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What The Actual Fuck, People?Category: Rant Rant Rant
Saturday, 28 July 2012
07:52:12 PM (GMT)
I am so fucking sick of these Facebook Satanists and Facebook Wiccans. They think
they are so fucking BA just because they treat everyone like shit, and post pictures
of other's people's art of goth stuff. 

Okay, where exactly are people getting the idea that just because they are whiny
thirteen-year-olds who hate their parents, they have to become Satanists? Like
seriously, what the hell? 

Um, i see you "work" at slash gash terror crew. I cant be associated with you. sorry
for you. bye

Uh. What are you saying? That you don't like BOTDF fans? Because I'm not a BOTDF

No i dont like anyone who "works" for sgtc. or goes to "innocent high" or any
thing of those sorts. I've got an IQ higher than my age and I don't like to bring
myself down to that level for you people

I put that there like two years ago. 
You're being kind of judgmental. If you even knew me, you would know that I'm not
that type of person. Seriously. And why can't people but fake stuff in their info to
be funny? You don't have to take it as insult to you.

Also, I put that there before I saw anyone else do it.

Oh not an insult to me. Not taking it like that. and yes I'm being VERY judgmental, I
don't give a fuck though, and I don't have a problem with fake info, it's that's
degrading to yourself. and I wouldn't be proud of doing it first. XD

But why is it degrading to yourself?

Because why would you want to be associated with a fat hispanic pedophile? I'm
refereing to Dahvie.
Jayy is actually a decent artist but not in that band.

...Well he's not always fat. His weight has drastic ups and downs (I'm guessing
because of drugs, probably) and so what if he's Hispanic and he's actually not a
pedophile; I don't really like BOTDF anymore, but I used to, and I still think
they're cool people, even if my musical tastes have changed. 

It's fine that you don't like them, but you shouldn't hate everyone that does. I used
to hate everyone that liked MCR, but then I realized that they are actual people, and
when they aren't ranting about their music, some of them can actually be cool.

he actually is a pedophile. he had sex with a 13year old and is listed as a sex
offender. True shit. Conversation ended. any other opinions can be shoved up your ass
because I'm bored of you now.

I really think you're misinformed. 

I'm not sure what exactly I did to piss you off, but if it makes you feel cool to be
a bitch to me, that's cool, whatever. You're not particularly fun to talk to,

I am so fucking done with these people.
Last edited: 28 July 2012

‹Ortni› says:   28 July 2012   740134  
Every Wiccan/Satanic Facebook user deserves to be burned
Wiccans and Satanists, especially when they make it publicized on FB,
want to strike fear, and that's it. They're all fucking idiots, and I
can barely stand any ov them
TheBitchyAlien says:   29 July 2012   112440  
There is no such thing as a ''wiccan'' anyways. Any person who claims
themself to be satanic or wicca is brutal. None of them even know the
history of this shit of how it originated. You can't be ''brutal'' or
''magic'' without knowing history.
‹Ortni› says:   29 July 2012   717346  

‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says:   29 July 2012   935753  

Yes. My two kitties  
‹Ortni› says :   29 July 2012   546854  

Haha yeah? 

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