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vier used to care but then was like 'fawk dat shiat'Category: (general)
Friday, 27 August 2010
06:16:02 PM (GMT)

Justice was a driving factor in his madness. In his godly manufactured soul he
possessed an untried kindness and patience that soon became engulfed in the rampart
vileness of his very being, and without question he threw away the rest of the light
emotions and brooded heavily with the dark ones. They became his only power, his only
way, and the only reason he needed to justify his actions. Within his youth he had
once cared deeply about life and the preciously little time attached to it. In an odd
case of hubris, it was his immortality that became his downfall. He realized he was
above the life he swore to help flourish, but what he did not realize was the fact he
was worse than the people that caused a stir in his defecting soul. He always
stressed the idea of a ideal world where everyone would respect each other and
respect him the most. He dreamed of people thinking greatly of his name and crediting
all the good things to him and blaming a nameless face for their troubles. No one
would be out of line, everything would be perfectly in sync with one another -- he
would make sure of it with all the power he possessed. Those who chose not to listen
would simply be disposed of by his own hands. He believed strongly in the fact that
it was 'justice' if he was the one to kill them since he was the one to let them

But there were obstacles in his way, as there had always been since the beginning of
time. Eight other godly forces worked against him and cut him down every time he
tried to start an uprising. To him, these other gods were the villains! He had long
abandoned hope and compassion for their darker cousins, yet the former two still
dwelt in the souls of men and gods alike -- but not his, oh no. By this time his soul
had eroded away to leave nothing but an empty place in his subconscious. He had
successfully detached himself from his duties as a god, finding the freedom far too
sweet after being forced into watching humanity betray his heart one time too many.
To please his black heart this god found a loophole in the speechless clause that
kept the gods in check. He wriggled his way into the hearts of men, evil men with a
stain of corruption already on their hands, and set forth new desires for the
downfall of their fellow man. Countless men have become the puppets of the cynical
god, dying as soon as he has had his fun and made his dark heart beat with

That god now rests his figure over the sill of his window room, looking out and into
the horizon of an Italian countryside sun set. He let out a sigh mingled with a
snarl, drawing up his shoulders and staring begrudgingly at the sill instead of the
view outside.

"Why do they do this to me... Galerano...?" His voice was hesitant, almost tinged
with something akin to remorse. "They don't even realize how much I care," he laughed
bitterly, drawing his eyes tightly shut to keep the salty tears that tried to escape
within their eternal prison. 

Galerano observed silently from his position, too indifferent to offer words of
comfort to a corrupt god.
Last edited: 28 August 2010

Satsujin says:   29 August 2010   116174  
I guess no one has commented on this yet since it's not a picture of
a guy and it requires reading. 

You're a pretty good writer! :u
solvoamor says:   29 August 2010   813303  
alkjskdfk ; u ; sankyuu I like getting compliments on my writing more
than my art since, well, like you said ONE HAS TO ACTUALLY READ IT
unlike art where they just look for five seconds and declare they
like it bah 
Gantai writes:   30 August 2010   280886  
You write so awesome!
I like how you put so much details in the writing and the way you use
words is incredible.~ 
This somewhat reminds me of Nazis/Hitler..o_e Don't ask
solvoamor says:   30 August 2010   991043  
D'awww -super flattered- this character is heavily based off Nazi
ideals later on in his life, so that's a good thing I got that across.
xD Thank you~! 
‹ikaeros› says:   1 September 2010   239240  
FSDFGFDGS <3 Amazingly written; I love the emotion conveyed
and how the descriptions aren't flowery and overwhelming.
solvoamor says:   1 September 2010   441091  
YAAAAYYY flowery... derp, I like anguish-y written stuff. Flowery will
never be typed by my hands. B| Thank you~ 
egirlpower says:   2 September 2010   489024  
Wow. Just wow.
You wrote this? (not surprised, both your art AND writing are
... Sheeeeez... That is magnificent.
I love your diction! It makes me feel slightly more... intelligent!
This is really sad though.. It makes me feel all torn 'n stuff. D:
So yeah. I've determined that your writing is beautiful along with
your art... 
You're making me oh-so-very jealous, man. :/
solvoamor says:   2 September 2010   335358  
I can only smile giddily in real life and thank you online. xD I truly
love it when people find my written stuff amazing. ; u ;

I'm glad you feel some emotion from this. That means I did a good job~ 
egirlpower says:   2 September 2010   445240  
Yay! Smiling giddily! XD
Well, it's true! You really have a talent for writing! ^^~
I'm glad that you're glad! (wow, that sounds kinda weird now that I
typed it. XD;; )
You inspire me along with many other people I know that are especially
amazing at writing and art.
The only things I'm truly obsessed with myself are writing and music,
but I'm surrounded by so many people that have SO MUCH more talent
that I do. XD
That's all good though! Just means I have to keep improving.. like my
math mark in school.. hahaha!
Plus, I love the feeling I get after witnessing talented art and
writing such as yours. So ... Thank YOU! : D
solvoamor says:   3 September 2010   162450  
oh my god it is not every day I get a comment like this...

TO INSPIRE SOMEONE, AH!!! I'm glad you feel that way and aren't all
'I'll never be as good as youuuu' which is what I always hear and
cringe at every time. 

No, thank YOU. I have my faith in humanity restored a little bit
thanks to that. 
egirlpower says:   3 September 2010   148905  
Haha! My comment was a success! XD
Sorry for the extremely long comments, though.
Well, I'm surrounded by people comparing eachother like that
constantly from my friends.. Except it's not toward me, but to one
another (I'm in a school that is 90% asian and the standards are
high... I love my smart friends XD;; )
Aw, I'm glad! Humanity isn't a complete fail after all. XD
‹sketch~phantasmagoricalfailure› says:   25 September 2010   739522  
i love you writing style, its very emotive, the way you describe
things..its just..well, excellent. i love how you dont overwhelm the
reader with needless description or babble on XD. 

' i really like this. and the picture to go with XD
Gantai shouts :   11 October 2010   664881  
HEY! You should write some more stories! D<
I'll be waiting.~ MWAHAHAHAAAAA


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