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Sunday, 27 June 2010
04:50:57 AM (GMT)
My story is going well- on page three now. I'm really feeling this one. 

However, I kind of crippled myself. For a long time I couldn't do creative writing
unless it was on here.

So I will not be adding it in the foreseeable future. Sorry guys. I still
really need your input of some of the details.

Anyway, with all the energy I've been putting into this story, I haven't been doing
Kirti's Mind Theaters' lately! And my creativity is like a car battery.
The more I run, the more power I get. So here's a Kirti's Mind Theater, with some
brand new characters! And, a bit of swearing. Not a big deal. Also- Betcha you can't
figure out who's the protagonist right away~

Not really kidnapping, right?

      "We are dealing with a disappearance here," Agent Frank Nelson addressed a room
full of local authorities.
"The victim is Grace Adems, her boyfriend reported her missing when she didn't come
home from her day job." Eric, the "prep room assistant", which is a fancy way of
saying "police water boy", looked around at the muscular cops and their intent
expressions. Nobody focused like police officers, Eric figured. They weren't very
bright, but they could focus. They listen like they think they can gather the words
together, sew them into a symbolic blanket, lift it off metaphorically, and find the
not at all symbolic or metaphorical victim hiding underneath commenting that it sure
was dark under there.
     "Our only suspect is her ex boyfriend Ric Abraham, who called his secretary
several days ago to say he needed some time off but hasn't been seen since." Agent
Nelson continued.
Ah, yes. I wonder if anyone else will notice how not at all unusual it is to not see
someone who has said they are going to be on vacation.
      "But sir, doesn't it seem rather ordinary for someone who's taking a bit of
time off to not be in town?" asked a young-ish patrol officer, Steve Earls.
       "Ordinarily yes, but Ric hasn't taken a single day off in the twelve years
he's been working at this company, and in light of the disappearance, it's strange."
Agent Nelson explained. Eric shook his head imperceptibly. That's not strange at all,
I do the same thing. I get three days off a year, but have never missed a day. Next
winter, I'm spending my fifteen sick days in the Bahamas.
       "She's been missing for twenty five hours. We need to figure out why he'd take
his ex hostage."

25 hours previous

      Grace Adems looked around the empty parking lot of Dame James' Bookstore
Chain™ in frustration. She'd left her lights on, and while she finished stacking
all the other employees had gone home, leaving her without any source of a
      She thrust her arm elbow deep in her bag and came out with her cell phone. As
she flipped it open her thumb brushed the familiar scratch marks.
                          Ric and Graces phone ♥
       Grace grunted at the memory, and tried to text her boyfriend. Then she tried
to call her sister. Finally, cursing, she pressed and held speed dial two.
       Ric was slumped on the couch in a way that made him hurt on the inside. He was
a chiropractor who had decided to become a private practitioner. But since he no
longer had an employer, no one forced him to do his job, and he had been to depressed
to go into work for a about a week in a half. Actually, Ric hadn't left the house in
that long. He was starting to run out of food, but expired milk can go quite a ways
toward filling the empty soul when mixed with an entire bottle of chocolate flavored
      Why is it chocolate flavored syrup? What's the chocolate flavoring? He
wondered blankly.
Nothing very interesting was on television, so Ric strongly considered flipping over
and sleeping. Hm... No. Too much work. His posture really was bad for his back, but
he was depressed, so didn't move.
       Going to his bedroom was right out of the question. Just over a week ago Ric
had come home one day to see a note from Grace on the door saying that the year spent
with him had been one she would always regret, and she was seeing someone else. Ric
went in hoping to have Grace tell him it was a joke, but instead half the house had
been emptied. She had taken all signs of her presence. She wouldn't take any of his
calls. She had just slashed him out of her life, without any warning or explanation.
And Ric needed her.
       The phone rang and caller I.D flashed across the screen. In an uncontrollable
lurch of movement Ric jumped off the couch and landed unsteadily in front of the
landline. Heart pounding with hope he snatched up the phone, only to have it crash to
the floor. Scrambling he picked it up and tried to keep his voice friendly.
       "Uh um- ah yes hello. Grace. So great to hear from you-"
"Don't get any ideas asshole. My battery's dead, I just need a ride."
        Ric was silent. He thought for a second, then he looked back at the garbage
strewn couch, and around at the too empty house. He thought about Grace. He spent a
long time thinking about Grace. Then he made his decision.
        "I will be there. Please, just... Just give me five minutes!" He said,
and threw the phone at the couch. 
From the time he left his driveway until the moment he was within sight of the
parking lot, Ric went eighty miles an hour. He parked so that the passenger seat was
right next to Grace, but she climbed in back.
        "Just take me to Benny's so I can get a tow." She stared out the window. Ric
pulled out of the lot and drove towards the repair shop. Then, as they approached, he
locked the car and sped down the road. Grace whipped around to stare at it as the
building receded into the distance.
        "Ric? What the hell do you think you're doing?" she screamed, kicking
her backseat. 
        "It's been fourteen crapping months Grace, we're not going down like this." 
"Yes. We. Are!" They left the town completely, and the back of the Welcome
sign faded from the rearview mirror. Suddenly Ric cranked the steering wheel and
Grace was knocked sideways as they ran over bumps in some back country road.
         "You didn't buckle? Why wouldn't you buckle?" Rics' eyes stared at her
through the review mirror wide with alarm. Grace struggled back into a seat as the
launched over a decaying tree.
        "Ric! stop the car!" "You want me to stop the car? Is that what you
want? Fine! I'll stop!" he shouted back, and swerved past the foliage and into
a patch of trees before slamming the breaks. The car was silent once he parked. They
both sat panting.
         Ric twisted to face her. "I'm sorry about this Grace. But I'm a desperate
man. You're going to talk to me." 
"You just fracking kidnapped me!" Grace shrieked.
        "Honey, you're getting hysterical," Ric said patiently. In response Grace
yelled at the top of her lungs for several minutes, occasionally stopping for breath
or adding in the stray cuss word. Ric sat petrified and took it, unable and unwilling
to plug his ears. After what seemed like an eternity her voice broke. Ric blinked,
unable to fully handle the situation, but afraid of what she would do if his eyes
stayed closed.
       "Whoa. Whoa whoa whoa, Grace. You done?" Rics' voice was filled with concern.
She rasped back something inaudible, but still obviously offensive.
        "Hang on, I got some water in the glove compartment," Ric said, and set about
rummaging. Praying there was no sell by date on water he offered it the bottle, which
she accepted with a glare. After she had taken a sip, Ric ventured to try the
conversation again.
        "Come on Grace- talk to me." Ric pleaded. Grace turned away from him. Ric ran
a hand over his face, then slammed the dash in frustration
        "Fine. You don't wanna talk to me? Don't. Because honestly, right now there
isn't anything better for me to be doing," Ric pulled the keys of the ignition and
shoved them down his boot.
       "So you and I are going to sit here until you have the decency to explain-"
Ric said, hoping to bait her into responding.
"Why should I have to explain anything to you?" she spat at him. Suppressing a smile,
Ric undid his seatbelt and turned to face her.
       "How about because you asked me out, but I picked you up for dinner. Or
because when I told you I bought a place big enough for both of us, you already had a
suitcase ready. Or maybe because I carve our names into that cell phone, but you
needed to add the little heart." He paused for this to sink in before saying.
        "It takes two people to start a relationship, so if there's any justice left
it takes two to end it. And I don't think I'm ready to be one of them." He said.
Jesus, why don't I just let her go? He asked himself.
        Because by Mary, she's worth it.
"... The great thing about what you just said is that you don't have to be. There's
me, and Jerry. That's all I need," She said icily. Ric fought to keep his tears out
of his voice.
        "How long was this going on?" He asked tremulously. Grace straightened up and
said the lie that broke him down.
        "It's been months, Ric. I was with him for lunch the day after our
anniversary. And both our birthdays. And the night after Valentines day. Every time
you messed up, I planned another date. I saw more of him than I did of you."
        Ric slumped sideways against his seat. For a long time his chest heaved with
suppressed sobs. It didn't matter whether she was watching or not- really she just
wanted him to get through whatever pent up emotion he had to deal with and move on.
It had been four hours since she got in his back seat.
        Finally, without moving he muttered "You could have told me. I would have
been okay with it. I'd have let him move in with us if that's what you wanted."
       "You know, I'm sick to death of you doing that. Ever chance you get, letting
me know you'd do anything for me. I don't want your devotion, I want your
goddamned love."
"Well you got both, you damned brat," he said. "Screw you, Ric," she said. He didn't
        Night fell. When it was pitch black, they just sat in dark, sullen silences.
A battle of wills went on to see who could stand it for longer. They'd been in the
car together for twelve hours.
       "Jerry probably reported me miss by now," Grace informed him curtly. In the
icey silence that followed, Ric wondered if she had really spoken. Not responding
seemed to have removed the moment that she spoke during from history. Somewhere in
the depths of his mind he wondered if not speaking could make the police be not
searching for him.
       "Yeah, I bet he did," he said finally. The words hung heavy in the air. Ric
wondered how to start her talking again. He missed her voice.
"I told you how much I loved you." He offered. The bitterness in his voice was
       "It meant nothing," "It meant everything." "It was nothing." "It was
our life."
        Hours went by. Grace dozed off, only to be woken up by her stomach.
"Got any food in your wonder box?" She always called his glove compartment that. He
grunted and turn on the light. They both sat rubbing their eyes, adjusting to the
sudden brightness. 
      Ric popped it opun and dug around but nothing more edible than napkins proved
present. He shut it.
"Sorry, nothing," he said. "I'm really bloody hungry," she informed him. Well sorry,
Ric thought, I didn't know having a conversation with you would require provisioning
for a camping trip.
      Grace turned the light back off.
"Grace, can I ask you something?" "No." Ric waited, then said "Why did you stay with
me so long if you had someone else?" Grace said nothing. They both fell asleep, and
woke up to sun shining brightly in through the windows. It had been twenty hours.
       "Ric, you idiot! You moron, it's tomorrow! I'm going to get fired, when the
cops find you you're going to prison you son of a bi-" "Oh God!" Ric said, and sat up
Fumbling with his shoe he put the key in the ignition and started the car.
       "Uh, Grace?" "Yes?" She replied seething. "I ask for your convenience mind
"... Which way back to the road?" It took another hour of breaking through tree
branches to rediscover the path. Then he drove them down the road towards town.
Neither of them said anything. Grace had to use the bathroom, but didn't want to say
it. It was only when they passed Benny's that the question of the destination came
        "You ganna give me your new address so I can take you home?" "You'll stalk
me." "I would never stalk you." "... Said the kidnapper." Grace replied.
"Police station should do fine." Ric parked them outside. He stared at the doors. He
turned to Grace.
        "I'm scared." He said plainly. Grace leaned over him and unlocked the car

"I'll go with you." Rics' smile was filled with fear. She squezed his hand as she him
up to the desk. As he was led away he turned to Grace .
        "I still love you." He told her. She nodded. "I know."
The End.
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