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Friday, 28 January 2011
08:25:07 PM (GMT)
Almost as strange as the Death Note/Tokyo Mew Mew crossover fic that was
never made.

I was randomly thinking on what would likely happen if zombies invaded the Ouran High
School Host Club. Not much more to say about it than that.

So... Here's what I'm guessing, anyway:

Tamaki: A good chunk of his charm and charisma vanished upon learning that the
zombies in the halls and classrooms were his former teachers, fangirls, and friends.
He's clearly horrified, and even more aghast at the prospect of having to hurt them
even when they are no longer human or in the irreversible process of turning.
Understandably, Hikaru and Kaoru call him stupid for this while the rest of the
members quietly agree, but violence is deeply against Tamaki's nature. 

He also has a greater chance of panicking and being caught by fear, but when he sees
one of his nakama being threatened, he suddenly becomes eerily efficient in his
manner of murdering the zombies until a) the threats are all eliminated, or b) the
zombies tear him to shreds. When a) happens, he then collapses and doesn't awaken
until two days later, which then he will have absolutely no recollection of what he

In the morning, before the world went to hell, Tamaki had recieved a long, thin
package positively wrapped in an abundance of postage stamps. Removing the covering
and bubble wrap, he discovered his mother's rapier. As a hobby, Tamaki practiced
fencing to be like his mother, who had been a champion fencer in competitions all
across Europe during her younger days. She had slaved for years over the arduous and
expensive process of getting the rapier from France to Japan without the Suoh
family's grandmother discovering this.

Weapon of choice: The Frech rapier heirloom that has been passed down his
family for many generations! *Sparkle Sparkle* 

As a thin stabby sort of weapon used more for dueling, it seems sort of ridiculous
and ineffective against zombies. Indeed it is, but I can't imagine Tamaki lifting and
using a heavy sword or having the training to effectively use a ranged weapon.
Nothing inelegant for the king of hosts! 

His position would be to keep zombies occupied and distracted while everyone else
takes their positions or move ahead quickly. As impractical as it is, it fits him,
seeing as he is reluctant to deeply injure his former friends-turned-zombies. It must
be quite exerting, trying to fend off several zombies at a time while not dealing
fatal blows, though you can bet how short that lasts before he finally admits to
himself that he needs to kill them in order to protect his 'family'. 

Kyouya: Upon the first sightings of the miniature (but steadily growing)
zombie horde in the school, he accepts that the Host Club is closed until the problem
has been dealt with. (Who the heck wants to be fawned over in the middle of the
zombie apocalypse?) He figures that there would be no loss in smearing his cool and
collected image in order to run wildly to the club storage room, seeing as everyone
would soon be dead anyway, but doesn't even bother to make an attempt at warning
anyone else even though he was fully capable at the time of instead choosing to run
to the main office, grab the intercom, and issue procedures that might have prevented
nearly hundreds of student deaths at the risk of his own life. In an uncharacteristic
fit of cold fury, Tamaki nearly strangles him to death when he finds this out. 

He's really got his priorities set straight. Preserve his own life ---> If that's not
immediately threatened, regroup with the Host Club members for the following reasons:

1. They're damn good at fighting. (Hunni, Mori)
2. They're valuable future business partners and connections, and saving their lives
would definitely cement any bonds for the future. (Tamaki, the twins, Hunni, Mori)
3. Someone still has a hefty debt to repay. (Haruhi)

He'll save someone if they're of use to him, but he won't expend the unnecessary
effort to save someone that likely won't lead to future profit. (Earlier) Conflict
arises when Tamaki sees him leaving a defenseless schoolgirl to some zombies in order
to further protect the temporary base that the host club has set up.

Weapon of choice: A rifle of some sort from an old hunting theme the Host Club
once did. As a megane character and the stock 'smart' person, by following
stereotype, he would be the sharpshooter of the bunch. His ammunition is extremely
limited, so he only uses his bullets when he absolutely has to. Every shot counts, so
any fires he makes would be very strategic, like sending a chandelier crashing down
so that the end takedown would be worth more than the expended bullets.

Hunni: Internal conflict!

Cute side: "I-I'm so scared! Eeeeek! Aaaieeeee! Mori, please protect me! Someone,
pretty please, SAAAAAVE MEEEEEE-"

Tough side: "Fuckin' zombies fucking up MY goddamn school! I'll re-murder the
everloving hell outta you fucked up bastards, BITCH!"

Before the Host Club, Hunni was a whole lot of Tough side with huge amounts of
suppressed Cute side. Mid-Host Club, he was a fairly good balance, with Cute side and
Tough side collaborating well so that if the situation called for it, the
corresponding side would dominate. However, the Cute side began creeping up more and
more often. He was growing soft, living the best life he ever could with all the
cake, cuteness, and happy things and friends that his rich and warmth filled life
provided him with.

Tough side is naturally pissed at having to toss this aside and Cute side doesn't
want to leave easily, having grown so accustomed to being free and out in the open.
It's who he wants to be. 

Hunni is smart and his sides aren't involuntary; they only have to do with willpower.
He understands that he must embrace his Tough side, but he worries that he'll lose
himself completely and that the innocence of his Cute side will be forever lost. He
tries to mix both in order to preserve Cute side, but as the survival wages on, Hunni
becomes increasingly more brutal in his methods of disposing the zombies and in the
way he acts.

Weapon of choice: ANYTHING. His height and lightweight nature (The cakes did
nothing for him...) make him very vulnerable, though. He's like the video game
characters that absolutely dominates the field when they have a full rage bar, though
even the lowest enemy can take him down in one shot.

Mori: Welp, as part of a clan dedicated to guarding Hunni's family,
apparently, zombie bite immunity runs in his family.

I won't joke. Let's say his family has been strictly guarding who and who does not
come into the family. Only those who are legendary in physical form, immunity to
diease, and badass levels are permitted to join. Over the generations, Mori has a
genetic code that is very resistant against whatever in zombie bites that will turn a

I will now turn back to my video game jargon, for there is really no other way to
full capture his function in the team so succinctly. One word: Tank. For those that
do not know, he take hits and deals out damage efficiently, but he's frickin' slow,
having broken his leg in a fighting tournament a week prior to the beginning of the
zombie attacks. He can't run and kicks are limited to one leg. If he lives long
enough to have his leg heal, Mori will be an invaluable addition to the team.

He doesn't care about zombies and their presense is only a threat as any other threat
is. Mori tends to prioritize the protection of Hunni, so on the occasion he will go
against plans and reason just to keep Hunni safer. It's just as well: He will abide
by the tradition of his clan that if the person he has been told to guard for his
entire life dies due to violent causes, he will commit suicide out of shame and

Weapon of choice: Pipes, baseball bats, sword-like objects and clubs in
general. Mostly, he uses his expensive and well made crutches.

If anyone cares, I'll do Hikaru, Kaoru, and Haruhi as well. Possibly Renge, Kasanoda,
and Nekozawa, too.
Last edited: 28 January 2011

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