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Chapter Two: Suicide's GhostCategory: Arrowette
Monday, 10 January 2011
10:52:54 PM (GMT)
The plane ride was almost fun.  I loved the view, and I got a whole row of seats to
myself.  A flight attendant came and brought me lunch after awhile, and it wasn’t
that amazing but it was better than I expected.

	After the plane ride, I followed Rachael’s instructions and looked for a bus in
the airport driveway with the Arrowette Academy symbol. 

I found the bus easily; it was big and black.  I slung my bag over my shoulder and
climbed in.

“Name, please.”  The fat driver scribbled on a clipboard.

“Tabby Gorsette?” 

“Tabitha…yup.  Okay, you’re good.”

I walked down the narrow isle.  The bus was mostly full.  Everyone looked older than
14 and younger than 17.  As I walked past, I heard fragments of random conversation.

“-yeah, she was iced up, and-“
“-fucking sui tried to-“
“-had a knife and couldn’t-“
“-called a bitch cuz she-“
“-lied about the taco bar-“
“-Oh my God!  You killed Kenny!-“

I sat down in the only empty seat, about ¾ back in the bus.  I looked to see who
said that last thing, and it appeared to be a blonde boy with the kind of swishy hair
that cheerleaders swoon over but anyone with half a brain or any self-respect rolls
their eyes at.

Someone sat down beside me just as the bus started to move.  I tried to look at them
without making eye contact.

It was a blonde girl, and she was crying.  She put her head black and her whole body
shook as the tears fell.  

	A black girl poked her head up from the seat behind us.  

“Ey, Robyn, what’s wrong?”

The crying girl breathed a shuddering breath.

“I almost missed the bus.  I almost got stuck here, in this city.  I got a little

Black Girl nodded like she understood.  Then she looked at me. 

“Hey- Lip Ring – You new?”

I felt my fingers move automatically to touch my piercing.  “Uh, yeah, I guess.”

“What’re you in for?”

I searched her face for a sign she was joking.  She seemed serious. 

I attempted humor.  “Uh, what is this, a prison?”  I tried to smile but
couldn’t quite manage it. 

Black Girl was not amused.  She narrowed her eyes at me.  “Answer the question. 
Unless you murdered someone by boring them to death with lame jokes…”

I blushed and hated myself for it.

“You mean, why did I get sent here?”

“Yes, genius.”

“Do the people who go here always have some kind of reason like that?” 

“Answer the mother fucking question, bitch.”

I recoiled at the venom in her voice.
Blonde Girl remained unphased.  

“Take it easy, Phaedra.  I already know what she is.”

“And how the hell do you know?” Black Girl-Phaedra snapped.

“She’s a sui.”

Phaedra laughed disgustedly.  “Like we need another sui.”

I struggled to find my voice.  When I did find it, it came out small.
“What the…what’s a ‘soo-ee’?”

Blonde Girl-Robyn turned to look at me.  “It’s short for suicide.  You’re here
because you tried to off yourself.  That makes you a sui.” 

Oh. Sui; pronounced soo-ee. A label?

“What… That’s none  of your…” I started to say, suddenly defensive.  “And
how the hell do you know that?”  

Robyn laughed a laugh I can only describe as cruel.  “Look at your wrist, it’s
not hard to guess…”

I gasped in horror.  The sleeve of my sweatshirt had fell back, revealing my scars. 
I felt my face burn like fire.  

	Before I had time to react, Phaedra grabbed my arm and held my ugly wrist in the air
for all to see.  “We got another sui!” she screamed.  Explosive laugher filled
the bus.

My vision swam. I couldn’t even cry.  I had never been so humiliated in my life.

“Consider yourself welcomed to the Academy,” Robyn’s voice hissed in my ear.

InkStained says:   12 January 2011   534365  
Super intense emotions!!! :D
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says:   12 January 2011   891821  
I will. Any suggestions??? :D 
InkStained says :   12 January 2011   839509  
Not yet. But I will let you know. 

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