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12/2/11 i love my friendsCategory: (general)
Friday, 2 December 2011
10:48:16 PM (GMT)
ok well today i got some more mad hatter stuff for regans party woot woot im sure it
will be fun anywehere that girl goes turns into a raging party lol (; i learned how
to turn a necktie into a bow tie which is cool im gonna use it for the mad hatter
thingi, but anyways yea today was good didnt rlly get to message anyone today i guess
they were busy tis ok tho i dont mind and me and wind bender ( jazmynn talked about
the 3 little pigs story in 7th period and how they should have just made their house
underground woulda been so much more stable and the wolf wouldnt find it .. we
listened to my ipod and we took some funky photos together lol , i seriously love
that girl she is my sister even if not really i look at her as my sister so if u mess
with her ur gonna have some trouble heading ur way  known her since 5th grade
probley knows just as much as her other best friend amanda whos also my 3rd
bestfriend after aireeole it goes ,: 1.jazmynn 2.amanda 3,aireeole 4. madelyn
5,alyson, 6.kaylee 7,ashley,  8.ronnie 9. alex  10, donovan and so on girls are alot
eaiser to get along with in my opinon guys sometimes take stuff to far and liek to
have " who can talk like hes tougher" competitions im more the kind of guy who just
likes to have a pal to sit around chill and hang and talk about whatever comes up and
i dont have to watch wat i say in front of them ( for the most part ) and that i can
talk to about all my dance stuff and etc u cant talk to other guys about dance its
pretty much hopelessly pointless.. anyways off topic of today! didnt have a test in
spanish thank god! but we did have a test in english but it wasnt that terrible
cause4 my bestest friend in the whole freaking universe is in there yes my wind
bender ofc ( jazmynn ) i call her wind bender cause she was talking bout how windy it
SHOW SO I COULD STOP THE WIND ( even tho its actually air bender she got it wrong so
i still call her wind bender ) " and then all of the sudden the wind does stop
completely XD so i call her wind bender cause she controls the wind lol i love her to
death shes stunningly beautiful like if she wasnt my bestfriend id marry her shes
rlly cool shes a little pale but not in the bad way she cant tan rlly well but its a
pretty tan like on alyson from americas top model allstars ( shut up before u say
anything i dont watch it i only catch pieces here and there when i walk in the room
when parents watch it so cool ur jets ) jazmynn's gonna make a guy very lucky to have
some one like her but if he hurts her ....oh may god have mercy on him cause i
definitely wont -.- anyways yea i trust jazmynn with my life and i know i can go to
her for anything she is the high lights of my days  anywaysss fabio the fatio (
dude who looks like fabio and likes to ask ppl if they will give him some of their
food ) wasnt here today XD lol which i guess is good cause i was hungry but hes cool
he likes to cuss tho me and manda trying to get him to replace the f word with fudge
and each time he says the f word we add one more hit/slap watever to the list of how
many times we hit/slap /punch watever at end of month at the moment we are at 21 and
its only dec. 2nd hes gonna be sore from all the times me and manda are gonna punch
him weird thing tho he likes amanda ( who i actually kind of like but i cant see her
liking some one like me lol ) and thats were its awkward cause fabio likes amanda but
she dnt like him cause hes not his type, but i guess hes not used to not being liked
so hes going into obsessive ocd mode trying to get her to like him but she never will
bc : a; he dips tabbaco b; he smokes c; he likes to drink..alot d; he cusses to much
e; he likes to get in fights f; hes to crazed and he has a gf who he supposedly "
doesnt like anymore" i smell a cheating player and i hate cheaters lol well thats
pretty much it regans partys tommorrow so i will write tommorrows diary when i get a
chance ( not like anyone reads these anyways idk why i write them i guess to vent xD
) ill report back to u guys how the party was so yea peace out homies -alpha
Last edited: 8 December 2011

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