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Tuesday, 29 March 2011
02:52:16 PM (GMT)
I'm so glad I found Kupika, where nobody knows who I really am and nobody can follow
me, because I can vent about something that I'm not allowed to tell anyone.

My mom is cheating on my step dad.

I'm going to keep the story short. My biological dad left before I was born. I grew
up without him, and it really bothered me. My mom got remarried when I was 8 and that
whole relationship is hell. I can't stand him. Anyways, my biological dad found my
mom on Facebook about a year ago, and then he found me. He added me and messaged me
saying hello. My mom said it was okay to answer, so I did and just said hi back.
Within the next month, him and my mom were talking on the phone, which I found
strange but didn't say anything about. He was begging to meet me, so I figured they
were talking on the phone because of me. The first time I talked on the phone with
him was my 17th birthday because he wanted to say happy birthday. Then again on
fathers day. Then again right before I left for Europe over the summer. When I came
back, I never talked to him but my mom still was. I finally did around Christmas and
he was still begging to meet me. In the middle of February I agreed. We met in Panera
bread. I brought my mom (obviously) and my boyfriend to calm me down. He was really
really nice, and I really liked him. We talked on the phone for a little after that,
but not a lot.

Last Saturday, my mom came in my room and told me that she was making me go to a
cookout at his house, with all of his family there. That's right, the second time I
ever met my dad and it was going to be with his whole family. I was scared to death.
She said she bought tickets to take me to Wicked after, so I had to go. On the way
there she jokingly said 'we're on the way to meet my in-laws!'. Well, I thought she
was joking. Then she dropped the bomb. She's been dating my real dad since they got
back in contact. She's been with him, lying to my whole family that she's going out
to do errands, when in reality she's sneaking out to see him. She's leaving my step
dad for my real dad as soon as she gets a well paying job so she can get a divorce
and support me and my siblings. I knew she wanted a divorce, which I was fine with
because I can't stand my step dad, but I didn't know it was for that reason.

When we were there I was already upset, but didn't show it. While we were eating
lunch and talking to random family members, my mom and dad were holding hands.
Holding. Hands. Right infront of me. I had to bite my cheek to hold back tears. And
when we were leaving, I saw him kiss her.

HOW could my mom do that? How could she cheat on my step dad? She has no respect. And
I know reading this, you probably think I'm stupid and it's no big deal. But it IS.
It's a HUGE deal. It kills me. I'm so angry with her. I didn't talk to her the rest
of the night, and it was so hard to not run into the house when I got home, screaming
'SHE'S CHEATING ON YOU' to my step dad.

I feel lost and broken and shitty and like I'm a liar for not telling my dad. It's
just sending me back, making me relapse. The self harm, the not eating, the
depression. It's all smacking me in the face at 100 mph.


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