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The Horror On Anglewood RoadCategory: Stories
Sunday, 27 November 2011
11:58:44 AM (GMT)
Fog…The thickest fog I had ever seen before; it almost seemed un-natural. Looking
around I tried desperately to see my surroundings but it was no use, I could barely
see the path on the other side of the road. Not only was it foggy, it was quiet;
there was no one around. I just don’t believe what is happening right now; or
what’s not happening. It’s just too strange how so many people can disappear in
such a small amount of time. A sudden loud noise startled me into walking a quicker

Robert walked the quiet and foggy streets of his once busy town. A former shadow of
the bustling late evening he was used to. His footsteps softened to nothing, not
reaching past the claustrophobic feeling of the surrounding fog. A noise, faint,
Robert tensed, he knew he wasn’t alone. Being alone seemed like a safer option. He
felt like he was being watched by this unknown being.
The undistinguishable noise was heard again, louder this time; it was getting closer.
It sounded nothing like anything Robert had ever heard before, something un-earthly.
Again, getting much closer to the only man on the streets; a curdling noise like it
was choking on its own blood. Panicking, the poor male turned from the noise and ran
as fast as he could in the opposite direction. He had no idea where he was going but
one thing was sure in his mind; get off the streets.

As he ran the path seemed to grow longer, not wanting him to escape. Out of breath
Robert had to slow down to a walk to get his breath back.
‘It’s fine, I can’t hear it anymore so it must have gone. I just need to get
inside and I’ll be safe, I might even find someone and ask them what the hell is
going on!’
Thoughts ran rapidly like a raging river through his head. Most of the signs were
covered over by the fog and hard to read but just one was visible. Anglewood Road the
sign read, a relief to Robert; this was the road he lived on. Jogging with a new
found energy he had, he counted along the row of houses until he came to number 18,
his own house.
He turned to the small rusted metal gate but stopped, his hand hovering over the
latch. Raising his head slowly he took a good look at his house; something so
familiar to him but now it seemed alien. The windows were dark and lifeless and it
cast a strange twisted shadow in the thick fog. A shiver ran down Robert’s spine;
this house didn’t seem like his at all but it was on the same street, and it was
the same number. It was like someone lifted his house away and replaced it with
“What am I thinking? This is only my house; just because there are no lights on
doesn’t mean it’s turned out like the rest of this place…” Robert stopped
when he realised he was talking out loud.
‘I’m going mad.’

Briefly looking around Robert flicked the latch up and swung the gate open. It made a
loud creak as if it hadn’t been used for years and Robert winced at the sound.
Without once looking back he walked up the small, worn garden path and up to his
door. Slowly he put his hand onto the stone cold handle and pushed it down but it
stopped, indicating the door was locked.
‘So there is no one home I guess.’
Robert searched around for his key for a few moments but ceased his movement when he
heard the demonic sound from before coming down his street. This made him panic and
search for his key faster; fumbling around as fast as he could and making him almost
drop the key when he found it. Forcing it into the lock and turning it, he pushed the
handle down and stumbled into his dark house. Turning around he caught a glimpse of
the creature before he kicked the door shut and turned the key; all he saw was red,
and he hoped it wasn’t blood.

Okay, okay, what am I going to do now? There’s….something outside and I don’t
know what it is. The whole town seems deserted and I’m the only one here. Oh
god…I don’t know what to do! Get your thoughts together Robert, calm down. There
must be a reasonable explanation for all this, there has to be. Well, I left town for
the day to go to this market in the other town, my friend had told me about it but
couldn’t go himself. So I went, had a good time and came back. The fog got thick
and I almost ran over something but managed to avoid it but my car crashed. I was fin
and it was only a short walk back home anyway; I would get back and go to the garage
to get someone to pick my car up. But when I got here…
“OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT?!” I realised I had shouted it but that didn’t matter
now. What mattered was the thing stuck to my living room window. It was…for the
lack of a better word, hideous. About the size of a large dog but lacking in a head
and neck, and its skin had a worn leather look about it. Its limbs were long and
un-naturally skinny, ending in long sharp claws that were currently trying to dig
their way into the window frame. It had a tail, but I couldn’t quite see it from
where I was but I knew it would probably be dangerous. But its face, oh its face was
the most striking about this thing. Instead of a head it had a gaping hole, lined
with multiple rows of small sharp teeth. Above that were many eyes, all red and
staring right at me. The other thing that stood out about it was that it was covered
in blood, literally dripping with the stuff.

I wanted to run, to hide and hope it would never find me but I couldn’t move. I was
frozen to the spot, just staring at it as it stared back at me. Frozen to the spot
like I was encased in thick ice. It made a noise then, a horrible blood curdling
screech while banging it’s ‘face’ on the glass, leaving a red bloody mark. That
made me fall back so I was sat on the floor; my legs had just gone weak under me just
from the horrifying sound it had made. I needed to get out of there but I was in a
trance. I was a marionette and the creature had the strings. That was why I
couldn’t move, the eyes must have done it. Damn me for being so stupid! I
shouldn’t have looked it directly in the eyes. I still didn’t move even as the
creature smashed the glass to get inside…

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