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Sunday, 15 January 2012
10:04:33 PM (GMT)
Caged Hearts 
Book one 
-The desire-

the bar i thought of how it smelt like alcohol and cigarettes.
i wanted to reach out and grab him but i could’t move one bit...
helplessly crying away the pain...
i was always drinking to much and one day i had a break.
i told myself. “i will never go there again!”
yet countless times i missed him...
just looking at him made me jumpy and i felt shy enough to 
know that i loved him.

My name is Camille Edgar and i have a obsession...
-Chapter one-
The day without him...

“Camille where are you going!” a man yelled out of breath...

i just kept on walking away like if i did not here him..
his name was Vladimir Gemini he does this constantly and i learned to ignore..
im in a private college and i have a tutor too.
im not passing all my classes either. i am skipping second like a foolish high school
yet im 22 going on 23 the next two months.
i finally looked behind me Vladimir  was panting like a dog...
i giggled and smiled.

he glared at me yelling. “thinking this is funny! where are you going leaving class
like that!
i... i thought we were friends forever...” Vladimir sighed at the end shaking his
head like it did not matter anymore... “Camille you always do this and i..i’m
finally fed up..” he said covering his face. thats when i told myself “this is
not right.” 
and i walked over to Vladimir who was now crying uncontrollably...
i hugged him close and said. “we are always together.. forever.”
Vladimir looked up at me still sobbing. 
“then he slapped me saying. “Are you kidding me! I love you Camille...don’t you
get it?” 
i was shocked and backed away that is when it triggered the thought of the man in the
the words. “i love...i love you.” were playing in my head like a broken record.
i was choking on air i could not breathe...

then the next thing i did was found myself in the hospital...
the nurse said i was having a heart attack but it was only a minor one...
it was because of all the stress and i panicked.
those two nights gave me the reason to see that man...

i went to the bar after i was released from the hospital.
and i walked up to a man... and said. “where can i find this place.” i showed him
the photograph in my hands and he said. “at the train station in section B-12...
the code to get in is 666 and the other code is Demon.
you should find someone there waiting to greet you his name is Alfred and there is
millions of dollars waiting for someone named Camille Edgar.. do you know him?”

i smiled and said my thanks running towards the black fuzzy door pressed the numbers
and pressed the letters in... the door unlocked i rushed to where ever this person
was finally i got down to the end of the hall there was a opened room with gold,
rubies, and diamonds...
.. the man i was looking for all this time was... there.

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