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I'm scared of my imagination.Category: (general)
Sunday, 26 December 2010
03:48:58 PM (GMT)
Right, well. I wake up on Christmas morning after a very peculiar dream about the zombie apocolypse. Just so you guys are prepared, here's how it's gonna go: 1) The guys who were murdered come back first and go after the people that killed them or the families of the people that killed them. 2) Then the suicidal come back and kill themselves (again). 3) Then people who died in silly accidents and from illnesses come back. *Only the zombies that died from illnesses infect people when they bite, and they only infect them with a much higher dose of whatever killed them, which kills them painfully within minutes.* *The zombies have to be killed in the way they originally died. Except the ones with the illnesses, who can be killed by pretty much any means, but might kill you before they die.* *People killed by zombies don't turn into zombies.* Right and then this morning i woke up after having another VERY strange dream. I live halfway up this steep hill, and in my dream a volcano sprouted up at the top of the hill and 'melted' all the gardens at the front and back of houses and the road. At the very bottom of my road is a duel carriageway (like a motorway thing) which had been half melted but was being repaired. I walked up the pavement (sidewalk) to my house to find my garden flooded with lava, then grabbed a jetpack from nowhere and flew to the roof, and climbed into my bedroom through the window. I grabbed 3 backpacks and shoved all my chargers and gadgets and some clothes, blankets and food into them, then shoved them on my back, grabbed the jetpack and got the hell out of there as the walls started burning down around me. I was halfway across my front garden when the jetpack started running out, and then it wouldn't support my weight in it's weakened state and sent me plummetting into the lava. I threw all my stuff over the hedge and onto the pavement so i'd weigh less in the hope i'd get out alive... then the jetpack gave up completely causing me to end up in the lava. Not as bad as it sounds though, because whenever i have volcano-dreams the lava tends to turn out to be tomato soup. It was pretty spicy tomato soup though. So i paddle to the edge of my garden, grab my stuff and run down the pavement to where my friends were waiting (the soup was really spicy and it burnt my skin, so i didn't want to tread in it unless i had to). Then, the volcano continues with its erupting, throwing out giant bread rolls (volcanic bombs) and curry powder (gas) and streamers... (?) I don't like tomato soup. or spicy stuff. and i don't own a jetpack. so i woke up AT HALF 11 THIS MORNING like 'w.t.f. o_o'

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