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Survey (To get to know me!! :D )Category: (general)
Friday, 13 April 2012
10:47:49 PM (GMT)

1. Name: Itzel

2.Gender: Female

3. Screen name: itzelholly

4. Birthday: February 28

5. Race: Hispanic

7. Job: None

8. Status: In a relationship

9. Hometown: Lawton

10. Current Town: Lawton

11. Parents Still Together: No

12. Siblings: 1 brother and two girls who should be my sisters

13. Pets: None anymore

14. Smoker: Never

15. Drinker: No

16. Virgin: What do you think? Yes I am.

17. Orientation: Straight

18. Drugs: Never


19. Hair Color: Dark brown

20. Is it Dyed?: No

21. Eye Color: Dark brown

22. Height: 4' 11" Hehe I'm short

23. Style: What do you mean? >_>

24. Glasses/Contacts/None?: Glasses

25. Freckles: No

26. Shoe Size: 6 1/2 (US)

27. Piercings: Just the ears

28. Want More?: Nah, I'm good

29. Tattoos: No

30. Want more?: Maybe

31. Braces?: No

32. Overall Best Feature?: Personality? Idk people probably see me as an insane
little creature

33. Overall Worst Feature?: My face xD That's what I think.. 

34. Do you get most of your traits from mom or dad?: Both, it's my physical traits
from my mom and mental traits from my dad


35. Fave colour/s: Blue and black

36. Worst Color: Pink

37. Favorite Number: 2

38. Favorite Animal: Wolf and narwhal

39. Least Favorite Animal: Lion (after a trip to the zoo and the male got a little
too friendly with the lioness)

40. Favorite Flower: White rose

41. Favorite Food: Chocolate cake ^-^

42. Worst Food: I actually can't think of one 0.o

43. Favorite Junk Food: Chocolate :D I'm a sucker for those

44. Worst Junk Food: Some kinds of jelly beans 

45. Favorite Restaurant: Don't have one really 

46. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Plain old chocolate chip cookie dough

47. Favorite Candy Bar: Hershey's maybe?

48. Favorite Alcoholic Drink: xD I don't know you tell me!

49. Favorite NON Alcoholic Drink: Pink lemonade 

50. Worst Alcoholic Drink: Don't know got to think about it...

51. Worst NON Alcoholic Drink: Milk xD Sorry milk-lovers

52. Favorite Genre of Music: Any kind

53. Worst Genre: Don't have one but I don't really like Justin Bieber -.-

54. Favorite Band/Artist: One Direction

55. Worst Band/Artist: Justin Bieber

56. Favorite Song: Umm... The Hanging Tree (Text By: Suzanne Collins in Mockingjay)

57. Worst Song: None really

58. Favorite Radio Station: I just switch every time I get bored with a song

59. Favorite Book: The Hunger Games trilogy

60. Worst Book: None

61. Favorite Type of Movie: Action!!!

62. Worst Type of Movie: None

63. Favorite Movie: Hunger Games

64. Worst Movie Ever: Don't have one that I have seen

65. Favorite TV Show: Revenge

66. Worst TV Show: Don't have one

67. Favorite Season of the Year: Spring

68. Worst Season: Winter

69. Best Friend: Alanis (who is my "sister")

70. Worst Enemy: Alyssa Blowe

71. Favorite Day of the Week: Friday

72. Least Favorite Day of the Week: Monday

73. Favorite Sport: Basketball

74. Sport You Hate: Golf

75. One thing you cant get enough of: People ^-^

76. One thing you hate more than anything: Bullies

77. Are You Single?: No

78. If not, who is your bf/gf?: Nolan Gonzalez 

79. How Long Have You Been Together?: Almost 5 months :D

80. If You're Single, Do you Like It?: Can't answer

81. Do You Have a Crush On Anyone Right Now?: My boyfriend haha

82. First Kiss: A long time ago but it was forced so I count my first kiss as the one
I had with my boyfriend now

83. Ever Kiss in the Rain?: No

84. In a Movie Theater?: Yeah 

85. Underwater?: No

86. First Love: Nolan Gonzalez (love as in VERY strong feelings for)

87. Have you ever Cheated on Anyone?: No

88. Been Cheated on?: Yes 

89. Used Someone?: No!

90. Been used?: I don't think so... I might have though

91. Lied to your bf/gf?: About my parents when we first met  But he knows now

92. Ever Made out With Just a Friend?: No

93. Ever Had Sex With Just a Friend?: No, as you saw from above I'm a virgin.

94. Are You a Tease?: I don't think so 0.o 

95. Do you Flirt a Lot?: Maybe but not on purpose!

96. Longest Relationship: The one I'm in right now

97. Shortest: 1 day (got cheated on which makes me seem pathetic but oh well xD )

98. Have you Ever Gotten a Poem?: No

99. Ever Get Flowers?: Yes

100. Sweetest Thing You've Ever Gotten: Those beautiful flowers :D 

101. Do you Like Valentine's Day or Sweetest Day?: Yes 

102. Do you Believe in Love at First Sight?: Yes

103. Do you Believe in: IN WHAT????? 0.o I will never know?

104. Do you Fall in Love Fast?: Yeah which is kinda sad

105. Are you a Player?: No

106. Would you ever Hook Up With Someone of the Same sex?: Nah

107. Have You ever Kissed 2 People in One Day?: No

108. Kissed 2 People At One Time?: No

109. Had Sex with 2 People in One day?: No

110. Had sex with 2+ People at One Time?: No

111. Ever cried over someone of the opposite sex?: Yes..

112. Ever Been Dumped?: No

113. Ever dumped someone?: Yes

114. Ever been rejected?: No

115. Do you have a lot of ex's?: Just one

116. Are you a slut?: No

117. Ever been called one?: Yes but the guy said he was playing.. Because he's weird
like that

118. Ever dated someone more than once?: No

119. Do you ever make the first move?: No

120. Double dates or single?: Single

121. Do you want to get married?: Yes

~OPPOSITE SEX (what you're attracted to)~

122. Hair Color: Dark hair that I can easily run my fingers through

123. Short or long?: Short I guess

124. Style: Doesn't matter

126. Height: Similar to mine so it's not awkward unless he doesn't care

127. Weight: Doesn't matter

128. Muscular Or Skinny: Muscular

129. Boxers or Briefs: Doesn't matter

130. Do you care about looks?: No just personality, but sometimes looks are just

131. Can you drive?: No

132.  Do You Have a Car?: No

133. Do you have a cell phone?: Yes

134. Are you online a lot?: Yeah

135. Do you like gay/bi people?: They're usually nice so yes

136. Can you speak another language?: Spanish

137. Do you do well in school?: Yes but I get confused sometimes in science

138. Do you collect anything?: Stuffed animals and according to my mom, paper

139. Have an obsession?: Love

140. Do you hate yourself?: No but I blame myself for many things

141. Ever smile for no reason?: Yes

142. Talk to yourself?: No! I talk to voices inside my head

143. Do you have any regrets?: Yes

144. Believe in magic?: Yeah!

145. Do you support gay marriage?: Of course!

146. Sex before marriage?: There;s a chance they could leave you

147. Do you trust people easily?: Sadly, yes

148. Forgive easily?: Not really

149. Do you have a secret no one knows?: Yes 

150. Do you get along with your parents?: Once in a blue moon

151. What about other people?: Depends on the people

152. How do you vent your anger?: Screaming in my head

153. Do you like George Bush?: I don't know

154. Goal Before you die?: Live an awesome life

155. Biggest Fear: Being alone (I know it sounds stupid)

156. Biggest Weakness: Being alone will make me breakdown

157. Do you play an instrument?: Yes

158.  What do you want to be when you grow up?: Singer, teacher, or doctor who works
in a mental hospital

A bitch?: Sometimes, depends on the situations

A daydreamer?: Yes

Shy?: Yes but when you get to know me, I'm not that shy :D

Talkative?: Of course!

Energetic?: Uh huh!!

Happy?: For now!

Depressed?: No I don't think so..

Funny?: No, but people say I am :P

Slutty?: No 0.o

Boring?: Am I???

Mean?: Hehe if you're on the light side or my bad side

Nice?: I think so

Caring?: Yes

Trustworthy?: Yes

Confident?: A little

Friendly?: Yes unless you're mean

Smart?: I hope so

Sarcastic?: Sometimes

Dependable?: Hopefully

Quiet?: Not really

Weird?: Yes

Adaptable?: Eh...

Strong (emotionally)?: No I'm an emotional wreck!! TT-TT hahahaha!

Strong (physically)?: Stronger than most

Mature?: Hecks no! :D

Logical?: Sometimes

Religious?:  A little

Modest?: Meh

Indesicive?: Very

Sympathetic?: Yeah

Polite?: Sometimes not around friends 

Creative?: Maybe 

Fun to be around?: Ask my sista!! 

Lovable?: Yes

Easily Amused?: Yeah xD

Outgoing?: Yes?

Daring?: Hahahaha no

Clumsy?: Always

Nosy?: What are you talking about? :O

Lazy?: Yeeeaaaahh

Scary?: Depends how you define scary

Optimistic?: I guess

Persuasive?: Nooo I suck at being persuasive

A good listener?: Mmmhmm I'm listening

Curious?: Yes

Determined?: Depends on why I should be

Artistic?: Yup

Honest?: I try to be

Respectful?: Most of the time

Conceited?: No

Cocky?: No

Controlling?: No do you think I am?

Playful?: Hehe yeah!!

Easygoing?: Noperooni

Carefree?: Sometimes

Hot Headed?: Depends

Serious?: Sometimes

Thoughtful?: Yes

Considerate?: Yes

Stubborn?: Not a lot

Romantic?: I hope so

Ambitious?:  Sometimes

Jealous?: I can be

Insecure?: A little

Obsessive?: No

Attentive?: Not much

Helpful?: Yes
Punctual?: ...

Rational?: ...

Sincere?: I hope so

Sure?: Mhm

Tolerant?: Maybe

Did you enjoy this survey?: Yes it put my brother to sleep and no because now I'm
here alone watching Iron Man 2

Was it too long?: Yeah!

Do you think it contained just about everything?: Maybe a little bit more could be
added?Idk what but I think there's something missing.
Stolen from: ‹<>› who stole it from Veda

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