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I fell apart.. but got back up againCategory: (general)
Monday, 7 February 2011
08:55:29 PM (GMT)

200: Your name is: Elaine

199: You were born on: August 25

198. What turns you on: I don't really have a turn on. It just.. happens I guess.

197. Your eye color is: Blue. But they appear to be greenish sometimes.

194. Your ring size is: Erm. 8. I think. 

193. What is your favorite color: Blue

192. Your height is: 5'10'' Maybe.

193. You’re allergic to: Nothing I know of.

190. You live in: America. (Yes. I feel like being difficult and nonspecific.)

189. The last book you read: XVI(16) by some lady whose name I cannot remember. 

188. Your bed time is: 9:30 - 10:00 on school days. Other than that it's pretty much

187. Person you talk to the most: Ooh. I don't know. Probably Katie. 

186. Your favorite book: Ay! Too many to list.

179. Your favorite Holiday is: Halloween. LOVE IT.

178. The perfect kiss is: Out there somewhere? O_o

176. Last song that made you cry was: Hmm. Grr. There has been a grand total of ONE
and I can't even re- OH WAIT! Miserable At Best - Mayday Parade

172. Your most treasured possession is: My ipod. I love that thing.

170. What did you do last night: Well. I watched the Superbowl. Read. Then TRIED to
sleep, but it didn't go so well.

167. Your skin's reaction to the sun is (tan/burn): I burn. Bad. haha

:::::You Do/Do Not Believe In::::: 

143. Santa: Nope.

142. Love at First Sight: Depends. So... maybe?

141. Luck: Yes.

140. Fate: Yes and no. I believe you control your own fate.

139. God: I believe in some higher being. Whether or not it's God... idk. So.. yes
and no.

138. Aliens: Yes (whether they are intelligent or not, I do not believe we are the
only planet in all of the universe to have life. That's just not probable)

137. Heaven: I believe in an after life. So.. yes?

135. Ghosts: Yes.

134. Horoscopes: No

133. Soul Mates: Quite possibly.

:::::Which is Better?::::: 

129. Hugs or Kisses : Hugs.

128. Drunk or High: Neither. But I suppose I'd rather be high...

127. Phone or online: Online. 

126. Red Heads or Brown Hair: Brown hair.

125. Blondes or Brunettes: Brunettes.

124. HAM or PB&J: ham. I grew sick of PB&J cause I had it everyday when I was a kid.

123. Pool or Darts: Pool all the way. (across the sky. Yeah yeah so intense.)

122: Sci-fi or Horror: Horror. LOVE IT.

121: Boys or Girls: Boys.

120. Night or Day: Night 

119. Oranges or Apples: Apples.

118. Curly or Straight Hair: I like both. I've had both. :/

:::::What comes to your head ?::::: 

116. Scary: YOUR MOM. :O

117. Love: My friends.

115. Backstabber: Um... nobody has stabbed my back.

114. Parents: My mom and dad???

113. Fun: Singing

112. TV: Anything. I watch a bunch of stuff. Sort of.

111. Friends: Too long of a list.

110. School: Learning

:::::Last time?:::::::: 

109. Slept: probably about 2:00 in the morning 

108. Watched a movie: two days ago.

107. Had sex: Never. Don't plan on it soon, either. 

106. Read a book: Today. :]

105. Looked at the stars: Oh jeese. I don't know.

104. Danced: Today. XD

103. Missed Someone: Eh... Idk.

102. Hugged Someone: Today. Katie, David, Alaena, other Katy, Micaela, Brandon...

101. Seen someone you haven't seen in a while: The beginning of the school year.
Though if I took this tomorrow, it'd probably be Zach.


90. Who's the ditziest person you know: Jillian. I can't STAND her.

89. Who makes you laugh the most: Elan. Definately.

87. One thing you’re mad about right now: I'm not mad.

83. The last movie you saw in the theater was: Umm.... no olvido. (I don't remember)

82. The thing you don't understand is: Why he did what he did.

79. The things you love about the opposite sex: Hmm. Smile and humor.

78. This summer: What about it? :p

77. Next year you will be: Um either 16 or 17. Depends on WHEN next year.

76. Something you will really miss: Miss when?

75. The thing that you’re looking forward to the most: Oh goodness. I don't know. 

::::::What are you doing?::::::: 

71. Tomorrow: Going to school, and then meeting up with my play buddies.

72. Today: Well went to school and hung out for about two hours after with friends.
Then went home, did some homework, and now this.

71. Summer: HOPEFULLY seeing Ashlea again. XD

70. Next month: Something..?? I don't think that far ahead.


64. The person you have been good friends with the longest: Ashlea

62. The person who knows the most about you is: Ashlea.

61. The person that can read you the best is: Ashlea. haha

60. The most difficult thing to do is: Lick. My. Elbow. :P

59. You have gotten a speeding ticket: Nope.

58. You have the following siblings: None. I'm a lonely only.

56. Your zodiac sign is: Virgo, babay.

55. The first person you were in love with was: I don't think I was ever IN love.

54. Who do you feel most comfortable with: I don't really have one person I feel most
comfortable with.

53. The one person who can't hide things from you: Ashlea.

51. Right now you are: Eating a banana and filling out this quiz thing.

48. You have a job at: nowhere.

47. You have a pet: Dog named Penny (nickles and dimes. hehe) and a hamster named
MotoMoto and a bunch of stupid fish.

46. You hope: Tomorrow is a snow day. No quiero ir a la escuela.

45. The worst sound in the world: People cracking thier knuckles. I can't stand it.

44. The person that made you cry the most is: my mom.

43. Have you ever done drugs: Nope.

33. Your favorite piece of clothing is: Hmm. I'd say that lovely orange scarf of

32. Your favorite sport is: Soccer. Or volleyball. Or badmitten.

31. Last time you cried: Yesterday I believe.

28. The church you attend: Don't attend one.

27. Last person you got mad at: My mom?

26. Your worst experience: Hmm. That one time my grandpa scared the crap out of me,
my mom, and Heather.

22. The all-time best movie is: I dun have one.

21. The all-time best thing in the world is: WALRUSES. 

20. So, about them girls: I am one. Indeed.

19. The most annoying thing ever: YOUR MOM. No. I have many things I consider

18. The most annoying person is: Hmm. Too many to name. 

17. You lose all respect for people who: judge others without getting to know them.

16. You hate: anti-gay people. I love gays. :]

15. You like: Chocolate. :P

13. Your Favorite Month is: August.

12. Your Favorite band is: Paramore.

11. The worst pain you ever felt: Depression. It eats you up from the inside.
Terrible thing.

10. Your favorite phrase: "Everything in this room is edible. Even I am edible. But
that, my dear children, is called cannibalism and is frowned upon in most societies."
(hehehe. More of a quote... but idc.)

9. Your room: Ugly. It's been the same since I was seven. We're redoing it in the
spring though.

7. Your weakness: Blue eyes and pretty smiles. 

6. Who do you like: Nobody at the moment. All the guys I've liked in the past turned
out to be jerks. Or they simply liked somebody else more... -sigh-

5. Your family: Is messed up.

4. Who broke your heart: I don't think it's ever really been broken.

3. Are you happy: Not really, but I try to be. At least for just a few moments a

2. You filled out 200 questions because: It was something to do.

1. What do you hate most about yourself: The fact everybody asks me for advice. I
know people consider me a good friend, but I don't have all the answers. I try to
help, but really I'm probably even more inexperienced than you on almost any subject.

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