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Who knewCategory: poem
Sunday, 5 June 2011
07:19:08 PM (GMT)
I look in his eyes 
those deep brown eyes
when he smiles just right
I feel my heart melt

When he makes that smile
I can't look away
it's captivating
it's just so sweet

But who knew
someone with the face of an angel
could be so annoying
could be so big headed

Oh, who knew
someone with that appearance
could be so perverted
could be such a show off

I am very shy
yet he won't stop talking!
he irrates me so much
how could this possibly be love?

Now, who knew 
a girl like me,
a nice, sensitive, caring girl
would fall for someone like him?

and who knew,
that a popular, gorgeous guy like him
would ever like a girl like me
all I can say is why?

I've seen the way he looks at me
I saw that glance to see if it was him I was looking at
I saw that hey on msn chat 
I regret when I said hi? back

I regret how I didn't say anything else
I hate myself for being so rude
but how can I apologize
after months have passed?

I know we will never get anywhere
because knowing me
I could never allow a guy like him
and a girl like me to ever be

It's killing me...
I wish I would...I wish I could!
and my friends think I hate him
so I can't date him, you see...

I figure he would break my heart
into tiny glass shards
in fact he already has,
he slow danced with that girl.

at that dance, i remember
when I saw her in his arms
my heart was crushed 
I just wanted to cry

and that girl
she was pretty and popular too
the kind of girl he goes for
I'm not dumb, I've heard he talks to her a lot

But he was trying to make me jealous...
trust me, it worked!
But it still doesn't change a thing
you don't know how much I wish it did

I recall when my sharpener fell off my desk
and he was walking by, he must have knocked it over
he picked it up off the ground
and I didn't realize until it was too late

lately, he's been looking down
it's an unusual look on his face
a look I've been getting used to
it happens when he gazes off into space

I can't help but feel guilty
thinking it's because of me
I am very sensitive
always trying to bring happiness

He's been spacing out lately
like he's in a day dream
I hate myself for what I'm doing
knowing how it feels being in his position

He's in almost everything
once I saw him twice in public in a week
he's in my house colour
his desk is always near mine

it's like the world is trying to pull us together
but I am resisting, I have to
I can't just let my fingers slip off the edge
the edge of that huge clift

It's so tantalizing
knowing he's just right there
but yet he's so far away

I want to like him,
I want to hate him!
I can't make up my mind
but most of all I want his personality to change

Because then we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place
no one would think I hated him
I wouldn't mind liking him
but something tells me it's just going to stay the same

I wish it could work...
really, I do!!
you would think it could
considering how long I've liked him
and how surprisingly long he's persevered
I can't believe he hasn't given up
but I kinda wish he would

Who knew
that even if you're lucky enough
to like each other at the same time
that it wouldn't work out?

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