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Untitled Story I Am Writing: Part One (Please Look)Category: (general)
Sunday, 11 July 2010
09:54:11 PM (GMT)
Well, I have no idea where I am putting the chapters yet. Anyways, here is part one.
Comment if you like to. Enjoy!

	Far off in the distance is a castle. The kind that is in fairy tales and kings and
queens made with the villager’s tax money. But really it’s a place where special
girls and boys go. It’s not a school. Instead it’s more than a school. A school
that you can only imagine.
*						*					          *
	“Come on Skye, we need to get to that school right away,” said Mrs. Neal,
Skye’s mom. Skye grabbed her bag and took one last look around her room. She was
going to miss her light pink walls, and everything else pink. She closed her bedroom
door and ran down the stairs. She almost bumped into her older brother, Brad. With
his dirty blond hair, hazel eyes, and very tan skin he looked like he belonged in the
family. In fact he looked exactly like their mom, but in a boy version. 
	“Watch it,” he snapped and walked up the stairs. Skye sighed. She longed to look
like her family. Instead her genes had another idea. She had perfect blond hair, blue
eyes, and very pale skin. She walked out the door and to the car, which her mom was
waiting for her. She got in the car slowly. Mrs. Neal turned to Skye.
	“Now Skye, I know you are very lucky to get into Castle Academy, which I and your
father are very proud of. But, honey, you don’t have to do this. You are only a
freshman, and fourteen years old,” Mrs. Neal said.
	“Mom, I am just going to England. It’s right across the ocean. It’s not like I
am going to Russia. Plus, this school should be good for me,” said Skye. Mrs. Neal
drove off, and they didn’t say another word to each other.
*						*					          *
	“Oh, Skye I am going to miss you so much! Good luck though!” said Mrs. Neal
while giving Skye one last hug before she got on a plane. Skye hugged her mother
back, and walked down the long hallway to the plane. She stepped on the plane and
found her seat. She sat down, and a few moments later another girl sat down next to
her. The other girl had brown curly hair, ice blue eyes, shiny lips, and really
tanned skin. She was listening to her ipod, so Skye didn’t say anything. 
	Instead Skye looked out the window. Secretly Skye couldn’t wait to get away from
her family. Her brother, Brad, was always making fun of her at school when he picked
her up. Plus, it was only when she was talking to cute boys or hanging out with her
friends. Her friends thought it was funny. They always thought Brad was hot, because
of his looks and him being quarterback. She thought of her dad next. He was always at
the office doing “work”. Secretly, she thought her dad was seeing another girl at
the same time. Finally, she thought of her mom. Her over protective mom. She didn’t
let Skye go to any parties or really do anything fun. Finally, a voice came on the
loudspeakers. It was the captain saying that they were ready for takeoff, and they
needed everyone to put on their seatbelts. Skye did what she was told. The girl next
to her took off her headphones and listened. Then they took off. Skye has never been
on a plane before, much less left the house. The girl already put her headphones back
on. Skye looked out the window. All she saw where clouds. Finally, the girl looked
over at Skye.
	“Where have my manners gone? Oh, well I guess that’s what happens when you
don’t have parents around you. Hi, my name is Katrina,” said the girl that was
seating next to Skye. Skye turned around to look at the girl.
	“My name is Skye,” Skye said. Katrina laughed. Skye gave her a perplex look. 
	“We are in the sky and your name is Skye. Get it?” said Katrina. Now it was
Skye’s turn to laugh. “Here you would totally love this song.” Katrina handed
Skye a bud. Skye put it in her ear and listened to the music. Katrina turned it up.
Together Skye and Katrina listened to the music blaring until the plane landed in
*						*					          *
	When the plane landed in England Skye said good bye to Katrina and got her bags. She
was supposed to look for a group that held a sign up saying Castle Academy. Skye
looked around and she saw a big group of kids. She walked toward it and sure enough
that was what she was looking for. She walked over.
	“Name?” the guy asked once Skye reached him.
	“Skye Neal,” Skye said. The guy looked down the chart, and checked her name off.
Skye went into the crowd. There was a ton of people, but one person stood out to her,
Katrina. Skye was about to go up to her, but she didn’t need to, because Katrina
noticed her first and gave a little wave and then motioned her to come over to her.
Skye slowly walked over to Katrina. Katrina had three girls talking to her at once.
Yet, you could tell she was listening to every girl like a best friend would. Skye
finally reached the group and Katrina turned around to face her.
	“Skye!” she yelled. Then she smiled. Skye smiled back. “Will you be my
roommate? Cause these girls behind me…they are great and everything…but they are
arguing over who gets to bunk with me, and you know I can’t just chose!” Skye
laughed. Then she nodded. Katrina turned back to the girls and told them something.
The girls’ faces dropped. Katrina’s face dropped a little, but she talked a
little more and they just nodded and walked away.
	“Everyone grab your bags and your roommate and let’s get on the bus!” yelled
the guy. Everyone reached down and grabbed their bags. Katrina hooked her arm though
Skye’s and together they walked out of the airport and onto the bus.  
*						*					          *
	The bus ride was really loud. Personality Skye was glad she got off the bus. Katrina
wasn’t really happy. She wanted to be the center of attention once again. But that
really didn’t happen with just two people trying to unpack. Katrina didn’t know
why she picked Skye as her roommate. Skye was the type Katrina really didn’t hang
out with. Sure Skye had blond hair and blue eyes, but she was a pretty shy one.
Katrina could tell right away. She waited until the last second to actually talk to
her. Katrina was actually hoping for Skye to introduce herself first. Yet, that
didn’t happen. Once again Katrina had to step up and be the outgoing one. Katrina
really didn’t mind this though. Katrina was the kind of girl who was good at all
sports. Katrina was the girl who was rich. The only thing Katrina didn’t have was a
family. She lived with her mom on the weekdays and her dad on the weekends. Katrina
sometimes saw her sister who was in New York to become a model. Katrina was just
getting to the end of her clothes when she looked over at Skye. She was already done.
Skye was sitting on her bed looking out the window.
	“Can you um help me? Cause I have a lot more to do,” Katrina said. Skye got off
the bed.
	“How much did you pack?” asked Skye. Katrina laughed. Then shrugged. Skye sat
down next to Katrina on the floor and together they got done with unpacking. Their
room was amazing. Katrina had purple bedding and Skye had pink bedding. Everything
looked wonderful together. Skye looked at Katrina and smiled. Katrina smiled back.
Both girls knew that this was just the start of a wonderful friendship.
*						*					          *
	“Now, children please quite done,” said the headmistress. Everyone went silent.
Katrina and Skye were in the dinning room waiting to be told that they could eat
their dinner. “Welcome to Castle Academy. You don’t know anything about this
school. You think you do, but you don’t. This school is meant for special people
like you and me.” Skye and Katrina looked at each other and gave a perplex look.
“Boys and girls can no longer commutate to each other. The reason is, because you
need to find your special power. The opposite gender will always hide that away from
you. So now on you guys will be separated until sophomore year.” Katrina looked at
Skye. Katrina gave her sad look, but Skye just shrugged. She could care less about
the boys. “Now, your powers can be anything from reading minds to seeing the
future. To help you find your power you will be taking special classes. That is all
for now. Eat your dinner.”
	The headmistress walked off the podium. Katrina and Skye ate their dinner talking
about their old schools. Then dinner was over and Katrina and Skye went into their
rooms and fell asleep.
*						*					          *
	“Come on, Baylor, wake up!” loudly whispered Joe while shaking Baylor. Baylor
opened his eyes.
	“Dude, I was sleeping,” said Baylor.
	“Yeah…and this is the last night until the guards get here…making this the
last night we can sneak out,” said Joe. Baylor looked at Joe. In just the moon
light he could make out his brown eyes, his dark black hair, and the freckles across
his face. This was Baylor’s second year at Castle Academy and his second time being
Joe’s roommate. Baylor got up while Joe was already changing into normal clothes.
Baylor grabbed a sweatshirt and was good to go. Baylor and Joe walked out of the door
and went down the long hallway.
	“Where are we going, exactly?” asked Baylor.
	“Shh! You’ll see when we get there,” said Joe. They went down the spiral
staircase. It lead to the kitchen. Joe stopped and sat on the counter top. Baylor
just stood.
	“This is it? This is your big plan of sneaking out? Come on, Joe, we used to have
better plans than these,” said Baylor.
	“Shh! This is where these two girls come,” said Joe. Of course Joe had seen the
future! That was his power! And now Baylor was standing in the kitchen waiting for
these two girls that probably won’t show up. You see Joe’s power is very weak. It
will grow stronger, but Joe was still young. Once Joe made Baylor sneak out of the
castle to a bar in the city, just to see some girls. Turns out it was the wrong bar.
Joe tried to explain to Baylor that it was very hard to see, because he only got one
scene and it was blurry. Baylor didn’t believe him. Maybe, it was because Baylor
had a different power. Baylor’s power is to move objects when he pictured something
happening. It comes very useful sometimes. Just when Baylor opened the fridge they
heard whispering. Joe looked at Baylor and Baylor starred right where the whispering
came from. Joe and Baylor moved close to the door and put their ears against it. They
could here the two girls talking.
	“Come on! I am hungry. That dinner wasn’t very good. I mean how eats seafood?”
said the first girl.
	“I don’t think we are supposed to be out of our room,” said the second girl.
Then before they knew it the door opened and the boys bounced back. Both girls
screamed. Then they stopped.
	“Hello my name is Katrina,” said Katrina while pointing to herself and then she
pointed toward Skye, “And that is Skye. Who are you guys?” Baylor looked at Joe.
Joe smiled back at him. This time Joe was right about the kitchen. Baylor went back
to the fridge. He didn’t want freshman girls to know who he was. They weren’t
even supposed to be talking to them right now. 
	“I’m Joe and that is Baylor,” said Joe. Baylor turned around and gave him a
dirty look. Joe gave him a what-are-you-going-to-do-now look. Baylor smiled and went
back to the fridge. He closed his eyes and pictured Joe slapping himself with his
hand. Then he heard an ow, and his name, and then stop. Baylor turned back and smiled
at Joe. Joe gave him an evil look. Meanwhile, Skye and Katrina looked at them like
they were so weird. Joe turned back to Katrina. 
	“Baylor can move things…with his mind,” said Joe. Katrina turned to look at
Baylor. She saw green eyes, very tan skin, and blond hair. Katrina smiled at him, but
Baylor didn’t return the smile. Baylor was just going to go back to his room when
he heard footsteps on the staircase. He froze. Then he listened to the click clack
the shoes made. High heels…which would only mean one person. The headmistress.
Baylor cursed. Then he turned to Joe. Joe gave him a worried look. The girls looked
more confused than ever. “Baylor make her turn around.”
	“I can’t my power isn’t that strong,” said Baylor. “Hand me a banana.”
Joe did what he was told and handed Baylor a banana. Baylor took out the fruit, so
all he had left was the banana peel. He threw the banana peel as far as it would go.
Then he turned around to Joe. “The idea is for her to slip on the peel and make her
go flying. Then when she lands we will go up the stairs.” He turned to the girls
who were still confused. “Got it?” he asked the girls not Joe. The girls just
nodded. Baylor was by the staircase and he could tell everyone was by the staircase
too. He closed his eyes, and pictured what would happen. Baylor heard a scream and
then a thunk. He opened his eyes again and ran up the stairs. Joe was behind him and
in front of him was Katrina. They made it to the top of the stairs, but that didn’t
mean a thing. Joe whispered good bye to the girls while Baylor ran into his room. Joe
closed the door and hopped in his bed. Baylor and Joe went to sleep, but they knew it
would be a long morning.
*						*					          *

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