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Saturday, 11 December 2010
10:01:21 PM (GMT)

a shot rang out
into the silent night sky
and that was the end...

This, is how my life ended.

A quick stray gun shot.  I dont blame anyone for my death.  I would sooner blame
myself for being at the right place at the wrong time.  I have been dead now for
about 5 years.  My life in true reality is amazing, but i wouldnt recommend actually
trying to get here.  Suicide will bring you to a different place, as will planned
murder.  The only way you could possibly get here, is that you where at the right
place at the wrong time.  

There isnt as many of us as you would think, most mugging and public assault that
ended in death had been planned.  Maybe not to the victim individually, more of a
who- ever- walks- around- that- corner- next kind of thing.  That is still planning. 
I, however, was not ever meant to be killed.  I just happened to be at the right
place, at the wrong time, as i have said before.  

You see, when i got shot, i wasnt even the one they planned to shoot.  I was merely a
passerby that got in the bullet instead.  I'd have to say that my death was the
opposite of peaceful, compared to what people may tell you.  I arrived in the
emergency room a full half hour after i had been shot.  of coarse, i was the one that
initially called 911, but the operator couldnt understand me and thought i was a
confused child.  

I was ready to just die right there, but unfortunately, a pedestrian walked by and
called again.  Ambulance drivers are either in heavy demand all the time, or they are
in desperate need of more.  it took a good 15 minutes to drive a few blocks.  I used
to be a nurse, and i would walk home from my shirt, and it takes me 15 minutes to
walk the same few blocks!  

After finally getting me to the hospital, they concluded that i was shot in the
trecea, and didnt have long to live unless they remove the bullet.  By then, i was
ready to die, and being a nurse, i knew the operation would be tricky.  And
expensive.  I would have rather died and left my family with funeral expenses,let
alone operation and ambulance expenses!  

But like always, they did the surgery, and quite obviously, it failed.  They didnt
prep me fast enough, and i died halfway through the surgery.  I dont understand why
they cant let people die if they want to, i mean, that surgery is tough, and i was
half dead already.  They let animals out of their misery all the time!  The animal
was in pain, and not soon coming out of it, and so was i.  

is all i got to.... and it was actually written about 3 months ago.... but yeah.... i
saw that this wasnt on here, so im puttin it on here.    oh  and the original was
just that haiku up at the top

‹Sir_Billiam› says:   14 December 2010   584572  
Thats really good, forget driving a limo you should be a novelist,
this is awesome i wanna read more.
‹Arissaxx› says:   14 December 2010   986095  
NO i cant write for shit man... that came to me in the dead of night,
and was just for like, cuz i couldnt fall asleep and i thought it was
okay so i put it on dA... 
‹Sir_Billiam› says:   15 December 2010   892892  
For god sake. Everything nice i say about your stuff you change it
and make yourself seem worse. You really have to stop doing this to
SinfulKagemusha says:   15 December 2010   807753  
if it were finished it would be decent. but its not, and that kind of
ruined it :O
Still, good job.
‹Arissaxx› says:   15 December 2010   972136  
yeah but i dont even FEEL like doing more with it.... 
‹Sir_Billiam› says:   16 December 2010   441962  
Ask people to add stuff to it then. You could make a collaboration
‹Arissaxx› says:   16 December 2010   243896  
okaayyyy.... how do i do that? 
‹Sir_Billiam› says :   17 December 2010   602030  
Write on the main bored ( you know in the twits section) That you
want people to add to a story that you have written. Tell them its
this one and tell them if they want to add something on write what
they want to add in the comments section.
Then the story will 'write itself' so to speak.


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