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As a kid i wanted to design fashion. Wtf.Category: (general)
Saturday, 6 August 2011
06:33:42 PM (GMT)
Is your laptop missing any keys? Sadly my F9 Key and i have departed.. Do you take a lot of surveys? Not on most days. Ever seen the movie Twilight? No.. Thank God. Read any of the Twilight books? I reviewed one for my class.. By burning it. c; .. if that says anything Do you have your own Edward Cullen? Ohyess i just fuck it in the face everynight.. HAH. No. What are you doing at the moment? Waiting for the lovely Sara Pixie, To get online. Whats the last thing you ate? Crumpets and Tea. No Joke. Drank? Read the above. Listening to anything? Circa Survive... Love<3 What's the title of the last book you got from the library? The Soul Thief Do you know your curent GPA? 5.00 ; ) Anything good on TV tonight? i Dont Watch The Telly... -__- When's your school year start? August 22nd. Have you ever liked your friend's boyfriend? Ohyess Because Im So Gay. Actually Yeah.. :P How about a guy that flirts with you, but has a girlfriend? Eh. Dont Know. Ever kissed an Austin? No. How about a Ryan? Uhm.. Yeah. A Micheal? Dont Know One. If you had a baby right now, what would you name it? umm boy? Robin. :D do people who type "lik dis" annoy you? fuk ya i h8 pplz ho tahp lyk diz. D': Whats your cellphone wallpaper set as? i Dont Have a Cellular Device. :'c Have you ever tryed to type without a space bar? What the hell. Do you still watch disney channel? Maybe if my neice is watching it at her house. It's quite boring there. XD Did you ever watch Kim Possible? Haha Yeah, Rufus. (: Are you scared of the dark? No. (; What time do you usually go to bed during the summer? One AM. How about wake up? Nine or Ten. Are you a germaphobe? Sometimes. Germs Are Absolutely Rubbish. ); How many times a day you find yourself washing your hands? Usually About Seventeen or Twenty. Do you pray to God on a daily basis? ...No... When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up? Fashion Designer........ Do you like long or short surveys better? iDGAF. Give me a line from your favorite movie? "Whatcha Spooks Up To?" <3 Do you have a photobucket account? No.. Spell your name backwards. Etteyeffal What's your middle name? Tyler. Ice cream with cake, yay or nay? i Like My Icecream With Just IceCream. My survey, yay or nay? Its Just Fuck.
Last edited: 6 August 2011

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