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Thursday, 19 August 2010
12:41:44 AM (GMT)
Name: Marina Autumn Mitchell. Also known as Dean, Rina, Joey, Marsupial. Age: Thirteen years and still kicking. D.O.B.: October thirtieth, nineteen ninety six, at exactly one oh two p.m. I only know that because it's right as days of our lives came on! c: Guess who was in DOOL? Jensen Ackles! Height: Five foot four Weight: One hundred and htirty some pounds. Family: Kelly Anne (Cummings) Mitchell and Thomas Troy Mitchell conceived a little brat named Shane Patrick about two and a half years after Marina was born, and Marina currently resides with her Aunt Dawn Lynn, and her Grandparents, Diane and Ronald Cummings, although her godfather is Patrick Cummings and Kelly Cummings should be her guardians instead. History:With a withered past and a blurry future Miss Marina had been through a lot. She'd grown up in poverty, living with her abusive mother and a missing father. Her father was constantly gone, working while her mother attempt to support herself and her two offspring, although failing through her own fault of her own life. Her mother abused her, and to this day still does. She'd been a daddy's girl forever, and she probably always will be. At four years old, her mother attempted homicide on the young girl by smashing her head into a radiator, and she remembers it until this day. She moved from the ghetto when she was about four or five, moving to Washington County, PA, about an hour from where she lived in Swissvale, PA. She lived in a small house in front of a horse field, just a hill away from Papap Tom and Gramma Nancy. She loved to play outside and ride a bike, and ride horses. That was her life besides school and collecting figure horses and stuffed animals. Her father was always gone, working at Jays Sports bar, giving her mother the excuse to take any rage of unemployment out on the older of the children, saying it was because she was almost as big as her maternal guardian. She took the beatings and abuse until her mother left for six months to go run off and tramp with an ex out of jail, leaving her offspring to their father who only helped them have the best time of their lives. By taking them on rides on atvs, dirtbikes, treating them to hang out with their uncle Ian and his son, Riley. Marina although besides horses absolutely adored pokemon. She had everything pokemon, she could name every one of them, as with Dragon Ball and Sailor moon. She finally moved out of Allison Park and moved to North Royalton, Ohio because of her mother. Her mother wanted to become best at what she wanted to, not taking into consideration her children or Husband. Marina loved it there, although she wouldn't admit it. She had many loving friends, even if not popular, she was famous. Famous for fighting and standing up for what she believed in violently of verbally. Whichever came first. She spent most of her school time in suspension but that was okay, she didn't mind. More time to draw. She met a really good friend in third grade, two years before she started middle school. That friend stayed with her through thick and thin, and one day before she moved out of North Royalton, disappeared. She came to Monroeville Pennsylvania and couldn't help but cry herself to sleep missing the school NRMS, she missed it so much. She couldn't help but get teary. She told others she didn't miss it and she loved it in Gateway although it was a lie. Two months after she moved to Gateway she smashed a girls head in and broke her skull, making the papers after two months because she stood up for herself. During summer she moved in with her parents in Forest Hills, then to Cecil next to Adam's, where she learned to drive and race. She spent time with her best friend in Ohio, then brought her best friend home with her and made the best of it, although it was equally as good as when she went to Cedar Point for two days. She only wanted the Adrenaline though, she had much fun with her best friend. She couldn't stand the abuse she was receiving form her mother anymore, she asked her aunt if she could live with her. And so she does to this day. And she'll be starting school back at gateway as an eight grader. She wouldn't be where she is now, having fun and loving life, if not for Victoria. Likes: Writing, talking, speaking her mind, helping others, hand made things, doing things on his own, drawing, playing video games, long walks, arguing, Supernatural, Paganism, music, Roleplaying, thylacines. Dislikes: People snapping off with an attitude, watching other people play video games, letting other people do things she's supposed to do, do laundry, do dishes, people who complain about their lives, homework, school, people in general. Sexuality: Asexual Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: N/a Married?: N/a Children: N/a Eyes color(s): A medium to dark brown. Hair: She was born with pale blonde hair, slightly curly and extremely thick. She's never liked it when anybody played with her hair, although she thought it was the most fascinating thing to get her hair cut. She kept it fairly long until her middle school years, where she just decided to chop it all off, and constantly dyed it. Currently it's short, black with highlights and a growing rat-tail. Appearance?: She stands a fair five foot four and weighs a healthy one hundred and thirty some. She's never been exactly the skinniest girl in the crowd, but she's never been the fattest. She isn't exactly okay with her weight and looks, and she tends to complain but she doesn't mean to. She's just an insecure girl like everyone else. She wears a c-cup bra but doesn't like to show off her chest, considering what happened to her which will never be told in public. Her thighs are thick and muscular, and her eyes are brown just like her natural hair currently should be. She has a beauty mark on her left cheek, and constantly has acne on her forehead and sometimes her cheeks. She has her ears pierced, and wears a pentacle with a quartz crystal around her neck, never to be seen without the tree of life on her ear or the pentacle on her neck.

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