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First Day of School [Fiction]Category: Fiction/Short Story
Monday, 5 September 2011
02:45:25 AM (GMT)
My alarm clock blares that annoying ringing sound; pulling my mind back to earth.
The usual warmth on my face is absent. It's cold and all I want to do is snuggle
under my covers and escape to Dream Land. Suddenly - 

"Hello Starshine, the Earth says Hello!" 

I shriek, then calm down as I realize that it is only my sister. 

"Geez! You scared me T!" I say, nerves still out of place. 

She grins, "Well, how else was I supposed to get you up? You sleep like a rock!" 

"There's a reason for that." I point out, glaring at her.

Her grin grows even bigger, as she knows that grumpy is my nickname. "It's your first
day of school, Gema!" 

I groan loudly, not quite registering her words, but annoyed all the same.

"I'll be downstairs making your food. I shall call it breakfast ala Fruit Loops."
With that, she skips - yes, skips - out of my room and down the stairs. 

Moving sluggishly to the bathroom, I trip over your backpack and sigh. After brushing
my teeth and washing my face, I seem to grasp what my sister had said. My eyes widen
and suddenly, I'm speeding through my room like a tornado. 

Ripping open my closet doors, I hurriedly pick out my clothes. I end up with a pair
of dark, flared jeans, a black and white striped off the shoulder long sleeve
T-shirt, white flats with a black bow at the top, and a black Fedora. I stuff some
running shoes into your backpack, smushing your pencil case at the bottom. Double
checking in the mirror for any misplaced hair or smudged make-up, I find that all is
well and then start panicking about something else entirely. 

"I hope I don't get the same schedule as my sister," I think grimly. Trudging down
the stairs I take a seat on a stool in the middle of the kitched and see that my
sister was true to her word. The Fruit Loops are gone in 5 seconds and I'm dashing to
the door, skidding to a stop at the closet. I pick up my thick white hoodie, and
resume my previous race to the car. 

"Don't forget your backpack!!" I hear just as I was turning the ignition of the car.
I smack my forhead against the steering wheel in realization and jump out of the car,
running upstairs to grab my backpack.

As I am about to turn onto Main Street I hear a faint screaming voice saying, "AND
DON'T FORGET ME!!!" Then I remember the usual occupant in the passenger's seat is not
there and sigh as I put the car in reverse. My sister glares at me, slightly panting
as she tries to catch her breath, and climbs into the car. "I'm not sure as to
whether you purposefully did that or not, Gema, but you are SO in trouble!" she
screams at me. I kind of ignore her since Mom barely even registers she had children,
and keep on driving towards the Sunset High School. 

Once I park slightly farther away from the school than anyone else, noticing that T
is wearing high heels instead of flats or running shoes. Smirking, I pick up both of
our backpacks from the back seat and open her door like a chauffeur, saying, "The
castle awaits you, m'lady." She scoffs and moves to get out of the car. She pauses
staring in the direction of the school and explodes. "GEMA VICTORIA WILSON!!" I lock
the car hurriedly and run towards the school with T attempting to run in her heels,
and laugh maniacally. 

As I reach the door I rest against it and grin as I imagine the mess she will have to
clean up after she's here. I feel a bump against my back and quickly remember that I
am blocking people's way. I move aside and turn towards the student apologizing and
continue half in dream land, half on earth. Thinking about possible ways T might get
back at me, I realize that I have a new reason for not wanting her in my class and
hurry towards the office to check our schedules.

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