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Your Name (Jasper Style)Category: For Fun
Thursday, 3 November 2011
06:18:53 PM (GMT)
I suggest completing this in a notepad document and copy pasting (For scrolling purposes)
First Name: A: Awesome in bed B: Creative kisser C: Loves to imagine impossible things D: Hot body E: Afraid of the dark F: Antisocial socialite G: Secretly a pornstar H: Likes your best friend I: Likes your mom J: Lazy mastermind K: Hydrophobic pyromaniac L: Has dirty things hiding on their computer M: Addicted to addiction N: Needs a girlfriend/boyfriend O: Serious supermodel potential P: Repressing homosexual desires Q: So special, they're normal R: Could never be an astronaut S: Honest liar T: Has secret desires to own a panda U: Wishes this was more sexual V: Secretly wants Justin Beiber's body W: Chews gum incessantly X: I have an X in my name! Y: Wants to be the opposite gender Z: Mother needs to pick a different name Middle Name: A: Wants to be a aristocrat B: Loves gay boys C: Sick of Kupika surveys D: Would be an incredible artist E: Would be a terrible artist F: Exhausted with life G: Hypochondriac doctor H: Not from this world I: Fucking crazy J: Takes things on tv literally K: Attention hogger L: A children hating babysitter M: Likes to count from 1 to 10 over and over N: Chews on their pencils O: Delicious ;3 P: Nobody likes how admirable he/she is Q: Successful failure R: Has feelings for your cat S: Loves to rollerskate T: Couldn't live without the cellphone U: Could eat McDonalds every day V: Carnivore W: Herbivore X: Likes to skinny dip Y: Has a big (generic sexual term here) Z: I have a z in my name! Last Name: A: Close to implosion B: Loves the cold C: Lazy worker D: Nerd E: Has wood -for fires!- F: Will message Jasper G: Feels like jumping out the window H: Believes in non-believers I: Wishes their name was more sexual J: Thinks this is too long K: Has the habit to be habitual L: Secretly kicks puppies M: Virgin! N: Never kissed before O: Wants to be Santas love child P: Sucks at being awesome Q: Has deep love for chinese food R: That's what she said S: Has emo tendencies T: Is bored right now U: Doesn't eat breakfast V: Doesn't like people who eat breakfast W: Has an imaginary friend X: Thinks dirty jokes are the shit Y: Wants to be famous Z: Diversely focused MY NAME: J: Lazy mastermind A: Awesome in bed S: Honest lier P: Repressing homosexual desires E: Afraid of the dark R: Could never be an astronaut G: Hypochondriac doctor A: Wants to be an aristocrat B: Loves gay boys R: Has feelings for your cat I: Fucking crazy E: Would be a terrible artist L: A children hating babysitter H: Believes in non-believers A: Close to implosion U: Doesn't eat breakfast T: Is bored right now H: Believes in non-believers

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