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Sunday, 16 January 2011
09:58:05 PM (GMT)
How do you feel about the last person you hugged? hm. well. i don't recall who that person might be. Do you ever say 'OMG' in person? haha, yesss, to be funny though. Who was the last person you really felt like punching? oh gosh. POSSIBLY manuel. but then again, i wasn't THAT angry. Are you taller for your age, shorter, or average? shorter. Did you tell your last girlfriend/boyfriend that you love them? no, he didn't give me enough time. How do you know the last person you hung out with? well, i don't know, we met in sixth grade science class and have pretty much been friends ever since. If you went to the beach right now, what would you bring? mi familia y mis amigos. Where did you get the clothes you wore today? shirt-pacsun, shirt underneath-hand-me-down, denim skirt-glitter, and leggings-walmart. What's better: a surprise or knowing you're going to get it? jeeeeze. i don't actually know. surprise? Does your weight have three numbers in it? it does. somehow. i'm not fat and i'm very short. muscle i guess. my arms are like rosie the riveter. Can you taste the difference between store brand food and brand name food? eh, naw. Do you know anyone whose last name starts with P? yeahyeah. Do you have the last person you touched on MSN? i don't do msn. When's the last time you were on neopets? years ago. Someone wakes you up at 3am, what's your first thought? no. justjustjust no. What's the last thing you got in a vending machine? umumum. well, i don't remember but ellen got a pencil that smells like pink lemonade. c: What was the last thing your parents got mad at you for? ... actually, i seriously don't know. my memory isn't bad, i promise, i just don't know. Have you ever had a bathing suit fall off of you while swimming? haha, yes. Where do you go when you skip school? i don't skip, y'all. Do your pets have favorites? yep. high five's favorite color is blueee. Do you find flirting over IM easier then in person? heck yeah it's easier. What were you thinking about five minutes ago? i reeeally should be doing my homework. Have you ever heard the last person you laughed with swear? of course, of course. If the last person you called were in the hospital, would you visit them? definitely. Are there any dirty dishes in the room you're in? nope. How many people could sleep comfortably in the room you're in? maaany. Would you like to have a treadmill in your house? i would, i really would. but then it would make the house ugly. What's the longest you've ever liked someone without telling them? uhhh. i don't really keep track of that. Do/did you prefer your english or math teacher? oh jeeze, at this point, i don't know. i thought i liked my english teacher, but, i just don't think so. and i never really fancied my math teacher, so. Would you rather live with your parents or your grandparents? parents. Where were you 3 hours ago? in my room writing up a storm. Did you prank anyone on April fool's day? naw. Can/Did you get away with skipping class? i've never attempted and don't really plan on it. When is the last time you were on a swingset? last time it was warm enough. At sleepovers, do you usually sleep on a bed, couch or floor? depends on who's house and how many people. if there's several, we all take floor, if it's just two of us, bed. When's the last time you wished you could just disappear? Why? oh, i don't believe i've really felt that in a while. good. What's the sweetest thing a gf/bf can do to get you to forgive them? oh wow. i'm not great in this department, sorry. Do you dislike when surveys ask to describe your underwear? haha, it is actually a little weird, but not that big of a dealio. What was your last sent text about? about how i basically understood when manuel broke up with me. What would you do if the last person you hugged proposed to you? dude, i'm sure it would be awkward, if i knew who that was. Who do you talk to the most in science? ellen. Did you check to see how much fat/calories was in the last thing you ate? are you kidding? If the last person you kissed gave you roses, what would you do? yayay, mama gave me roses. :D Do you need to wash your hair? nope. already did.

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