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Friday, 22 July 2011
05:55:38 AM (GMT)
I remember back in sixth grade when I was moving around a lot and ended up moving to
Fremont and I was the new kid at Niles and how everybody picked on me. I mean they
were all in the same grade but most of them were a year or two older than me.
Technically they were the seniors against the wimpy freshman, except sixth graders. I
got the principal in on it and he really didn’t give a shit. He told them to stop
they did for about a week. They kept fucking picking on me. Every day telling me I
could never be happy, I’d always be ugly, I’d never succeed, there would always
be somebody better, I’d never have a boyfriend who would care. Soon
enough I became the girl who would sit in the science lab at lunch or the teachers
lounge just so I could get away from being picked on. I got really close to Ms.
Moreno and Mrs. Schinkel. I could easily tell them if something was wrong because
they could like fucking smell sadness and i wouldn’t get away with saying “Nahh
I’m good”. I have a good feeling my own teacher really didn’t care as long as
my homework would come in complete. I have really good feeling I was depressed back
then. I really do wanna kill some of the other kids who made fun of me. I wanna tell
them that I made it out just fine, I’m not the same new kid you could mess with. I
also really wanna find Ms. Moreno and tell her thank you and I can tell Lisa that on
Monday. Other than the other Madison and Desiree I wouldn’t have made it through
sixth grade without them. I was in such a bad state of mind then I would wake up with
cuts, in odd places where nobody could see. they were ugly and now I’m glad
they’re almost gone. It was stupid. Nobody should ever go through being bullied.
Ever. It’s not fun and it really does hurt. I’m quite confident now and that kind
of stuff probably won’t bother me anymore but back then I was new and vulnerable.
If you’re being bullied in any way, I’m here for you. I’d set those mother
fuckers straight I don’t put up with it anymore. I’m done with kids crying
themselves to sleep over something other people did to them. I didn’t want that to
happen to me and I had some people to talk to. Now I’m somebody people can talk to.

Brb gonna go cry and fall asleep

bad memories, bad memories

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