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Wednesday, 29 December 2010
07:18:49 PM (GMT)
... Just because I felt like imparting my opinion onto you, Kupikans.

1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show Okay, there are films you should see, and then there are films there is no point in not seeing. This is a cult classic, there's no doubt about that. It's a "science fiction gothic romance rock opera", but that doesn't define the film in the slightest. This is probably the oldest film on the list, but easily the greatest - whether it be through comedy value or doing the Time Warp. Whatever takes your fancy. So anyway, this film is basically about a couple, Brad and Janet, who stumble across the castle of a mad, transexual scientist, Dr. Frank-n-Furter, who has just finished making a man "in just seven days". Hmm, I'll leave the rest as a pleasant surprise... I hope you like musicals. 2. Kamikaze Girls I just watched this film the other day, but it's easily one of the greatest things I've seen - it's Japanese, and also quite cult, it's main themes being those of Japanese subculture and fashion. Primarily, it's a comedy, about a lolita meeting a yanki, but the underlying message of their friendship is really emotive and makes for both a hilariously funny and heart-warming film. My favourite scene has to be the ending where Momoko defends Ichigo against the gang ♥ Definitely a film for foreign language enthusiasts and Japanese wanabees. 3. Into the Wild Again, another film I watched recent, though this one had a more profound effect on me as a person - the story is based on the true adventure of a man, dubbed as "Alexander Supertramp", who decides he doesn't want to live in a material world and so sets out on the search for "spiritual enlightenment", resulting in him ending up in Alaska to live off the wilderness in an abandoned bus. At first, his adventure is enticing, and he meets an aray of extraordinary people and discovers various walks of life - one encounter, with an elderly man who wished to adopt Alex, left me crying orz. Eventually, he gets to Alaska, as I said, and stays there for 113 days - however, when he wishes to return to civilisation, the river has flooded, and he realizes he is trapped. Mistakenly, he eats a posionous plant, and the last twenty minutes of the film capture his last days as he slowly starves to death. "It's not about being strong, it's about feeling strong." Never has a film made me question my own purpose before. 4. Pan's Labyrinth I do love my foreign language movies, and this is one of my favourite - a Spanish ghothic fairytale about a girl who meets a Faun in a maze, who insists that she is the missing Princess of the Underworld. She undergoes various tests to regain her memories, some of which are very nausiating (or full of LOL), including my personal favourite, the Pale Man. Underlying in this film is the war, and the impact on the girl's family and her evil stepdad (such a jerk he is)... and also the ongoing fight between the army base and some rebels in the woods. Also open to discussion is the symbolism that Pan in actually the Devil... which makes the film a lot more interesting to watch, if you consider it that way. 5. Donnie Darko Sadly, the end of this film was spoiled for me by my dad, but it's really, really bizarre... so much so that you really have to watch this beast. At least watch it for Frank. Because he truely is a beast. It's actually a really interesting insight into the main characters tormented mind, once you look on it with hindsight, but the slightly science-fictiony feel to the end is weird, but almost fitting, I guess. Again, this is another cult classic. (y) 6. The Lord of the Rings All three of these films are amazing in their own right, as is the book, but together they are something else; something justifiable as the greatest adventure tale ever written (okay, so Tolkien is an idol of mine). The cinematography is great, as are the battle scenes (fangasm right here) and the costumes (so I like the leather?). You need a spare 9 hours to watch them all from start to finish, but hey, it's worth it! For those not familiar with this story of all stories, it's about a legendary ring that, when restored to the dark lord Sauron, will result in the end of Middle Earth. Thus, this ring falls into the hands of a little fellow named Frodo, who, along with a bunch of other kickass people, venture to destory this ring in the "fires of Mount Doom". 7. Brotherhood of the Wolf Yet another foreign language movie, except this time it's a French one! There are two reasons this is such an awesome film - firstly, the actually plot is amazing, it keeps you guessing (except I had the twist spolied by a certain father orz), and has great characters and costumery. It echoes the Sherlock Holmes' "Hound of the Baskervilles", as it's about a giant "wolf" that terrorizes a rural French village during the revolution - and so, two hunters are sent out to slay it, only discovering some pretty horrific things. This is where the movie is great for a second reason, particularly in it's portrayal of the Catholic church during that period, which is of interest to someone in my stead religiously. It's honestly fascinating. Oh, and the twist is just fantastic, might I stress again. 8. House of Flying Daggers Chinese martial arts cinema... where do I start? This is but one of the many breath-taking movies I've seen of this genre, but I forced myself to pick just this one (but Hero and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon are worth the watch too). The location and cinematography are simply awe-inspiring, and I easily lost myself in the colours the first time I watched this film, despite the powerful, emotive plot and the really amazing actors - Zhang Ziyi and Takeshi Kaneshiro are really in their element in this film - the final fight scene, in particular, is fantastic. Oh, and the bamboo forest... all that greenery makes me 9. The Wicker Man If ever there was a classic horror movie... then this would not be it. Sure, it's an old one, cult if you will, but by no means does it stick to the genre defined by its predeccesors and successors. From the opening, you're uneasy - the music as the police man flies into the village gave me instant creeps, which was rather unnerving for a horror veteran like myself (who laughs in the face of Saw and such). Everything is a little off kilter as the cop searches for a missing girl - who everyone insists never existed. There is no violence or gore, but there are some horrific scenes and a couple of surprises. Also, the "psychosexual" nature of this film is really bizarre, as it is something never before done, and never repeated to the same effect in horror cinema. Obviously, the film gets its title from the last scene, one that is most iconic in the horror genre now... 10. Spirited Away I dig animation, there's no doubt about that, so I had to choose at least one. Miyazaki is a master of his craft, and one of the only studios that still creates its anime films through hand drawn animation, which is an incredible feat when you rewatch these films and marvel at the backgrounds of each scene. Spirited Away is probably his most well known film, gaining media attention in the west after it one an Oscar, which was rightly deserved. The story is pleasant, compelling, and a little dark in places, about a girl who ends up working in the spirit realm after her parents are turned into pigs. Oh, and the artwork is stunning as usual. 11. Saving Private Ryan I'm not usually one for war films, but this one is incredible. The first twenty four minutes are so realistic, my dad said, that he was crying the first time he watched this film (he has served in the Middle East for those who don't know). They even used real amputees on the beach to ensure realism! The soldiers' perseverance to find Ryan is compelling and you;re corssing your fingers all the way, shouting at the Germans, jumping just a little when the first man is killed... and then, after eventually finding Ryan in a field somewhere, a small band of soldiers have to hold off the enslaught in a tiny town... the first time I saw it, I ended with two hours of sleep that night (not good at school the next day), because I couldn't stop thinking about this film. 12. Pulse/Kairo Another film I watched recently after reading about it online and then finding it in a bargain DVD shop - a great find! So, the plot is mind-destroying. You've really got to watch the film a few times through (or Wikpedia it as we did) to actually understand what's happening, but the subplot - the exploration into the alienation and loneliness caused by modern technology - is food for a lot of deep thought. Oh, but it is a horror movie beyond all that, and does deliver most of the goods, even if the plot is a bit slap dash for viewers not of the film's native language (Japanese). But, if you're prepared just to watch on the fly and not think about what the fuck is happening too much, it's really worth it. Oh yeah, it's about ghosts. 13.The Last Unicorn DERPDERP 8D This film caused me to become to troll I am today. I am scarred for life, so I must therefore inflict this pain upon you too.
Last edited: 30 December 2010

VideoGame says:   29 December 2010   302109  
Second on Kamikaze Girls being one of the greatest things out.
OH AND LORD OF THE RINGS. And Spirited Away. But if you haven't watch
them then you're just not a human. Tehe. <3
fireonthemountain says:   29 December 2010   401140  
Never seen any of these 8D
‹colours and carousels♥› says:   30 December 2010   218354  
One I haven't watched... The Last Unicron... Is that a relation of
The Last Unicorn

No I'm sorry; Kairo, was mind-bending D:
Bootheghost says:   30 December 2010   764103  
StarDust says:   30 December 2010   367898  
Haven't watched that one either :/

Lololol why is Tron not on here? Why is Hazzy P and the Kidney
stone not on here??? 
Bootheghost says:   30 December 2010   769597  
^ Like 
StarDust says:   30 December 2010   606060  
like your face 
exquisite says :   30 December 2010   432869  
I've only seen 5 of those! D: 

The one I did like best out of my failing five however, has to be
Saving Private Ryan. I really like war films 'cause I like the history
of them. XD

And this one was pretty damn realistic and had me clinging onto every
second of the next scene. 

Good choice, it deserves to stay on that list forever. :'D

One I'll reccomend for you, is Memento. It's really, really like this
giant... (pardon my French) mind-fuck. You have to see it to
understand it, because words can't explain it. 

I'll stop filling up your page now. x]

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