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Had An Awesome Day! =) (Saturday July 3rd)Category: (general)
Sunday, 4 July 2010
01:50:48 AM (GMT)
For the past week my friend Brittany and her parents have been hitting at meh, mah
mom, and my brother to go to this thing at cornerstone and i was like ok sure. So we
went at like 3:30. It wasnt rlly hot outside but we knew we were gonna be on a water
slide so Brittany were a brown tanktop, white basket ball shorts (big mistake) and
flip flops. I were a black tanktop, blue shirts, and black flip flops. Well when we
got there there was already allot of people so we jus started walking around and
checking everything out. There was a place infront of the gym were they were grilling
hotdogs and they had drinks and stuff, there were people racing there cars and
4-wheelers and motorcycles on hills and in ditches and through mud, tht was pretty
friggen cool especially when you were really close and you got splashed with mud lol,
then there was a live band, a blow up water slide, a huge pond tht you could jump in
and swim, a face paint thing, a moon bounce, and this blow up maze thing, it was like
something from wipe out and the part you enter through was like a wall with two slits
in it and two ppl went at a time and you each go through the slits and they were like
rlly hard to get through but when you did you step into this weird thing kinda like a
gigantic flower and when you stepped in it would knock you in the face lol and then
you go through the tunnels and you would ALWAYS fall when you get out of the tunnels.
Well meh and britt ran to the waterslide and went down tht abt 10 times and we walked
over there to the maze well meh and brittany being as smart as we are didnt kno the
front part of the maze was the wall with the slits (even though in big white letters
it said  ENTER) so we went to the other end and went through the tunnels and through
the middle and got to the flower thing and from the inside you cant see the slits in
the wall so we didnt kno where to get out so we jus turned arround and came out the
way we came in and we got to the middle where you had to go over or under a bunch of
bars and i jumped through and slid out of the tunnel but brittany hit one of the bars
and fell and started cussing the maze and she finally got out and she was like "katie
i hate tht stupid maze im never goin in it again' and i started laughingat her it was
so funny. Well we went back and got on the waterslide for like 10 minutes and then we
started walking around and we went and got our faces painted. I got a blue peace sign
and a little pink heart on the left side of my face and britt got a black and red
butterfly on the left. Then we went to the racing area, then went and got a coke. We
decided to go bck to our waterslide, we were there like 15 miutes and we were also
listening to the band and some ppl told us they were abt to put up a 300ft slide
going down a super steep hill like a half a mile from where we were so we put on our
flip flops to wal up there and the wal is up hill and since our feet were wet we were
slipping out of our shoes and we kept nearly falling so we jus took off our shoes
turned around and went a quarter mile to the car and put em in there and checked our
fones. Then we walked tht 3/4th of a mile to the waterslide and we got there and
there was a big line so we got up there with Britts mom and waited in line. Well
Britt and meh were both kinda scared cause this is a slide going downhill at three
hundred feet and the water presure was strong and there was abt 3 feet of water tht
you landed in. So we decided to go down together. When we go to the front of the line
they had this 5ft blue mat tht they let meh and britt slide down on together and
britt got on the front and i was on the bck well they let go before brittany could
grab on the front so she leand bck on meh and was holding onto my legs we got abt
100ft down and the friggen thing started spinning in circles and we felt like it was
abt to flip ar slide into the cement bricks but it was so awesome i had such an
adreniline rush tht i was screamimg "Woo!! Yeeeeaah!!!" and britt was freaking out.
lol Well we hit the 3ft of water and we jumped out of the water and i was like
"Dude... tht... was... AWESOME!!! Pound it!" And we pounded it and i grabed the blue
mat and we ran up the hill and i was so hyped up we were like monkeys on crack we
were shaking and talking like bla blah blah and dieing to do it again. So we did tht
abt four times before they put it up and britts white basketball shorts were brown bc
the water was from the pond but it was still awesome and then we went and ate some
hotdogs and got a mr pibb and listenend to some more awesome music then when it got
dark we watched 20 minutes of fireworks and came home at abt 9:20. This day was
awesome! =)

‹*&&OmG!It'sBRITTANY!!!!!&&*› says:   9 July 2010   771445  
i want to do it again sometime.......
aaand katie is soooooooooooo awesome and the 
most coolest friend ever aka a dork................................
MY DORK!!!!!! 
‹Katie Michelle(: <3› says:   9 July 2010   164201  

Well if im your dork then your my dweeb =p 
‹*&&OmG!It'sBRITTANY!!!!!&&*› says:   9 July 2010   344779  
‹Katie Michelle(: <3› says :   9 July 2010   662028  
Yes were both weird
and your rlly funny
you kno why?
You had to ask meh how to spell weird.


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