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Thursday, 26 July 2012
05:01:35 PM (GMT)
Aaron swallowed as he stood at the head of the table, trying to ignore those of his
newfound team who looked thoroughly unimpressed.  He cleared his throat, "So, er... 
You all know that the Avengers initiative hit a bit of a dead end when they kind of
turned a blind eye to the rest of the world...  Mainly Britain.  So, I've pulled you
guys together!"
"I never agreed to being dragged into your super-secret clubhouse, Aaron."  Salem
raised an eyebrow and cast a sideways glance at Val, "And can I swap seats?  We have
"I don't mind sitting here-"
"Can I swap with Ice Queen over there, then?"
"I'm content here.  I have no desire to talk to anyone else."  Ellemere replied
haughtily, crossing her arms and looking away."
Aaron sighed, "Dude, just deal with it?!" He said, exasperated already.  Maybe this
wasn't such a good idea...
"Right.  Now before I have to introduce a bloody seating plan, we actually have a
"Wait, what?!"
"Salem, shut up!  I'm talking!"
"You've let the title of 'Agent' go to your head..."
"Shut up...  Right.  All over London, we're getting reports of mass murder.  Weird
ones.  Now, we've been asked to just go and observe, but I've got a feeling that
it'll turn into much worse... We're going to end up getting involved at some point,
so we need a plan of some sort-"  Aaron hesitated, his phone buzzing in his pocket,
"Two seconds..."  He held up a hand and turned away from the group, answering his
phone, "Hello?  WHAT?! Fuck me... Sorry, yeah, right away... Bye."  He turned back
around again, "A school's been bombed.  South London.  Val, Salem, Robyn, you fly. 
Everyone else, down to the transport."
"Er, 'scuse me?"  Robyn stood up hesitantly, "I don't want to go... This whole 'hero'
business.... Doesn't really, er..."
"Fine, you stay with Kari-"
"No, I'm coming, Aaron." She frowned at him, "You can't say that just because I'm
your sister."
"That's not the reason!"
"I can read your mind!  It's exactly the reason!  And I can fight.  Maybe not as well
as some of the others, but I can..."
"Kari, your skills might be needed elsewhere..."
"Then I'll go as a doctor.  For the children."
"Oy, Aaron, hurry up!"  Skye groaned from the doorway, "You two can argue IN the
car."   Aaron sighed, but nodded, jogging after Skye and the others with his sister
following closely, a small smile on her lips.


There were two cars to accomodate the various team members inability to 'play
nicely'.  In the first vehicle, were Skye, Thomas and Aaron, who was driving almost
directly below the two shapes in the clouds.  In the second, was Kari, Aiden and
Flynt (resident evasive driver).  It was only in the very last minutes that Aiden had
even been allowed to join them.  Ellemere, however, had refused point-blanc and so
the space had to be filled.  It was agreed, though, that Flynt would be with him at
all times.  Just to be sure.
He was sat in the back of the vehicle, pinned in place by Flynt's glare.  Even he
didn't want him there, and he was one of the least judgemental of the lot.  He'd gone
to the point of asking whether he could handcuff Aiden, but was quickly silenced by
protests from Salem, saying that he'd be able to escape anyway.
Throughout the twenty minute journey (even with their speeding at way past the
limit), Aiden simply sat in silence, a smile on the left side of his mouth as he
watched Flynt glare at him in the rear-view mirror.
Salem and Val arrived first, not being bound by roads and the like, and landed
swiftly, running over to the ambulances.
"Is there anyone still inside?"
"Yes.  One of the younger classes.  Top floor."
Val was already in the air, the fire around the building not affecting him at all. 
His flaming wings were extended to their full width as he soared (almost gracefully,
given the circumstances) through the hole in the side of the building, running off in
search of the class.  Salem rolled his eyes, mumbling to himself ("Air filter,
activate, brace, extreme heat, adapt, aaaaand, we're off!") as he clicked a switch,
flying towards the same gap Val had entered through.  "Vision, adapt damnit..."  He
muttered irritably as the smoke blocked his views, "How many times d'you want me to
say it?  I swear, when I've upgraded, I'll take pleasure in destroying you..."
"OVER HERE!"  Val shouted, emerging from a flaming classroom with a six-year-old in
each arm.
Salem nodded in acknowledgement, running over and holding his arm out, blasting a
seven foot hole in the wall for easy access to evacuate the classroom.  With another
two children in his arms, he flew out of the school, spotting the two vehicles
braking violently as the rest of the team got out, running over to where they thought
they would be most useful- Kari over to the ambulances, Flynt arming himself and
scanning the area for any sign of a threat, Skye and Thomas aiding Flynt, and
Aiden... Standing by the others with his arms folded, looking incredibly bored. 
Salem almost laughed as he dropped the children off in front of Kari, taking off
again to get the others.

A bright beam of green light flew through the air, hitting Thomas squarely in the
chest.  He flew backwards, skidding across the ground and flickering in and out of
sight a few times before remaining visible, groaning at the burn on his chest.  He
pushed himself up and saw a shape in front of him before a solid combat boot
connected with his jaw.
"Tommy!  We have met before, oui?!"  The girl grinned in what could easily have been
mistaken as genuine joy, until she stamped down on his right wrist, effectively
stopping his punch.  "I told mon ami Erin that she could take care of the, euh...
Ginger, is that the term?"  She smiled, leaning down as she clamped a hand around his
throat, "You truely are handsome, mon chere... It is a pity I must kill you..."
Thomas growled, catching sight of Skye in a similar predicament, and flashed out of
sight, pulling her leg out from underneath her, "Ye jus' don' take no fer an answer,
do ye, Gaelle?"  He snarled, knocking her sideways and scrambling up.

Skye was knocked backwards by another burst of green, catching her in the shoulder. 
She scrambled upwards, but a thick metal weapon pushed her back again, the barrel
aiming straight at her head.

WIP, switching to phone.

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