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Healthy baby eating habits?Category: (general)
Monday, 5 September 2011
06:50:45 PM (GMT)
My almost-two year old nephew's over for a little bit and recently I've been
concerned about my sister's eating habit's for him.
He's not breastfed anymore but he drinks milk from time to time. 

Sometimes my sisters give him chips and I'm a little okay with that since a snack
once in a while isn't bad. She does on the other hand, not give him baby snacks that
are packaged and made FOR babies. She's given him grown up food and whenever I've
bought pork egg rolls she makes me share with him when he starts asking for it.
They're unbelievably unhealthy and probably undercooked but I eat them since I'm
young and already damaged. My nephew's not over-weight or slow, he's actually pretty
active and smart, he even knows some words. I just worry that later in the future he
might get health problems. She's put kool-aid in his cup rather than natural fruit
juice and since I'm not the mother there's not much I could say. 

I've offered to even buy him healthier food but she hasn't said anything yet. :/

erised says:   5 September 2011   146089  
Looking thin, doesn't mean that he's fit. He could and likely does
have horrible dangerous internal fat. He should be eating vegetables.
Lots of them. Fruits. Not processed meats. And especially not pork.
‹burblegurm› says:   5 September 2011   288546  
Oh gosh, I never thought of that. ): If my sister lets me watch him on
some weekdays after school I could try to get him some veggies/fruit
or make a little healthy snack for him. My sister hasn't even fed him
that gerber stuff for babies, he's not even 2 yet and he's eaten the
same dinner I had last night. 
erised says:   5 September 2011   756512  
D; That's not that bad as long as it's not hurting his tummy, I think.
‹burblegurm› says:   5 September 2011   106210  
D: He doesn't get tummy ache's, but I already know babies can't eat
everything someone at my age eat. 
exquisite says:   5 September 2011   604582  
How old is your nephew? 'Cause, she could try follow-up milk, it
helps the child's development, and continues to add the same nutrients
and healthy bacteria that breast-milk adds.

Children, as Kyle said should not eat processed foods - they shouldn't
eat anything that isn't natural, or is quite unhealthy. He should be
eating varied fresh produce, such as bananas - because they induce a
healthy bowel system, things like apple slices, cucumber slices, etc -
because they're a great introduction to "grown up" solid foods.

Encourage your sister to cook healthy and filling meals. Children who
aren't raised by healthy eating habits are more likely to get eating
disorders such as obese-tendencies. 

As for the kool-aid thing, try this instead. Get some non-concentrated
juice, about half a glass, and add half a glass of water to it so it's
pretty fluid. Add a very, very, very light dosage of honey - because
children aren't used to the sweetness of it, also check for allergies,
then mix it in the water and serve. It has a very natural sweetness,
and this could stunt future problems like hyperactivity due to
increased sugar amounts in the future. As he gets older, you can
increase the honey dosage to at least 1 teaspoon.

It is bad. Eating fully adult food while you're still in an infant
stage is very unhealthy - an average adult meal has about 1 tablespoon
of salt in it. Infants are recommended to have 1 teaspoon maximum, as
they get their sodium from veg, and sugar from fruit.

But anyway, if your sister is feeding her son these things because of
some budget issue, it really shouldn't be a problem. You can make
special pasta bakes for your nephew with a very low sodium value, add
bright green salads to his meals to encourage him to eat healthy, make
things like homemade strawberry cheesecake, which is suitable for
children aged 2+ years and you can use healthy desserts as a bribe to
him to eat healthy. Like, "eat more salad or you get no dessert."

I... I'm rambling, I'll stop now. But I'm sure you get the picture.
But holy crap, an entire essay was written. 
exquisite says:   5 September 2011   682405  
he could try* 
erised says:   5 September 2011   884268  
I have no really looked into baby nutrition.
So thank you. o3o 
exquisite says:   5 September 2011   844968  
High sugar foods also have a similar effect. They can cause bad bowel
problems in children, so unless parents start giving their kids what
they need, they'll have to face the consequence of their kids being in
pain later. 
erised says:   6 September 2011   452435  
That one I did know!
/pats self. 
‹burblegurm› says:   6 September 2011   409071  
zdpfjsdojhsd Maria you and Kyle and are gonna be my future child's god
parents I swear ;-; ♥ 

I'll ask my sister to let me babysit the little guy, he's 1 now but
turning 2 in 6 days. My sister's not exactly parent of the year so I
don't think she knows about follow up milk. Is there anywhere that I
can get it? My nephew seems like he'd love banana's so I'll give him
some. My sister usually cooks things like chicken and stew and stuff,
I could show her some sites with healthy food recipe's. She even needs
to make some for her too :/ she's pregnant again and Idek if she's
supposed to be eating like she is now.

Okay! He's currently real hyper and I bet that's due to how much juice
my sister gives him. We have some honey in the pantry so I'll do that.
c: Lol, my sister's a stubborn ass who keeps saying he'll be okay in
the future even though I'm telling her just because it doesn't show
doesn't mean it isn't happening. 
exquisite says :   6 September 2011   845713  

You can buy it online - but be sure to do your research that it's a
trusted brand before you do. You can ask the child's doctor to find
out more information on these kinds of things too.

If he's turning 2 - then that's just great! He's still open up to new
tastes and he'll react pretty well with whatever you give him, it's
just the inside that matters after a while that you do. If she wants
something easy - you can get fish fingers, those are fun and easy to
eat and almost every kid loves them. It's also a great way to
introduce kids to fish! 

She could also try pasta shapes - like bows, or even multi-coloured
pasta so there's a more high chance that he'll eat it. Kids love
different colours, so if you can find a way to work with it in food,
then you're doing a damn great job.

Saying this - tell her to experiment with basics. Make yellow rice
with peppers and herbs, pasta with a nice basil sauce, tomato soup
with spaghetti, buckwheat with sugar and milk, the list goes on, but
the point is, it's easy as ABC to feed your kid healthy food, you just
need to sacrifice at least 15 minutes of your time.

If she's pregnant then she should be eating the full balanced diet. A
high-fiber breakfast such as cereal or a granola bar with some fruit
juice, a healthy snack such as an apple, a well portioned lunch such
as steamed fish with vegetables and salad on the side and a small
dinner in the end such as a small bowl of soup. That's just an example

You can print out some information about the importance of toddlers
eating healthy and give it to her. Perhaps even have a whiteboard on
the fridge with a list of ideas featuring meals that she can cook for
both her son and herself? 


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