Percy Jackson Was Rescued By A Girl...And It Wasn't Annabeth Chapter
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Percy Jackson Was Rescued By A Girl...And It Wasn't Annabeth Chapter
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Sunday, 10 June 2012
04:56:09 PM (GMT)
Melissa smiled, the gap between her teeth showing, as she watched her grandmother
crack eggs into a ocean blue ceramic bowl.The homemade cake batter smell was already
drifting through the kitchen, and her grandmother hadn't even added the sugar yet.

Melissa saw herself as living in...well...Elysium.Her grandparents didn't imagine
ever buying things in boxes or containers, everything here was homemade.Sure, she had
nibbled on some frozen chicken nuggets at school, but nothing compared to their fresh
chicken here.She was completely disgusted by most store bought food, all of it tasted
like heart attacks waiting to happen.

Melissa's grandparents dreamed of Melissa growing up as a great country home wife,
and she didn't mind it one bit.She probably would, she'd probably settle down with a
guy from her small town, have a number of kids, etc.There weren't many guys here she
was interested in though.She only had one as a close friend, Miles, and he was a
friend, nonetheless.

The girl cracked a smile as she recognized what she had said earlier, about
Elysium.Her grandmother would tuck her in at night and tell her in bed about how her
father always had an amazing recoginition for Greek mythology.Her father had died
when she was a baby, her mother's husband killing him, and her grandparent's received
custody of Melissa.Melissa couldn't imagine who would have the courage to kill her
father, who was so young back then, only about 19.

A slight knock was heard at the door and Melissa stood straight, "Ill go see who's at
the door Grandma."As she walked to the front room where the door was located, she
didn't hear her grandmother's muffled reply.

As she turned the open corner into the front room, she noticed two people, around her
age, standing at the door.She unlocked it and opened it, swinging it open, and eyed
the two peole standing in front of her.

One was short and stout, dirty (literally and figuartively) blonde hair, wearing a
rundown shirt with CAMP HALF-BLOOD printed in black stocky letters, whitewashed
distressed (though it didn't look as if the person bought it that way) jeans, coming
down frayed to her mud brown military boots, and a camoflague jacket draped over the
person's shoulders.The person's hair was pulled up into a high, bushy, ponytail.

The other person was more stockier, and taller, with a buzzcut to match.The dark
brown hair stood spiky on the top, Ray Bans covering his eyes.He had his muscular
arms crossed across his chest, and Melissa had no idea if he was glaring at her or
not.He had on dark washed jeans, the same orange t-shirt as the other person had on,
and normal looking Nike Air Jordan tennis shoes.

(Next chapter will admit who these people are.Anyone who guesses correctly gets all
of my kupipoint stash, which is 125, and I do not care what you shall use it
for.Clubs, oekakis, etc.If someone only guesses one, it is incorrect, must correctly
guess both.)

‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   2 July 2012   388549  
Hmm...I'd say a daughter of Athena and a son of Ares, but I could
also guess number one as Annabeth's daughter.
‹ReproducesWithPancakes› says:   2 July 2012   294876  
A child of Ares, but not male.Also, I didn't make these two up, they
are both characters from Rick Riordans Series.Also, no, no child of
Athena.The male's mother isn't very recognized.
‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   2 July 2012   266088  
Clarisse and Nico?
Sadie and Carter? 
‹ReproducesWithPancakes› says:   2 July 2012   971131  
Clarisse is one.
I hate the Kane Chronicles
Broncofan18 says:   2 July 2012   829224  
good story
‹ReproducesWithPancakes› says :   2 July 2012   174936  


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