm sorry, Sable....Category: OCs
Friday, 3 August 2012
10:06:57 AM (GMT)
Kari drew in a shaky breath, peering through the gap in the door.  There were a few
signs of life, if you could call it that, but mostly London was still.  She held the
hockey stick firmly, nudging the door open and stepping outside into the street.  She
kept close to the walls, since it was one side that she wouldn't have to keep
watching, and moved quickly.  There was a cut on her cheek, and numerous scratches on
her arm from a man she'd had the misfortune to meet.  He'd knocked her across the
room, the shattered glass scraping against her as she fell to the floor, insisting
that she was one of them.  That she'd kill him.
She'd been close.  So close to persuading him that she wouldn't, when a group of four
zombies had clambered into the house, attacking him as Kari struggled to stay silent
and crawled out of sight.
For three days she'd stayed in that house, unwilling to venture out to find food, or
company.  She'd sat next to the window and watched as people ran by, but they weren't
who she wanted to see.  Not who she needed to see.
Whether that was good or not, she wasn't sure, but every night she'd sit and watch
the stars.  Wondering if he was still out there.  Whether he was wondering the same

There was a noise from across the street, and she turned quickly, hockey stick
raised.  The sound came again and fear overcame her.  Kari turned back, running as
fast as she could with tears mixing with the blood on her face.
There were footsteps behind her.  Fast footsteps.  Running to catch up with her. 
Something brushed against her hand and she screamed, turning with the stick raised.
"Kari-"  The man held up his hands, stopping where he was, "I'm not going to hurt
you, Kari."
She made a small choking sound, the stick falling from her hands as she fought to
catch her breath.
He let out a sigh of relief, and stepped forwards, pulling her into a tight hug. 
"It's alright, it's okay... I've got you, you're safe."
Kari shook, closing her eyes and resting her cheek on Val's shoulder, "You're...
"I'm fine.  You're hurt, Kari."  He murmured softly, smoothing her hair gently, "I'll
look after you, okay?  You'll be alright."  He kissed the top of her head, "I love
you... You're going to be fine."
"W- Where... Where've you been?"  She asked, glancing up at him with tears in her
"With Ellemere.  She's... She's..."  He sighed, shaking his head a little, "Where
have you been?"
"A...A house... I don't know..."
"Oh, I'm so sorry..."  Val breathed against her hair, closing his eyes, "I'm sorry...
I wanted to find you, I'm sorry..."
Kari shook her head, "I'm okay...  Really."  She stood on tiptoes, pressing her lips
to his briefly, "You're here now."
Val nodded, looking around cautiously, "We should go...  Somewhere safe.  Kari,
when's the last time you ate?"
She shrugged, "Three... Four days?  I don't know..."
"We'll find you something, okay?  You're safe now.  I won't let anything hurt you."
She nodded as Val put an arm around her, leading her down the road once more.

They had barely reached the end of the road, when a voice came from behind them.  A
girl's voice.  Monotonous and blank.
"Give up the girl.  She's injured."
Val frowned, holding Kari close as they turned around, "No.  What does that matter?"
"She could be infected."
"She's survived three days with those cuts.  She'll survive."
Erin glared at him, "She could kill you."
"She's fine."  Val said, the words a challenge.  'Try and take her from me'
"Val..."  Kari wet her lips nervously.
"It's alright.  We'll go."
"No.  Give us the girl."  Erin said, raising an eyebrow.  And her rifle.  The barrel
was pointing straight at Val's head.
Kari shook her head slowly, "No... Don't..."
"Come here, then."
She hesitated, looking from the gun to Val, who was shaking his head, "Don't...
Please, Kari.  Stay here."
"She'll kill you."
"I'll be fine.  Please, stay."
Erin held out a hand, the rifle still pointing at Val, "C'mon, kiddo."
Kari looked at her for a moment before hugging Val tightly, kissing his cheek before
letting go and taking a step backwards.  Erin grabbed her wrist, pulling her back a
few meters, her blade hidden in her hand.
"No!"  Val reached after her, but Erin shook her head,
"Nuh-uh-uh, pretty boy."  She smirked a little, flicking her knife into view, "I'm
"No, don't... Don't hurt her..."
Erin cocked her head to the side quickly, "That would just defeat the point of
everything."  She muttered, thrusting the knife hard into Kari's side, twisting
ninety degrees before pulling it out again, "Viva la vida, pretty boy."  She
shrugged, tipping him a quick salute before releasing Kari and running into the

"NO!"  Val screamed, rushing forwards and catching Kari before she could hit the
ground, "No... Kari!  Kari, please, come on, stay with me..."  He whispered urgently,
brushing her hair from her face, cupping her face in his hands, "Please Kari... Be
"Stay... Stay with me...?"  Kari murmured, reaching up to touch Val's cheek.
"Of course. I'm not going to leave you."  He said, his blue eyes watery, "Kari..."
"It's alright, Val... It's fine."
"No, it's not... Kari, I love you..."
She coughed quietly, a few drops of scarlet appearing at the corner of her mouth
which Val carefully wiped away.  He sat on the harsh tarmac, holding Kari in his
"I love you too."  She swallowed, shaking with tears as she wiped away the tears that
had spilled from Val's eyes.  He smiled slightly, leaning into her touch.
"I'll always love you Kari.  Always."  He whispered, resting his forehead against
hers and looking into her eyes.
She nodded, one hand resting on his cheek, tracing the familiar pattern of his jaw,
his brow...  The colour of his eyes.  She smiled at him softly, "K-Kiss me, one last
time?"  There was a faint tune to her voice, but it was hesitant, scared.
Val leant down, closing the distance between them and pressing his lips to hers.

Her hand slid slowly from his cheek, knocking lightly against the road as Val opened
his eyes, shaking his head, "N-no... NO! KARI!" He lifted her slightly so that he
could hold her properly, "Kari... Kari, I love you..."  He whispered, smoothing her
hair back and kissing the top of her head, "Please..."

"Now Erin?  Ja, fun fun! Friends!"  Dani laughed, sitting next to Erin behind the
The older girl nodded slowly, breathing in, out- Holding.  She squeezed the trigger,
and the blonde figure slumped forwards, his hair staining crimson.
"You're welcome..."

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