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Sunday, 19 June 2011
09:33:27 PM (GMT)
Stranger: Hello
You: I'm pregnant with your baby
Stranger: Oh
You: Should we keep it?
Stranger: Do you know how that phonecall really feels like?
Stranger: I got that call once, for reals
Stranger: She kept it, but it turned out it wasn't my baby.
You: gonna punch me in the stomach, I ain't keepin' it...
Stranger: Hang on
You: k
Stranger: Nah, I'm not the guy you're looking for
Stranger: I'm miguel
Stranger: *holds up passport*
You: This is your child!
Stranger: I'm not miguel!
You: Please, just tell me what to do with this baby!
Stranger: I'm Banzrgac *holds up passport*
You: He's your son!
Stranger: I no speaka da english
You: He has your eyes!
You: It's your baby!
You: I named him after you!
Stranger: Whats my name?
You: Miguel Banzrgac.
Stranger: No. I'm Martin from Norway
You: LIAR!
You: Please!
You: I can't do this alone!
Stranger: You should have thought about that before you cheated on me 
You: Please, it was one time!
You: It'll never happen again!
Stranger: Once is more than 0
Stranger: The allowed maximum
You: Please.
You: Just, push me down~
You: Kill the baby then!
You: Hes your's!
You: Love me!!!
You: Love your son!
Stranger: I do
Stranger: But you know the rules
You: Another chance.
You: Is all I ask, please.
You: Martin, he needs a daddy!
You: And you're his father, he needs to know his father!
Stranger: I accept
You: Oh thank you!
You: We'll be a family! 
You: A better family.
Stranger: With seeds of distrust as our foundation
You: No, I know our son will keep our love strong.
You: I just know it.
You: Marry me?
Stranger: Nah
You: but, why?
Stranger: Why would I?
You: Because, we have a child together!
You: A beautiful baby boy.
Stranger: I need a bit more reasoning than that
You: I love you, this baby loves you. I'll sue you for child support!
You: Is that what you want?
You: To bring the law into this?
Stranger: Bitch, I'm supporting both you and your bastard already
You: How?
You: 50 dollars a month? What does that help?!
Stranger: What about your clothes and food and housing?
Stranger: I pay for that
You: You kicked me out! Remember?! 
You: Don't even give me that shit!
You: And I wasn't a bitch when you decided to get together, was I?!
Stranger: You were
You: You said you loved me.
You: You said forever.
You: You said we'd always be together. What happened?
Stranger: Well, you got fat
You: And you've always been fat, who the HELL are you to talk?!
Stranger: Without me, you'd still be in the gutter
Stranger: I made you who you are today
You: No, without you I'd still be in school, getting my degree!
You: I'd actually be somebody! Not just the girl people call a slut who has a baby
with the deadbeat father!
Stranger: Now don't you call me a deadbeat
Stranger: I work my ass off for you and that kid
You: I'm not the one whose saying it!
Stranger: And when I come home, all I get is your nagging
You: Maybe I wouldn't nag so much if you touched me every once and a while!
Stranger: So you could pin more kids on me?
You: It takes two to have a baby!
You: you wanted it to! 
You: I told you to use a condom, but no! You said you'd pull out!
You: Do you see where that leads?
Stranger: You said you were on birthcontrol!'
Stranger: Fumbling the pill, are we?
You: No! I said I'd use the morning after pill!
Stranger: Did you?
Stranger: Noooo!
You: I puked all fucking day! Of course I used the pill!
You: I was so scared of you leaving me, I did something stupid, and now, look what we
have! A child.
Stranger: Its an anchor
You: An anchor?
Stranger: An anchor secured in my wallet with you on the other end
You: You know what, I'll get a job! I'll help with the bills! 
You: But, I need you to babysit every now and then
You: I don't like it when we fight.
Stranger: I work 14 hours each day
Stranger: Do you have any idea how hard that is?
You: I'll get Linda to watch the baby then, and I'll work part time at the store.
You: I just want us to be like we used to be.
You: We used to be so happy together.
Stranger: I know
You: Don't you miss "us"?
Stranger: I do...
Stranger: Honey, I have some bad news
You: Yeah?
Stranger: I've got stomach cancer
Stranger: It evolved from my ulcer
Stranger: I've been saving money for... well...
You: Omg! Really?! GOD NO! No!!! Well, we don't have to worry about the baby anymore,
Linda offered to adopt Johnathon.
You: Saving the money for what?
Stranger: For you, when I'm gone
You: Don't talk like that!
You: You're not gonna die! 
You: You'll fight this!
Stranger: The doctors gave me two more months
Stranger: I'll quit my job and be with you
Stranger: and my son
You: You do love me. You...
You: you do.
You: Lets get married before, you're gone.
Stranger: I already bought a ring
You: You did?!
Stranger: Its not the fanciest, I wanted to preserve some money
You: It doesn't matter!
You: Our love is more valuable than some, ring!
Stranger: *kneels before you and opens the ringbox*
Stranger: Will you marry me?
You: *starts crying* of course I will...Yes. 
Stranger: Then lets, tonight!
You: At the tiny white church beside the mill.
Stranger: I... love you
You: I love you too! With all my heart!
You: Lol, this has been a fun chat. How old are you?
Stranger: 25 :p
You: Lol xD you're a male though, right?
Stranger: Yeah :p
You: lol, okay, well just so you know I'm puttiing this on FaceBook as a "note" 
Stranger: You can add notes now?
You: yeah, lol
Stranger: Awesome, my friends will be getting a lot of "I'm drunk and these are the
people I hate" lists from now on
You: xD Awesome. Btw, its your weekend to take care of the baby
Stranger: Aw, damnit, I got the flu
You: Too damn bad.
You: -_-
You: get the baby sick and you're taking him to the doctor!
Stranger: I think the reason I played along in the first place is my fever
You: Lol, you know you enjoyed this chat xD
Last edited: 19 June 2011

HoldStill says:   19 June 2011   801342  
"Martin from Norway"

Prince Martin of Norway is one of the guys that works at faire with
‹Scarlet_Scandal› says :   19 June 2011   219645  
xD lol really? niiice 

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