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Walking The StreetsCategory: Stories
Monday, 18 October 2010
11:14:38 AM (GMT)
I was walking down the dark, deserted street. It was the middle of the night and all
the shops were shut. This once busy street was now so quiet you could hear the
scurrying of the little mice as they rooted around the bins. The only sound that
disturbed this eerie silence was the sound of my feet echoing off the dark, shadowy
buildings. The sudden noise of an engine startled me. Ahead, a pair of bright lights
shone on me. The light was so bright it made me cringe and squint. The loud roar of
the car could easily be mistaken for an angry lion. The lion-like car zoomed down the
road and off into the distance. Soon it was a forgotten memory as the street became
quiet once more. 

I stood there as still as an ice sculpture, listening out to see if any more cars
were headed my way. But none were to be heard. So I continued my hurried journey. My
house was still a while away and I wanted to get back quickly, back into that nice
and cosy home where I felt safe and secure. While I was thinking of the warm fire and
the comfy chair I nearly missed the big group of people at the end of the road. I
stopped dead in my tracks. Silencing any noise I was making. I knew who they were at
once. The designer hats on backwards, the baggy tracksuit bottoms that were worn well
below their bum, the way they lean back when they stand and the distinctive smell of
cigarette smoke drifting my way. There was only one category I could give them.
Chavs. And a fair few of them as well. I didn’t know what to do then, walk past
them or around. I knew I would have to take a longer way home if I was going to make
it back alive. The ways chavs look just scare me half to death, it like a monster
under the bed when you were little, but only real. Before any of those night crawlers
saw me I slipped down a back street and hurried on my walking. 

The alley was narrow, too narrow for a car but just right for people. It was damp and
misty and gave off that traditional horror movie vibe which made me walk faster
still, my heart also quickening to keep oxygen going to my legs. I was scared now,
because I knew that if the chavs had seen me, I would be trapped. Like a rat in a
cage, nowhere out and tall strange people watching me with uncaring eyes. Soon my
fast walk broke out into a run; this alley wasn’t any more safe then walking past
the monsters that lurked on street corners. 

I was glad when I got to the other side; Stopping, I waited for my pounding heart to
slow down. I looked up and saw I was in a totally new place. Bright Street lights,
open shops, bustling people, all with bags of shopping in their hands. Having no clue
where I was, the shop signs didn’t help as none of the various names ring any
bells. I stood up straight and someone pushed past me, as if I wasn’t there, their
scarf blowing behind them and many shopping bags in their hands. I needed to know
where I was, I needed to know now. My train of thought stopped when I smelt fresh
food drifting from a shop across the street. My eyes wondered past the fast moving
people, so they just became blurs and one shop caught my eye. Greggs. My stomach gave
a growl to show I was hungry. What harm could going to my favourite shop do? Maybe I
could ask someone there where I was. So carefully I made my way through the crowd of
people, moving this way and that, like atoms in a chemical reaction. Time after time
I was hit by a scarf or a bag, but my eyes were fixed on one place and one place
only. Greggs. Out of the busy crowd I staggered, I could almost imagine the comical
‘pop’ sound as I emerged. 

My feet, no longer under control, walked straight into Greggs and I was hit by that
fantastic smell. Of pastry, buns, cakes, pizza, meat and many more delicious treats.
There was nearly no one there, which surprised me the most as, even at this time,
Greggs was a popular place. Talking of time, I had no idea what time it was. Shaking
my head of that thought I walked to the counter, watching the lights bounce of the
shiny floor. 
“Can I have a sausage roll and an iced finger please?” I told the young lady
behind the counter. 
She had long blond hair and wore thick rimmed glasses. She reminded me of a young
Head teacher at a school. Then I quickly remember about a drink, whipping my head
right I grabbed my favourite, Dr Pepper. It was cold and wet to the touch, which sent
a shiver up my arm. I rooted in my pocket for the little change I had and pulled out
some money all dull and covered in dirt, a girly pink sticker my little sister gave
me and some pocket lint. I counted the dull money and handed them to the lady who
smiled and thanked me. But before I could ask her any questions, she disappeared to
the back of the shop, like a dog that smelt its dinner. I just shrugged it off and
exited the shop. 

The streets were still busy, like the sea in a storm people pushed and shoved their
way through, with no manners at all. I stayed on the steps to Greggs, not wanting to
join the street war just yet. My stomach grumbling again I slowly opened the crinkly
bag to reveal my piping hot, steamy sausage roll. I took a deep breath in and
savoured the moment that the delicious smell tingled my nose. I pulled my sausage
roll out of the packet and felt it crumble away in my hands, the grease making it
slightly slippery. Taking a big bite I let out a satisfied hum and swallowed it
almost whole, it burning the back of my throat. I didn’t really care, it tasted too
nice. Quickly I finished it and decided to save my iced finger for later. Also not
needing a drink at this moment in time I left that for later too. Sighing I realised
I would have to now head to the safety of my home. Until it dawned on me. I scanned
face after face of the people that hurried past and realised where I was. It was a
place where people went when they went to nether heaven or hell, purgatory I recall.
Flashing back I remembered walking past those chavs, those monsters and seeing a
glint of a blade, a slash, a pain, blur, blank. I wasn’t heading home, I never made
it. Sighing again I gingerly stepped into the crowd and got swept away....
Last edited: 1 January 2011

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