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Saturday, 19 March 2011
06:54:05 PM (GMT)
1. Ever cheated on someone? How many times?: yes. once. 2. How old were you when you lost your virginity? Or if you are a virgin, what age do you think you’ll lose it at?: ooer. i was fourteen. 3. Are you “in love” with somebody? yes, i'm "in love" with somebody. 5. Have you ever done anything sexual on your parents bed?: HAHAHAHA. hell to the no. 6. Ever been “the other person” in an affair?: uh no. 7. How many people do you have a crush on right now?: nobody. 9. Ever had a one night stand?: ehhhhhherrrum. 10. Ever gotten drunk and couldn’t remember the night?: i don't get that drunk. 11. Ever been sexually harassed and/or assaulted?: oh no. 12. Ever had a crush on your neighbor?: no. my neighbors are always elderly. 13. Ever snuck out of the house? i do all the time. 14. How many illegal drugs have you tried? two? i think two. maybe. 15. Do you do any drug regularly?: that are prescibed to me, yes. 16. If you’re underage, do you still drink and/or smoke cigarettes?: no. 18. Ever attempted suicide?: yes. 19. Ever been to therapy? What for?: yes. depression. dur. 20. Have you ever been so upset that you stopped eating?: in between. i either get so upset i eat like mad. or i don't eat at all. 21. Are you clinically depressed? Are you taking anything for it?: YESSUM. and yes, i am. 23. How old were you when you first got kissed?: eleven. 24. Is there any “friend” of yours that you secretly hate but talk to anyway?: no. that's just rude. 25. Ever been in a relationship and wanted to end it, but stuck with it for some reason?: yes. everybody likes the feeling of being wanted. 26. Ever sent naked pictures to someone?: OJAJA. no. 27. What about sent them to someone you met over the internet?: no? 28. Ever been abused?: no.. 29. Did you ever run away? How long were you gone for and what happened?: yes. i was gone for a few hours. it started getting dark, cold, bug were bitting me, and i was hungry. the end. 30. Do you ever lie to yourself about things so much that you believe it?: why would i do that? 31. Have you ever liked someone when you were dating someone else?: i'm a whore. you answer that. 32. Ever dated a friend’s ex?: that doesn't even exist to me. of course not. 33. Ever done something with your friend’s significant other?: hell no! 34. Did anyone ever confide in you about being gay/lesbian?: yes.♥ 36. Do you know of someone who has done a horrible crime but never got caught? i mean, not really. 37. Ever stole a large sum of money?: no. 38. Ever purposely threw up?: gross. no. 39. Ever had an eating disorder? What happened?: nope. 40. Did you or anyone you know have an abortion?: yes. 41. Were you or any of your siblings in an accident?: i've been in a shit load of accidents. my siblings have not. or if they have, i forgot or don't know about it. 42. Ever found porn on your parents’ computer?: are sex toys a close second? if so, yes. gross. ikr. 43. Do you look at porn?: all day, everyday. no completely kidding. i don't. 44. How many people have seen you naked in person?: ohhh. i mean, a lot. 45. What about through pictures?: none. 46. Ever had cyber/phone sex? HAHAHA NO? 47. Ever got a piercing behind your parents’ back?: yes. but i took them out. thank the lord i did. 48. Ever sold or bought an illegal substance?: yes.. 49. What’s your #1 biggest fear?: balloons. 50. Have you ever faced that fear? What happened?: i do all the time. i just freak out. stop breathing. or i just cry. intense, right?

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