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Kiss me, Sarah. (Sexual Content)Category: (general)
Friday, 12 August 2011
09:16:08 AM (GMT)
Me and my friend had the most amazing sex ever.
I'll tell u it in story form.
I'm Fianne. She's Sarah.

I sat in my room on my computer doing the same shit as I normally do then all of a
sudden Sarah pops up on my facebook.
'Hey u doing anything?' she asked me.
'No I'm bored stiff. haha.' i said.
'Wanna hang out?'
'Sure come round to mine. My mom's away for the week end anyway.' I told her.
Sarah then signed off and 15 minutes later she appeared at my door.
Sarah was tall, brown haired like myself.
We actually look so alike that some say we're sisters!! Haha!
So I let Sarah in and we went upstairs to my room.
For a while, we just done what normal girls do - talk about random shit and stuff.
Then, for a joke, I asked if we should watch porn.
She said yes. So, I asked if she wanted girls or guys? And to my surprise, her
responce was
'Girls. I've never done it before and I wanna see it.'
So I put up Redtube and we watched a good few porno vids.
It didn't take me long to get pretty horny... But after a few, I could see Sarah was
getting horny too. She was rubbing her thighs and biting her lip.
I didn't know girls would turn her on.
So very slowly, I put my hand across and toucheed her thigh.
She jumped at my touch and turned round to face me. She took my hand and pulled me
towards her.
'Can we try it, Fianne? Please? We don't need to tell anyone... Let's just
experiment. We're kids. Its what we do!!" she said, her beautiful eyes excited.
So I leaned into her and slowly pressed my lips to hers, as I smirked. I felt her
tounge move along my lower lip, asking for enterance. I opened my mouth, hers opening
too, and her tongue plunged into my mouth, searching around to see what I had. I
played with her tongue and locked my lips on hers, stealing some saliva from her
mouth. This felt amazing. To be kissing my best friend. I pulled her body closer to
mine, still sucking on her tongue. I felt up her curvy body as she pressed her chest
to mine. God, I wanted to undress her so so bad. But I had to take it slowly with
her. Sarah moved her hand to my breasts, going round back to unclip me. She was
reading my mind or something. I was still sucking on her mouth, she tasted amazing.
Quickly I felt my top being prised off of me and over my head. I did the same to her.
I might as well if she was so eager, you know? Our almost bare chests rubbed
together. This was the chance I had been wiating for. I took of her bra to unveal her
gorgeous massive boobs. Her nipples round and perky. She took off mine and pressed
herself against me. Rubbing our nipples together. It was goood.... I felt myslef get
hotter and hotter. She was turning me on big style. She kept on kissing me and
started to rub my breasts. I played with her nipples and made them go red. I moved my
kissing lips down her neck to her boobs and started to suckle on them, biting her
nipples here and there and rubbing hers hard. She was rubbing mine hard too.
She was alot more confident than I thought she would be. She stopped for a moment and
held my chin, looking me up and down. I was sort of out of breath, and I smiled at
her. She smirked and kissed me again, while she took of my shorts and pants. I could
feel myself getting hornier and hornier. She stripped me off, showing my pussy off
and my ass. She then stripped herself and we sat there for a minute, naked and both
out of breath. Then she pounced on my, kissing me and rubbing my clit with two
fingers. I moaned and rubbed her tits and bit her nipples. She went faster and
harder... My pussy starting to produce sweet sweet juice. She moved down, her lips
leaving a wet mark from my tits to my pussy. She started to lick... Begging for me to
let her inside.
I yelled 'SARAH YOU'RE SO NAUGHTY!!" and she giggled, licking my pussy and going
right inside. I stopped her and winked.
"Sixty... Niner..." I said, out of breath and begging her to let me lick her.
She turned around, her asshole perked at my face. I was drooling all over myself. My
legs lay wide open for her and she started to rub me again, making me moan. So I
started to suck on her ass, making her clench in surprise. I giggled and smacked her.
"Naughty!" I smiled, as I started to rub her clit as I sucked on her ass. With my
other hand, I rubbed my own boob and played with my nipple.
We both went wild, sucking and poking and rubbing and biting.
Sarah went from fingering me with two fingers to fisting me... My pussy has never
felt fo good. My sweet juice poured all over the bed, making her and I both soaking.
It's a good thing my mom wasn't home for another two days...
I dove my tongue right into the depths of her asshole. She tasted so so so good. I
loved 69s. They were amazing.
Sarah turned back around and started thrusting her pussy against mine.
"Grinding?" i asked her, she nodded, too busy to talk. I moaned and let her
experiment on me... I didn't mined at all.
Thrusting harder and faster against me, I felt great. I moaned and thrusted against
All of a sudden she let out a great yell and had a massive orgasm. I giggled and
hugged her body against mine.
"It's okay babe it's normal" I told her, kissing her and swirling her tongue around
my mouth. She was too weak to do things herself now, so I lay ontop of her and
fingered her as we started to calm down and talk a bit. She soon fell asleep as I
kept fingering her. So I thought it was time to relax so I threw a cover over both of
us as I lay naked ontop of her greatly gorgeous body and rubbed her boobs until I
fell asleep.
In the morning, both of us woke up around the same time. Sarah kissed me and told me
she thought she was now a lesbian. I was so glad at that. So we're now sex buddies...
We were both so tired after the night of excitement and we were both soaking wet. We
both went for a shower at the same time, but I'll tell youuu that story in another
diary. :]

- Fianne <3 xxxxxx

emily1243 says:   12 August 2011   428536  
sexy_kisses says:   14 August 2011   891053  
I can't believe uu told ppl!! :O
It's ok, tho...
It was the best nite ever xxxxxxxxxx
‹Just Another Nameless Whore› says:   14 August 2011   371164  
ii had to!!!
i was horny... i was missing you....
and the way i told it... doesnt it make you drool?  
sexy_kisses says:   14 August 2011   768314  
god, i love uu  x 
‹Just Another Nameless Whore› says:   14 August 2011   719215  
i luvv uu moreeee!!!!!  xxx 
HornyBabyxx says:   24 September 2011   920357  
‹DazllinqqDoll<3› says:   25 September 2011   931614  
yall shouldd of video taped it (;
OnTheOtherSide says:   1 April 2013   754207  
I'm so wet pussy is throbbing ;-)
‹Just Another Nameless Whore› says:   2 April 2013   983645  
hehe message me? xx 
one_of_kind says:   2 April 2013   637574  
Do you live in Virginia?
‹Just Another Nameless Whore› says:   2 April 2013   660552  
No :/ xx 
Amber69 says:   21 April 2013   243772  
So.... Wet....
‹Just Another Nameless Whore› says:   26 April 2013   262047  
hehe <3 
briz says:   30 October 2013   878712  
Omg that made me so wet..
Dovakin says:   5 January 2014   171415  
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Dovakin says:   5 January 2014   785747  
That made me so Horny
Sweetlover55 says:   12 January 2014   485779  
I'm so wet now
LovingGirls21 says:   24 January 2014   352449  
Omg I love your story it is so good I am so wet now
sexy_sian123 says:   20 February 2014   501378  
Omg, I'm practically soaking now
sexy_sian123 says:   21 February 2014   479623  
Just read it again, I'm so horny right now...
Lovesabitoffun says:   5 March 2014   885558  
Fucking hell that made me wet  that was just so sexy, I love a bit
of sexy story time to get me ready for fun time 
LacieRay says:   5 June 2014   656423  
This made me EXTREMELY wet!
Robiee asks:   24 June 2014   487711  
how to use this site?
Lesbo_babe11 says:   23 July 2014   901200  
This made me so fucking wet
LadyisaTramp7897 says:   12 March 2016   836082  
My pussy is sopping😻
Anonymous_love1230 says :   21 August 2016   303077  
My pussy is wet af

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