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I Don't Have A Conscience???Category: (general)
Sunday, 20 March 2011
05:51:18 PM (GMT)
Okay so I seriously want to know! What the hell is wrong with me? 
So if you think about it; if a dog does something it knows it shouldn't do, and you
scold it, it will act sorry, and whine and puts its head down and lick you like 'I is
sorry'.  Do you know what I'm saying? So even animals feel remorse. And humans do
too. Or at least they are supposed to. Right???

But if you don't have a conscience, can you feel remorse? Can you feel love? I don't
know! And sometimes I feel bad for people, but only when they get hurt by others. I
never have any conscience for what I do to people. And the weird part is that
the people I enjoy hurting the most are the people I love. So do I have a conscience
or don't I? It comes and it goes; or at least it seems that way to me. *sigh* 
I just don't know.
Last edited: 20 March 2011

‹~WildBerri~› says:   20 March 2011   365076  
Well, and I'm not sure because I truely no I have no conscience
because I never feel remorse for anything, but aren't you feeling bad
and almost apologizing for posting this? Er, at least sort of I'm not
really sure but it kind of sounds like you are, but if you aren't then
no you have no conscience. If you have no conscience you use abuse and
hate people you feel no love for anything or anyone and the only time
you act like you have a conscience is to look good around others.
That's what it's like to have no conscience. Is that you?
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says:   20 March 2011   503005  
I don't feel bad for posting this..
I feel a little bad when i see something sad, like child labor
factories or my best friend struggling with bulimia. But when I hurt
people I don't feel bad. I lie to them and minipulate (sp?) them to
some extent... and I enjoy it.
The only thing is I think I do occasionally love people... or at least
I think I do? I guess I'm not really sure what love is.. 
‹~WildBerri~› says:   20 March 2011   359257  
Hmm well you have a conscience for certain things. I mean I have a
conscience for animals and small child, or some small children. But
anyone else nada. So you proabably have a small one and the love thing
well I guess it'd be like if you love some one you would like jump in
front of a bullet for them. Or at least that's how it is on movies.
Does any of that apply? If you manipulate people you have a way small
conscience and it's only there a little bit but sooner or later,
mostly if you are treated like crap or get hurt a lot, it will
probably dissapear.
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says:   20 March 2011   625382  
The way I love people is hard to explain... I don't want anything to
hurt them, yet I want to hurt them.. I want them to be mine. 
‹~WildBerri~› says:   20 March 2011   298464  
I see does that mean you want to hurt them phsyically or hurt someone
they like which in turn hurts them but also means you can have them.
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says:   20 March 2011   951022  
Uh.... I want to cause them pain, emotional pain or physical pain, I
don't care. 
‹~WildBerri~› says :   20 March 2011   536562  
I see that's kind of confusing. I thought love was like not wanting
anything to happen to them. Like your spouse I don't think ove
includes hurting them..... I'm not an expert but I'm pretty sure it
doesn't. Very confusing indeed.,....


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