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Rant on Emo ShitCategory: (general)
Saturday, 25 February 2012
06:09:54 PM (GMT)
When someone on Kupika says "I'm emo," there are one of three things you might think
1.  Someone who is emotional
2.  Someone with an awesome taste in music
3.  A whiney, depressed bitch who cuts themself
It doesn't matter which you think of, because as soon as someone says those two
words, there's always 5 people ready to pounce on them.  
Usually the pouncers say stuff along the lines of:
-You're fake
-Emo people never openly admit that they're emo so shutup and quit being a poser
-I had a friend who cut themself and now they can't wear shorts or long sleeves so
you shouldn't joke around about this stuff.

It's like most of the pouncers just automatically assume they're lying.  I know most
of them are, I mean after all... It is Kupika.  
But seriously, what if that person wasn't lying and Kupika was the only place they
could open up about it?  If you pounced on them for it you probably just made them
feel like shit.  

My point being, it's the internet.  If you're "emo" most people on here usually
don't care and will give you hell for it.  And if you hate on emo people, calm your
tits.  It's just a website.  You can live your life and they can live theirs.   I
remember back in 2006 when it was the cool thing to be emo on Kupika.  Nobody really
was... But you get the point.

If someone says they're emo, just let them be.  It doesn't matter if they're lying
about it or not because a large majority of the people on here lie.  

I'm not emo by the way, I've just always been sick of listening to bitches argue over
this stupid shit. 

Hmm... My silly question for you is:
What is one of the silliest/stupidest things you've ever lied about on Kupika?  

Ha!  I have a lot...  I remember I made this one profile, and I lied about being a
super big whore (this was a while ago, back when cybering was the big thing.) Then
next thing ya know... I had tons of crotch shots in my messages and horny losers
asking me to cyber.  
I used to be so stupid on here.  =P 
Last edited: 25 February 2012

‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says:   25 February 2012   663712  
People like to attack emo kids because they want to feel like they're
at least superior to someone,[i/] even if that person is on the
bottom of society's food chain. 

I don't understand why people tell people they cut publicly. It's like
a form of trolling almost, because they're trying to get a reaction. 

If they want to find a friend to talk to about it, that's one thing. 
But to just post it where everyone can read it, they're stupid if they
don't expect to get crap. 

I was in fourth grade when I started doing blood rituals; do I talk to
people about it in real life? Hell no. Do I talk to people online
about it? Hell no. And why? Because people are stupid and only a
select few can truly understand each other. 

I think people should give up on emo. Emo has honestly got the crap
beaten out of it. Everyone complains about emo kids, I think they
should just go start something new, be original. Of course, then
people will start saying, "UGH They're into THAT now" but then thing
is.. You're never going to please people. So stop trying. 

‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says:   25 February 2012   851420  
lol The effects are jank
parasol says:   25 February 2012   611695  
You do have a point.  Most people who blurt it out usually are looking
for attention, but if we paid it no mind maybe it would die out
eventually like people want. 
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says:   25 February 2012   143265  
Or maybe we just shouldn't give people what they want and they should
get it themselves by getting off Kupika and actually getting a life.
parasol says:   25 February 2012   354957  
Maybe... I'm completely neutral on this situation.  I just simply
don't care if people are emo or not.  I don't pay them any attention. 
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says:   25 February 2012   945815  
I don't care either, I used to dislike emo because I thought is was a
half-assed attempt to recreate the goth movement but then I realized
it was just a bunch of kids trying to convey their emotions in a dark
way while creating an identity for themself but not completely
changing their life. 

Anyway. Everything came from something. What I see the most of lately
are hipsters. Which came from scene kids, who came from emo kids who
came from goth kids who came from punk kids who came from anarchists
who were the bastards of hippies, but ANYWAY the point is that it
doesn't matter and I don't care what people do. 
parasol says:   25 February 2012   516288  
Ha!  "...who were the bastards of hippies."  Oh dear that shot cracked
me up!  I love the way you phrased that.  =D 
parasol says:   25 February 2012   843290  
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says:   25 February 2012   415473  
Haha x]
Glad you enjoyed that, most people find my improvised humor very
parasol says:   25 February 2012   840051  
I find it very humorous.  ^_^ 
‹~Confuzzlement~› says:   25 February 2012   784890  
lol i got a friend whos emo. if anybody messes with her about it i
threaton to castrate them.  and that whole paragraph about people
today being from the long line of the bastreds of hippies? that is
priceless!! i soooo gotta remember that!
‹♥electrohouse♥› says:   13 March 2012   763387  
My sister cuts her arms, then posts pictures of it online. It's
really annoying because she does it when she's mad at my parents for
telling her the truth about her life (she's lazy and fat with no
self-esteem and she doesn't do anything to help herself). My sister is
a fake, I live with a fake. But yeah, people don't need to tell people
what they are or aren't, especially when they don't even know them.
parasol says :   13 March 2012   971936  
Well stated my friend, sorry to hear about your sister.  Be sure to
let her know that the only outcome of that is scars. 

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