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Non-stop nightmares.Category: Dream Diaries
Sunday, 11 March 2012
09:41:49 AM (GMT)
I guess I'll put this into the "dream diaries" category. Might as well.

I don't know what the cause of it is, but nearly every night for the past week and a
half, I've found myself wide awake, with my heart racing at, like, 3 in the morning,
because a nightmare woke me up.
Most of them I don't remember now, but there are three I remember some details on.

The earliest of the three was probably the least frightening, for some reason. Kind
of odd, considering in that dream, my right arm was a stump.
I can remember doing various activities, and people marveling over my stump.
Occasionally I had a prosthetic with me, but I constantly removed it and checked the
stump. It felt so very real, I had to check my arm when I woke up.
Other than that, nothing too serious happened in that dream.

The middle dream in the chronology was a lot more frightening. I think it was brought
on by all those "Silent House" video ads. It started as not a nightmare exactly. I
was entering my school for some reason, something about see a few teachers of mine
for some reason. My whole family was with me, so maybe it was a parent-teacher
interviews thing. Only problem was we couldn't find anybody around. And yet, there
were many presences inside the school. There was also a special guest going to be
there, some sort of actor, if I remember correctly. It's not until we go into the
basement that it starts to get very frightening. There is blood all over the walls
and floors, and one of the walls has a featuring painting. Very abstract, and only
white and red, but it was covered with screaming, bleeding faces. Then we found that
special guest from earlier. I don't remember if it was anybody in particular. I
remember him being bald, but otherwise, I don't know. At this point, me and my family
were aware that there was something seriously wrong and told this actor. As he
pondered on it, he started pacing relentlessly. Every time he passed me, his face
became slowly more of that as a demon. Eventually, he revealed his true malicious
nature and hid us in the basement. I can remember some time passing, then me pleading
that it was my fault my family was there. If anything, keep me, but let my family go.
Thinking back, it was rather noble of me, and while I hope I'm never in a situation
like that, if I was, I could find the courage to do the same in real life. The dream
jumps a bit, and all of a sudden, my family and I are fleeing the school for our
And then I woke up.

The latest one I just had last night. 
Once again, I'm walking into my school. This time, my family isn't with me, but
another presence I can't say I've met. I think my brain just associated the presence
to Roy Mustang to make it less foreign to me. Even though we walk through the school
doors, we end up in a bedroom of some sort. I end up checking e-mails on my laptop,
while Roy is speaking to someone about something he came here for. Apparently from
the conversation, there was a scam going around which sells "pets" that come as
sheets but act like living things after something has been sacrificed. The other
person had a blank "pet" though and went to fetch it. At about the same time, I got a
rather suspicious e-mail about how wonderful these very "pets" are. The sacrifice it
states mostly escapes my memory, but it was something about a spirit inside of us
called an "Eiry" or something like that. Either that or your soul sold the the devil.
Frankly, they sound like the same thing. I tried to show Roy, but he was too
preoccupied when the other person comes back with the blank "pet". It looks sort of
like the mix between a wold and a hyena. At first, it seems inanimate, but after some
time, the face shifted to nightmare fuel and let out a human scream. It happened
again. And again. Roy got less and less intimidated every time it happened. He was
then told to try scratching it, as more things happen to it with different motions.
Reluctantly, Roy did so. A loud, unidentifiable sound fills the room, and Roy falls
over onto the bed. The other person states about how that always happen, and for some
reason, some image of a gun flashes in my sight. Worried as I was, I rushed up to
him. He struggled for life, and I could do little to help him. The dream blurs for
awhile, and I only get an afterimage of that wolf/hyena "pet" wandering around as a
full-bodied creature. And it had its eyes on me.
And then I woke up, nearly in a cold sweat this morning.

And from what I can remember, there's no relation between these dreams. Just endless
nightmares. It getting rather annoying because I can't get a good night's sleep, and
it may start affecting my schoolwork too. I'm inconsistent in my science class, I
have trouble focusing in LA, my interest wanes even in art and comm tech, which are
my favorite classes this term. I really can't afford to do badly in school. It's not
like I'm a good student as it is; I just can't ever get anything over 90s in classes
unless it's something I overly excel in and if I have a teacher that is generous with
marks. (IE Art class.) Mostly, I get 70s, maybe 80s if I'm lucky, maybe 60s if it's a
class I'm bad at and don't get. (IE Math class.) So, as I am, I can't forgive if I do
badly in one of my classes.
So, yeah, if this nightmare thing doesn't calm down, I could suffer in my daily life
too. And I wouldn't want that.
Anybody have any idea where these nightmares are all coming from?

Kirti says :   8 April 2012   356211  
Walking to school seems very scarring for you!


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