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Wednesday, 23 March 2011
02:19:59 PM (GMT)
WARNING. SPOILERS. PICTURES. Day 8 - Most epic scene ever There are a few dozen scenes I could choose for this, depending on what you define "epic" as. I'm going to take the word as a single moment when there is absolute justice and what you really want to happen indeed happens. For this, I'm going to turn to Bleach, I think. And there are few moments of the same fight worth mentioning. 1. When Isshin Kurosaki finally joins the fight against Aizen, and reveals himself as a Captain-class shinigami to Ichigo. Everyone wanted to see this. Kubo-sensei made it happen. 2. When Gin Ichimaru double crosses Aizen and attempts to kill him by injecting poison into his heart. Gin had been portrayed as a bad guy for the entire series, but I always believed he wwas good deep down and would betray the betrayer. And he did. But then Kubo-sensei killed him. 3. The whole Urahara-Yoruichi-Isshin tag team against Aizen. 've wanted to see this since the beginning. Kubo gave us it. Sadly, they all got defeated too (except Urahara, actually, who was a sneaky bastard and injected a sealing Kido into Aizen's body, in order to trap him upon his defeat at the hands of Ichigo.) :D What can I say? Bleach is full of epic moments, and I could easily go on for a lot, lot longer. Kubo knows what his audience wants (except for 'ships. He has no clue about that. Dammit, we hate Orihime!!) The whole Aizen fight is epic, and these are some of the best moments. Other examples include: when Ichigo face-palms Aizen out of the city with brute strength, when Urahara appears and seals Aizen, when the Vizards arrive to help the Shinigami... and then outside of this fight: when Aizen is revealed to be still alive, when the audience realize Isshin is a shinigami, when Yoruichi turns into a naked woman, etc etc. There are loads. Also worth considering is the final fight in Fullmetal Alchemist. That's one hell of an epic fight. Hey, now that I think about it, it reflects Bleach, no? All the good guys teaming up to fight a godmoding bad guy, resulting in the main character losing something precious to them at the end: Ichigo - his shinigami powers, and Ed - his alchemy. Huh. Day 9 - Saddest Anime scene Talking of FMA, it's full of some of the saddest moments in anime history... and that doesn't just include character deaths (one of which is notorious for drawing tears). Again, here are a couple of the worst scenes. ;_________________; 1. You knew this was coming. The saddest character death of anime ever (yes, sadder than Kamina. I mean it.) Maes Hughes. This, single handedly, is the saddest anime scene ever. Why, oh why, Arakawa-sensei, did you feel need to kill off such a loved character? Just when he found out the truth... and he couldn't tell anyone! DX 2. When Roy loses his sight. That was utterly heart breaking, and it made it all the worse that he was forced into it against his will, and also, you know he will never be able to see his ambitions become a reality. T^T He's such a good man, he never deserved that. I literally cried. Arakawa-sensei is so incredible at displaying emotion - Roy's distress is so believeable and real... you feel the light draining from his world for every moment of his realization. Luckily, he regains he sight, so it's all good. 3. When Ling Yao accepts the Philosopher's Stone and becomes the new Greed. That's horrible. Literally, it was hard to watch - I really, really love Ling, and though it's his descision, the results are awful, particularly for Lan Fan. It's very sad during the Ed/Greed fight when Ed reminds him of Lan Fan who waits for him, and in that brief moment, he's Ling again. Also, Lan Fan and Fu's desperation for Ling to regain his body is also heart wrenching... dammit, I'm too soft. DX Also, when Ling finally says goodbye to Greed... that's also really sad, because Greed helps save everybody, though dies in the process (Ling sruvives btws. it's all good. :D) Other sad moments include: wehn Fu dies (and Lan Fan's tears drip onto Ling's face as she stops him from falling to his death... also, her automail begins to break and bleed - Ling demands she drops him, but she refuses), when Riza's throat gets sliced and oy's reaction to that (and the subsequent hug afterwards - that why i ship them! 8D), when Ed leaves the Hughes' house and sees Gracia crying, at Hughes' funeral when Elecia asks when her dad is coming back... yeah. Lots to name. But this is what makes Fullmetal Alchemist amazing. Despite all these sad moments, it still balances them all out with all thes epic moments and the sense of justice against evil at the end. FMA is the best thing out there, for serious.

‹colours and carousels♥› says:   23 March 2011   589973  
Wow, you were busy today xD
Bootheghost says:   23 March 2011   136311  
LOL, I just couldn't choose. XD 
‹colours and carousels♥› says:   23 March 2011   300425  
Hahaha, to be fair, I posted three options today :D 
Bootheghost says:   23 March 2011   133988  
It was hard choosing the sad scenes... seeing as FMA is full of them!
OH! And I should of including Gin's death there too... and the bit
where Rangiku finds him on the rock. DX That's bad, real bad.

And obvs Kamina's death seen from Gurren Lagann. But I'm gonna use
Gurren Laggan for "favourite mecha anime" in a few days time. :D 
‹colours and carousels♥› says :   23 March 2011   306536  
There were so many to choose from hahaha
To be honest I could have chosen ALL OF MINE from Pandora Hearts (it's
a sobfest lit.), but I thought "no, be diverse".

Fantastic grammar there: "I should of including"
I should slap you, really.

God yeah ;_;

Haven't seen that one, so it'll be a new one for meeeee 

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